Master Your Metabolism: The 3 Diet Secrets to Naturally Balancing Your Hormones for a Hot and Healthy Body!
Master Your Metabolism: The 3 Diet Secrets to Naturally Balancing Your Hormones for a Hot and Healthy Body!

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Does it feel as if you’re fighting your body to lose even one pound—or just to maintain your current weight? Respected health and wellness expert and bestselling author Jillian Michaels has been there, too. So she consulted top experts in the field of metabolism and discovered that she’d inadvertently been abusing her endocrine system for years. After “fixing” her own metabolism, she decided to share what she learned by devising this simple, 3-phase plan that engages all the weight-loss hormones (including the friendly HGH, testosterone, DHEA; and the not-so-friendly: insulin, cortisol, and excess estrogen).

In Master Your Metabolism, discover how to:
•REMOVE “anti-nutrients” from your diet
•RESTORE foods that speak directly to fat-burning genes
•REBALANCE energy and your hormones for effortless weight loss

Michaels offers a wealth of information throughout, including: shopping lists and online shopping resources, hormone-trigger food charts, how to eat “power nutrient” foods on a budget, smart strategies for eating out, quick and easy recipes, as well as mini-programs for addressing PMS, andropause, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, and menopause.

From the Hardcover edition.

Customer Reviews:

  • A lot of information!
    This is a good book to help you really get in control of what you put into your body. It made me think about all of the things that are added to our food. I have seen a huge difference in my family's health and especially their allergies since I have cleaned out my pantry and eat as natural as possible. This is a good book to get you started. This book made me finally realize it really is about being healthy instead of a number on a scale....more info
  • very informative
    Jillian provides a ton of information that is enough to make me want to go organic! Actually I was shocked at how much what we eat effects metabolism and health. This book should be an eye-opener for everyone....more info
  • Loved this book!
    I absolutely loved this book! Cannot put it down. There is so much helpful information and I believe if people would follow the guidelines in this book, the health of this country would change so much for the better. I've purchased so many diet, health books over the past 30 years and this one is the best. It is not a diet book but instead is a new way to live that is easy and knowing you are doing the best for your doesn't get any better than that.

    As one reads this book, one can tell how much time and research was put into the writing of it. I refer to it many times a day and can already tell how much better I feel even though I've only had the book about a month. I believe by following what Jillian Michaels says, one can change their life. Thanks Jillian!...more info
  • Excellent overview with practical advice
    It's much of the same healthy eating and exercise we've all heard before, but what makes this a truly great book (at least to me, with a strong interest in biology and biochemistry) is that the authors talk about the scientific/mechanistic/biochemical consequences of the different choices we make. For example, people like to throw around that it's bad to eat soon before bed because you'll be digesting and anything you eat will be turned into fat (and others say a calorie is a calorie, and it doesn't matter when you eat it) whereas in this book, you learn about the interplay between sleepy cycles, insulin, and growth hormone, and how late night eating actually can impede healthy sleep and keep growth hormone from working as it's designed to. The whole book is like this, and I love having well-researched reasons to remind myself how (and why) to follow practical health advice.

    What's missing from my perspective is how women's hormonal changes over the course of a menstrual cycle impact all of these biochemical states. Yes, there is a great overview of how the sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone), but it doesn't get into the interactions with other hormones in as much detail as I would personally like to see, but I'm on a mission to figure out a wacky set of symptoms that I'm convinced are hormone related, so don't let my criticism dissuade you from getting this excellent, well researched book.

    One important factor to a book like this is how it's written. I have only good things to say here. Jillian's voice shines through at times, which is good, but it's not all the time, as in some self-help type books...thank goodness. The topics are divided into logical sections and chapters, and the writing itself is very clear and concise. It's quite well done.

    Finally, I should mention that I've never watched The Biggest Loser, but I bought and have been very satisfied with the 30-Day Shred DVD. (Like in the book, Jillian explains why you should do what she suggests, i.e. the routine.) It's my most used exercise DVD because I can choose between the 3 levels and in a very short amount of time I get a lot of results--cardio, strength, and I come out feeling adequately exhausted and relaxed. I bought that on the basis of very high reviews and was not disappointed.

    If you're curious about how hormones impact your metabolism, I highly recommend picking up this book. I'm keeping mine and refer back to it regularly as a reference. And I'm following most of the suggestions that I read in the book because, to me, they make good sense....more info
  • Cant read charts on the Kindle - buy the paper version
    This book has a lot of info in charts that you cannot read on the Kindle. Love my Kindle but some books have images (not text you can re-size) with limited zoom / resolution that are illegible. Don't buy the Kindle version of this if you want all the info! Customer service will issue you a refund and a discount on the paper version if you ask nice....more info
  • There's a lot of crazy in this book - but not all of it
    I am going to sum up this entire book for you in one sentence. Ready? Here you go:

    "Don't eat or take anything that's not natural."

    That's it. You now have the entire summary of the book. Unfortunately, that's about as helpful and realistic as the book itself. I should preface by saying that I have no idea who Jillian Michaels is, nor have I watched the Biggest Loser, so when I read this book, I had no idea what to expect or any expectations.

    There is a lot of straight factual information in this book; such as what environmental factors impact various hormonal functions within the body. What foods trigger or suppress chemical reactions in the body - thereby stopping things like sugar absorption or fat production. Unfortunately, liberally sprinkled in around these facts are unrealistic options - stop eating anything processed, buy organic whenever you can, cut out all medications that impact hormones.

    By this thinking, if you lived in Alaska an had your own vegetable garden which you worked by hand only using the rain from the sky and manure from your cow or horse (which only ate the local grasses), and fished salmon out of the ocean/rivers, you would be healthy and have zero metabolism problems. You can also start to see where you might have a problem with this in real life.

    Buy this book as a "Oh, that's neat to know," book, not as a "How I should live my life," book. It's just not realistic unless you have a ton of money and are willing to make trips to Whole Foods every day.

    If you truly want to learn about healthy foods, I would highly suggest The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals instead, or Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution for day-to-day shopping suggestions....more info
  • this book Really opened my eyes
    I have been dieting for over 3 years and exercising almost to the extreme and have been stuck at the same point for 2 years going up and down and what jillian has said about METABOLISM and processed prepackaged diet foods has made me RETHINK HOW I eat now it takes me longer to prepare my meals but thats o.k. I just drink green tea while I wait or prep my meal and her saying IF IT DOES NOT GROW IN/ON THE GROUND OR COME FROM A TREE OR HAS A MOTHER ...."DON'T EAT IT" makes me think every time I go shopping for MY FOOD I really recommend this book whether you find yourself struggling with your weight or just need to eat healthier ...more info
  • Wish I Could Read the Tables!!
    I bet that there is some really interesting material in the tables in this book. On the Kindle, they come through in teensy-tinesy light grey typeface that defies being read. When I figure out how to ask for my money back on this one, I may buy the paperback to see what I missed!...more info
  • Nothing new here
    This book was disappointing. For one thing, Jillian stresses how her metabolism got screwed up because of the way she ate during her teens and twenties (e.g., fat-free stuff, diet coke, etc.). She indicates that by learning to eat correctly (read: whole foods, fruits, veggies, etc.) she was able to "reset" her metabolism. Of course, during one of the lengthy explanations of hormones, she happens to just throw in that she was put on thyroid medication. At that point, I was like, "Huh???" I'm sorry, but when I read that, I thought, "Well, no wonder her metabolism if fine now!" I guess my resentment is that she's touting this eating plan as being able to "reset" the metabolism, but her metabolism wasn't reset by the change in eating; it was reset by thyroid medication. I'm not saying that eating well doesn't help; of course it does. But there is no scientific proof that I'm aware of that links eating organic foods to an increased metabolism. And believe me, I'm not knocking organic. I eat organic, but her claim about it seems to be capitalizing on the "in" thing in today's society (e.g.., the all-natural craze).

    The other thing that bothered me was when I FINALLY slogged through half of the book and got to her eating plan, it was more of the same---in fact, more of the same OLD stuff that I thought people stopped advising. I mean, under a section on foods to watch out for, she includes tropical fruits (e.g., mangos, bananas) and dried fruits. The last thing I need is another diet that sets restrictions like that. Where's the mystery in weight loss: Jillian is telling us that calories count and to eat whole foods, lowfat dairy, and exercise. Is this some sort of revelation??

    All in all, this book seemed to give the same old dieting advice, but she's couched it in some new reasoning ("resetting" the metabolism) and including a lot of encyclopedic explanations about our hormones. I wouldn't recommend it....more info
  • Good Book but DO NOT buy for the Kindle
    I love Jillian Michaels and own 3 of her kick butt workout DVD's. Since I didn't own any of her books, I was very interested to hear her thoughts on metabolism. The content in this new book is certainly impressive and makes a lot of sense. Although I already knew a lot of the information, she did surprise me with a few things that I'm starting to integrate into my own life. I feel that going totally organic would never work for our family unless we win the lotto but I do try to find things on sale here and there and believe that organics are a good thing. I think that even if you take just a few ideas from this book it would improve your life and your health, however, to follow it to the letter would prove extremely difficult unless you are one of the lucky few that can afford to do all your shopping at the natural foods market. My only disappointment with this book is that I bought it for the Kindle and could not read any of the charts or food lists (a large and important part of the book). Even with the font enlarger on the Kindle, the tiny print could not be expanded for legibility. What a bummer. Please learn from my mistake and buy this book on paper, do NOT buy this book for your kindle!!...more info
  • inspiring
    Easy to follow and easy read which is what is needed in this busy life-style! Inspiring as well that it all starts with little changes first then eventually a life-style change!
    ...more info
  • Very informative
    This book was full of very helpful information. It's much more than just "go organic" -- it also tells you exactly why you should and how all of the processed junk, preservatives and pesticides really affect your body. She explains it in an easy-to-read, no-nonsense manner, and it just makes sense--if it's not something found in nature, then your body doesn't know how to process it. Something is going to get screwed up.

    I've always been a diet coke addict and had a "if I have one bite, I can't stop" personality. However, reading the book scared me straight on the diet coke (haven't had a drop of soda since), and I've found that once I cut out the preservatives and unnatural stuff, my cravings have disappeared. I can leave food on my plate--even in a restaurant--and walk away. I feel like that's a result of avoiding the addictive chemicals that manufacturers put in their products. Of course, eating clean is somewhat boring, but the thought of putting chemical-laced food in my mouth is disgusting!

    This is a great book for people who want to be better informed about what they put in their (or their families') mouths. I think it'd be great if everyone read this book and started demanding that food manufacturers started using more real food and less additives. As Jillian says, we can help influence this with our wallets. If you don't have the money to go all out organic, Jillian does give you a prioritized list of where to start, and you'll know what other chemicals to try to avoid....more info
  • diet
    I wish I hadn't been compulsive and ordered when I listened to the author on the Huckaby program last night. I should have read reviews first and I might have ordered the hard copy, not the Kindle version. All the charts are printed in light and tiny print you need a magnifying glass to read them. The text is great and I learned a lot about hormones and how they work in your body, but it is so inconvenient to try to read the diet plans....more info
  • Life changer
    So far I have lost eight pounds in eight days following Jillian's meal plan. I'M STUNNED. I thought it would take a year or more to lose my 20 pounds of baby weight. Because I'm still breastfeeding my three month old, I'm eating a lot more than she has in her plan (whole eggs, not just the whites, extra snacks, ice cream, and larger portions because I need the calories). I'm eating much more than I did before (I'd often skimp on lunch) but it's the right foods in the right way. The scale was stuck and now instantly the weight is flying off and with no additional exercise (my only exercise is walking). I feel so much better and have more energy to keep up with my infant and toddler.
    I bought the book just trying to eat healthier and if a few metabolism boosting veggies get into my meals all the better. Boy, this book was a surprise. It has inspired a whole new lifestyle for my family. I've implemented all her advice the best I can at the moment and will continue to move away from chemicals. The book is fun, scary and very informative. For those people who've heard it before and don't like the book, I say until it's mainstream and everyone understands the impact of seemingly inconsequential food choices and bizarre illnesses and obesity are on the decline, then it needs to be said over and over by as many different messengers as needed. Jillian has found her calling and is helping us all. I've given this book to my sick relatives and hope many others will read it as well.
    ...more info
  • Wow!! I lost 4 lbs in one week (exercising less)
    I have to say I am EXTREMELY impressed by this book. It is not about starving yourself or working out 5 hours a day--it is about learning what additives, artificial products, pesticides etc do to your hormones and after time the constant intake of these things literally destroys your body's natural processes. I have made huge changes in my diet---and every time I become slightly overwhelmed with the info she reminds us that you can avoid 90% of these harmful things by going organic.

    I would have considered myself well-informed on nutrition and exercise but had no idea how these artificial ingredients affected my hormones and were literally keeping me fat no matter how little I ate or how intensely I worked out. Needless to say I am trying to follow the plan as closely as possible but I know I will never be 100%. But if I can be 80-90% it will greatly increase my level of health and life expectancy. I have lost 4 lbs in one week doing less exercise than usual and eating "cleanly" about 70-80% of the time. FINALLY I understand why it has been so hard for me to loose before this---I was literally poisoning my body everyday and didn't know it. I definitely recommend this to anyone who does exercise hard and knows how to eat "healthy" but can't loose weight--organics are the key!...more info
  • My Rubachem Reviews is This Book is No Scam
    My Rubachem review of this metabolic mega-lifesaver is that it is no scam! Live well! Live right! Live light!...more info
  • Very informative and entertaining
    I am learning quite a bit by reading this book on what not to eat and it's almsot scary how much junk is in our food supply! I am a fan of Jillian and of her techniques and shows and knew I would benefit by reading this book. Definately worth a read and you'll rethink your food choices. ...more info
  • A must read for health
    If you are concerned about how all the bad stuff in food may affect you than this book is for you. It is a realistic look at how food affects your body. A very easy read....more info
    This book was very informative for me. It wasn't over my head with medical jargon, and it wasn't too preachy (which surprised me considering the shape Jillian is in). And as a person with a Thyroid disorder and Metabolic syndrome, it was good to read about ways to avoid weight gain, and lose the weight I have gained.

    But it wasn't really new information. It was eat healthy and work out (but not to extremes). Invest in your health, and eat organic if you can. It just really helped me to understand why things work the way they do in your body. And what your body can't process, that basically breaks down your metabolism. But the good news is, it can be restored.

    Also, there are a lot of helpful resources. Websites, brands that are trust worthy, and how to find your locally grown produce. And, the lists of foods you should avoid, partake in moderation and have all you like are informative. There are lists on what 'not to waste your money buying organic', as well as what you really 'should buy organic' if you can. And she has in the book for your convenience, a grocery list broken down by weeks (and recipes), so you can copy them and take to the store. And the recipes themselves are nice.

    Finally, it was also refreshing that she kept in mind that people live on a budget, and are busy. And she mentioned ways to keep from spending too much money or time on your diet. So, over all I enjoyed it. Thanks...more info
  • jillian Michaels book
    some of the pages were stuck together and missing two pages. If I would have bought this at a store I would have seen this...more info
  • DO NOT buy this book on the Kindle - Great Book, however.
    I wish I would have read the review from J. Erwin from Washington on May 5, 2009 before I bought this book on my Kindle. He is correct. The charts are not legible in the very small print and you cannot make them bigger. Now I have to go buy the book in order to get all the information. Love the Kindle - love this book, just not together!!...more info
  • Content good, format bad
    I enjoyed the content of this book very much, but I agree with other reviewers that the charts are unreadable. There are many charts, and they are central to the message of the book. I think that this formatting does not do Kindle any favors; I will not buy another Kindle book which may include interpolated charts and graphs....more info
  • I paid a lot of money for this advice -- before I bought the book!
    I've been seeing an endocrinologist for about 6 months and much of what I've paid a lot of money for is in this book. As I've incorporated his suggestions, I've also seen the following changes: my cholesterol went down 80 points; my antihistamine use went from 3 months of the year to 2 weeks; I've reduced the quantity of antidepressants I take every day; my exercise tolerance has increased; my sweet tooth has nearly disappeared (which alone is remarkable) and I very rarely need my asthma inhaler. I don't buy organic everything --but generally the foods I eat the most, I do. I'm in my mid-50's, so I'm looking for quality of life rather than a "hot body" (this is a secondary goal) but my mood and mental actuity have improved so much I would swear the clock turned back 25 years. This book is a lot cheaper than my consultants have been -- read it and slowly incorporate the suggestions and you'll see improvement in your daily life....more info
  • Great book - very helpful!
    "Master Your Metabolism" is a very helpful, well-written book. It explains in great detail how the hormones & endocrine system works. Also explains how the hormonal system can become unbalanced & how to get it back in balance. Jillian Michaels also shares her personal story, which is very inspirational. She hasn't always looked like she does now so that means there's hope for all of us!...more info
  • Informative
    While I respect the get up and go attitude of the book and the author - I really thought that this was a one size fits all approach to what is a very personal battle. Some of the items are just too restrictive to every day functioning life in the real world. Would I like to never use plastics again -sure - but I do not have the time to search out every single item that may or may not be bad for my health. I will take some of the items and use them - but this book did not tell me anything that has not already been said....more info
  • Master Your Metabolism
    The book has some really good information about nutrition and dieting, but it is a very difficult program to follow. Basically you can't eat any processed foods, which is almost impossible!

    But she does give good advice!...more info
  • Thank you, ma'am!
    This is the first time that I have tried an eating plan that actually feels right to my body. It's like my body says "thank you" to me every day for giving it nutrients it can actually recognize and use. And after 3 weeks I have lost 7 pounds. I'm not the least bit hungry. In fact, I have to force myself to eat all the servings of the different foods Jillian recommends. It is really hard to eat this much but the weight just keeps coming off so I keep doing it. On the first day, I just knew it, in the core of my being, that this was the right thing.

    I had come to accept a long time ago that being thin and being healthy were mutually exclusive concepts -- I could have one or the other but never both and that was just a hard fact of life. But, after all this time, it turns out I was wrong. I feel healthy, energetic and nourished AND I am losing weight without any effort to restrict calories at all, whatsoever. I never imagined it could be like this.

    After years of being beaten over the head with "eat less, exercise more," and failing to achieve my goals, even when I followed this mantra to absolute extremes -- it is so nice to have someone finally acknowledge that there is more to it than that!

    This is not an oversimplified "eat less, exercise more," mantra -- nor is it one of those ridiculous, absolutely asinine villifications of an entire food group (seems like carbs and fats take turns being scapegoated in the diet industry). This actually makes sense in theory and feels right in practice.

    Thank you, for a long overdue reality check!...more info
  • Master Your Metabolism: The 3 Diet Secrets to Naturally Balancing Your Hormones for a Hot and Healthy Body!
    After reading this book, I learned a great deal about the endocrine system and what we in this country are doing to our bodies. With all of the hormones and preservatives being added to our food and various other products we are going to do irreparable harm to our bodies. Jillian has her "kick butt" voice pervasive throughout the work but it is a scientific and technical piece so a tad dry. It is not the book for you if you are looking for a "weight loss" book but very informative if you are looking to lead a healthy lifestyle....more info
  • Too long of a sales pitch
    I got very bored with this book because too much time was spent with the sales pitch - telling the reader just what this book was going to do for them. I just wished the author would have started in with the plan. There was not enough detail to correctly follow this plan.

    The main idea of this book was to eat organic. It's a good idea but it took too many pages to say this....more info
  • Yay, Jillian! This is a great book.
    Well, I ordered this book on amazon and it came yesterday. I've been reading it all morning, and I'm a little over halfway through with it.

    Raised by health-conscious parents and living in California, of course I have heard a lot of convincing arguments in the name of going organic. But this book really drives the point home in a way other sources haven't managed to.

    Jillian makes a great case. She connects the dots between eating a balanced, organic diet, eliminating as many toxins from your life as possible, taking charge of your and your family's health, feeling empowered by all of this, and letting your new-found sense of control and well-being affect all the aspects of your life. It's a motivating message, for sure! A highly recommend read....more info
    I thought this book was fantastic. I finished it almost a week ago, and I'm already down 5 pounds, feel great, and am loving the clean whole foods.

    Some people may feel this book is extreme. Not me. I have read so many books telling me what to eat, and what not to eat. But never into so much depth as to WHY NOT TO EAT chemically-laden processed foods. Trust me, you won't want to after you read this. I think that was the key for really overcoming my "bad habits"... I no longer WANT to get fast food if I'm short on time - it absolutely disgusts me now!!

    Making your home, life and environment healthy and non-toxic is liberating. I highly recommend this book, it isn't the same-old same-old, or a ridiculous trendy unhealthy plan. THANK YOU JILLIAN!!...more info
  • This book + Jillian's 30 Day Shred = Fat Loss!
    This book is amazing.

    I got this book plus Jillian's 30 Day Shred and her Fat Burning DVD. I use the Shred everyday and follow the book closely. I've lost 8lbs in 8 days and 9% body fat! I already look different. My muscles popped within 3 days of the workout. My arms look much more muscular, and so do my legs and abs. I also feel stronger than I ever have in my life.

    I can't say enough good things about this book, and about Jillian and her entire approach. I love her.

    If you get this book, get at least one of her DVDs with it, along with a fat measuring scale and a pair of dumbbells (both can be purchased here).

    ...more info
  • Master your metabolism
    I found this book to be very informative. Some of the food picks are only available from the internet because of where I live, but otherwise it was a great read and had a lot of really good ideas....more info
  • Great information, but not for people like me.
    I liked the first part of the book where it talks about what hormones do, and how the body works, and what happens to them as you age, etc. I found that fascinating. As I got further into the book, however, I began to think the book wasn't for people like me. While I was interested in the information, I found this book was for people who aren't really aware of the dangers of not eating fresh. I don't go organic simply because I find it unnecessary, but I do buy and eat vegetables, fruit, and I drink TONS of water. I have a soda like once a week (if that), and I check for ingredients like High Fructose Corn Syrup and certain things in cosmetics. I refuse to eat frozen foods and I don't snack, but honestly, I think it's about moderation. I love Jillian's 30 Day shred (Got some great food ideas!) and her work out videos have delievered results I am excited about, but I think this book is geared toward folks who eat processed foods or processed diet foods - which I simply don't eat. (I hope I don't sound like a snob here haha!) :-)

    It's an interesting read, but if you know that you shouldn't eat garbage like cheese curls and cookies than you probably won't need this book. That being said, it's interesting. And also, I had to put in check that this is her life, meaning she LIVES fitness so she has to live the lifestyle 100%. But for me, what I do is good enough. :-)

    I give it 4 stars simply because it is loaded with fantastic information. Given to the right person, I can see this book changing their life....more info
    This book is written in an easy to read format and is presented in a very interesting and down to earth manner....more info
  • How many ways can you say the same thing?
    As I read this book I hear the same theme over and over. Every story that Julian tells is a slight variation of the same. Her message could be written in one chapter, 20 pages. Horrible book. ...more info
  • Best book out there right now on nutrition
    I absolutely loved this book. It focuses heavily on how we are poisoning ourselves with plastic leaching and xenoestrogens. I applaud Jillian for taking on the HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) phonies I loved how she was fearless with all the huge lobbyists out there protecting financial interests while America gets bigger and bigger. I loved how she supports local farming and eating grains from the earth. This book is a well-balanced approach to eating healthy, exercising and relaxation. We are so stressed out that we eat non-stop and mindless without intention or consequence, but as she shows there are consequences. Thank you for writing this book! Way to go Jillian - keep it coming...more info
  • In Depth book about the use of organics
    My family has always avoided processed foods. I found this book helpful in making choices in the organic section. I appreciated the information that allowed me to make a moderate but informed choice. Some of the information was hard to decipher because of the techincal format. I did not consider this a diet book. It was a more general Healthy living book. ...more info
  • Jillian knows her stuff.
    I don't know about anyone else, but every time I've watched the Biggest Loser, I thought "I want to look like this woman." I haven't read her other books, but a coworker brought this book to work and I devoured it. Well, not literally. Too pulpy. I knew that I HAD to have my own copy.

    Master Your Metabolism is broken down easily. It reads quickly and it essentially gives you a list of what to keep in your house and what needs to be incinerated immediately. I realize that people search for a quick fix to weight loss. This isn't it. She actually discusses symptoms of metabolic disorders and hormonal imbalances that can lead to serious health problems...and how to reverse them. Simply by putting her suggestions into practice, I've noticed a tremendous difference in how I feel. My skin is clearer. I don't need a caffeine drink at 3pm to finish out my day anymore. Jillian really knows her stuff. Really worth reading if you're not into things like diabetes at 30.

    ...more info
  • helpful for women
    I found this book extremely helpful. I have been in and out of the gym for a number of years and heard all the "gym advice" from the men/women who hang out there. It was nice to get something in one place that is consistent.

    So far so good. Feel like I am making progress on my fitness goals and I definitely feel better....more info
  • Great Book-Don't buy Kindle Version on iPhone
    Great book, written informatively in a no nonsense language. Problem is, I purchased it on my iPhone Kindle and can't read the important lists no matter how I look at it. This is a big concern since I will have to buy the book in hard copy to pick up important information. It defeats the purpose of having Kindle on the iPhone......more info
  • Master Your Metabolism
    As a fan of Jillian's from The Biggest Loser I am pleased to have connected with this particular book!!! Go Jillian......more info
  • Great Book.
    Her book has a ton of very helpful information. Great information to help you understand hormones and their balance in the body. A great tool to understanding your bodies mechanics where weight loss is concerned. Get the Book. ...more info
  • thought provoking
    Content is very educational and interesting. Unfortunately it contains many small font tables which cannot be read on the kindle screen....more info
  • Love it!
    Very helpful! Lots of information to digest, but I appreciate the blunt approach and practical ways to apply the knowledge! 8 pounds to go to my goal weight!...more info
  • The Only Diet Book You Will Ever Need to Refer To!
    Jillian is a nutritional genius! I wish this book would have been available years ago! It would have saved me a lot of time and energy trying to figure out my own metabolic system of what works and what doesn't work. Her tips and recipes are incredibly easy to follow and I've already lost a few pounds following her simple advice. ...more info
  • Buy the book, not Kindle version
    Jillian, as always, is excellent. The Kindle download is not - too many lists and charts that just do not render on the Kindle. I wound up buying the hard copy after already paying for the Kindle download. The book is worth it. More than a "diet book," this book inspired me to eat cleaner and healthier. It took my focus away from logging and counting every scrap of food to just eating clean. Amazing....more info
  • Master your Metabolism:
    All menus are Unreadable on Kindle- I was very dissapointed in how Kindle interprets all "figures", tables, menuse and such.

    It's not the fault of the writer but of the publisher. ...more info
  • Don't let the title mislead you.
    I am a hugh Jillian Michaels fan. I might have passed this book over otherwise. The title "Master Your Metabolisim" was almost misleading to me. My first impresion was that this is just another one of those fad diet books. When actually it a wonderful resource to living healthy. And it doesn't just cover your diet it gives you a whole new insight to the way our bodies perform their daily functions. As a Hypothyroid like Jillian this is next to my Bible....more info
  • Great Book Written By a Fantastic Trainer!
    I thought the book was well written and interesting. Jillian's personality shines through as it is written in her "no BS style" that she displays on her radio program as well as on The Biggest Loser. She states in the book (for those of you who say the book is extreme) that we can use the principles, do some of it, or do all of it. Besides, whose to judge that she's extreme, when most of the American population has their head in the sand. I learned a lot that I didn't know and will put into practice what I can afford and plan on doing a little at a time so that I am not overwhelmed. Investing in one's health is one of the best investments we will ever make so if it is a little expensive, we can do our homework and find the best places to shop! In addition, I will cut back in other places so as to better afford organic. The book is very well done! ...more info
  • Most charts unreadable on Kindle
    I like the content of the book, however most of the charts are totally un-readable, which is a huge disappointment....more info
  • Not worth the money -- DONT buy on Kindle
    I bought this on my kindle which might have been my first mistake. There are a number of tables which intersperse the dialog that are illegible on the kindle, even with the font cranked all the way up. (Love the kindle, by the way)

    The author clearly did her homework but the information presented in a confusing manner and she is way too enthusiastic. She tells you that you will be scared/horrified/amazed for a seemingly endless amount of time and then doesn't really spend much time on the "why". You have to wade through too much of her material to get to the science she has so painstakingly researched or to the recommendations. The hormonal discussions are interesting, the conclusions are good-- Eat less crap and you will feel better. If you want a better discussion of our food chain and the challenges we face, I thought Michael Pollen's Omnivore's Dilemma did a much much better job of explaining this and was particularly chilling on the prevalence of corn and antibiotics in our food supply. You will never look at food the same way again after Pollen's book.

    If you are going to buy this, do it because you are a fan of her stuff, not because you want the information, which is better elsewhere. And get the hard copy version, not on Kindle. ...more info
  • Please read this review before buying
    Just like most food/diet/health books there is some good information and some not so good information. You have to sort through it all. For most people suffering from hormonal issues it is either diet related or genetics. Unless you are working in a plastic factory or toxic waste plant, removing plastics from your home, changing your window cleaner, and eating organic food is not going to solve your health or weight issues. Changing the way you eat can for some and others need medicine. It is a lie to insinuate that natural or 'organic' is always the better choice
    "...Some supporters of organic growing claim that the danger of non-organic food lies in the residues of chemical pesticides. This claim is even more ridiculous: Since the organic pesticides and fungicides are less efficient than their modern synthetic counterparts, up to seven times as much of it must be used. Organic pesticides include rotenone, which has been shown to cause the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease and is a natural poison used in hunting by some native tribes; pyrethrum, which is carcinogenic; sabadilla, which is highly toxic to honeybees; and fermented urine, which I don't want on my food whether it causes any diseases or not. Supporters of organics claim that the much larger amounts of chemicals they use is OK because those chemicals are all-natural. But just because something is natural doesn't mean that it's safe or healthy -- consider the examples of hemlock, mercury, lead, toadstools, box jellyfish neurotoxin, asbestos -- not to mention a nearly infinite number of toxic bacteria and viruses (E. coli, salmonella, bubonic plague, smallpox). When you hear any product claim to be healthy because its ingredients are all natural, be skeptical. By no definition can "all natural" mean that a product is healthful.

    Consider the logical absurdity proposed by those who claim conventional growers produce less healthful food. To the organically minded, conventional growers are evil greedy corporations interested only in their profit margin. What's the best way to improve the profit margin? To buy less pesticides and fertilizer. This means they must use far more advanced and efficient products. The idea that pesticides leave dangerous residues is many decades out of date. Food production is among the most regulated and scrutinized of processes, and today's synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are completely biodegradable. They're supported by decades of studies that demonstrate their total safety.

    In the United States, 2006 brought two major outbreaks of E. coli, both resulting in deaths and numerous illnesses, ultimately traced to organically grown spinach and lettuce. According to the Center for Global Food Issues, organic foods make up about 1% of all the food sold in the United States, but it accounts for 8% of E. coli cases..." Unknown source

    One last thing, do not listen to her regarding your medications. She is not a doctor. Many conditions just are genetics. Like some people have drier skin than others some people have bad allergies or panic attacks and need their antihistimes or their antidepressants.

    The reason I gave this book three stars is that it does give some good information on DIET caused hormonal imbalances. The informaion regarding food choices is very current research and could greatly reduce your chances of hormonal and diebetes related dieases.
    ...more info
  • awesome book!!!!
    I justlove, respect, and admire Jillian Michaels. I am very health-conscious, and she has been the only health and fitness expert whom I trust and respect. She backs up her information with other experts in her field. I thought I knew just about everything about health, but after reading her book, I have learned at another level. I wiil be writing a summary for my friends so I can share this wealth of information with them, because I know they will not read it themselves. ...more info
  • Not a good selection for the Kindle and the title is all wrong.
    Although perhaps informative Jillian goes way off on an organic tangent that us lowlies simply cannot afford. I realize she argues that you can making certain adjustments but I'm sorry, even the organic milk in my community is twice the price of regular. In fact, everything is twice the price. In the current economic situation; save yourself money--don't buy the book and Google "Endocrinology", "hormones", and "metabolism". You don't need Jillian to try and teach you those things. Not to mention you cannot use the tables at all on the Kindle. Zooming in does no good. I'd recommend the printed version but I'm telling you--this is not about weight loss or looking "hot"....more info
  • Why is Jillian recommending soup brand that lines its cans in BPA?
    Overall, I like the book. I was surprised that Jillian recommends Amy's Organic soup in her sample menu. This company lines their soup cans in BPA. Do your research Jillian!!...more info
  • Prepare to be scared...REALLY scared
    Let me begin by saying I'm a big Jillian fan. I listen to her weekly radio show and watch her faithfully on TBL. That being said, I'm not "gullible" enough to believe 100% of what anyone says without checking it out first.

    What's good about MYM is Jillian's frank discussion about the hormone disruptors we have injected into our daily lives. Kind of a scary wake up call. She ought to be commended for her attempt to take a rather scientifically complicated topic and trying to present it in a readable manner. This is NOT easy to do, and she does a pretty good job of it. People who complain about the book being "dry" because of the science aren't appreciating the efforts Jillian has taken to give her book credibility. Instead of making a bunch of wild generalizations, she is attempting to present the information in a responsible way.

    Personally, I don't know enough about the science and politics behind organic farming to know whether it's truly safer than conventional farming. On the surface, that claim sounds true, but I simply don't know enough to know whether or not it actually IS true. So it's an issue that I need to look into further.

    The section about how contaminated our drinking water is was the scariest part of the book. I guess what's frustrating to me is that it seems like there doesn't exist an effective way to purify the water from all of medications and anti-biotics that are present.

    In spite of these slight criticisms, I definitely recommend Jillian's book. If all you get out of it is to cut out products that contain high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils (and don't be fooled by those labels that say "0 Trans Fats); read the ingredients!), enriched flour, and artificial sweeteners, then you'll be WAY ahead of the curve....more info
  • Now I pay attention to the labels!
    First, let me say, before I bought this book, I read most of the reviews, both good and bad. I was hesitant to buy it because all I read was "its about buying ORGANIC, so I instantly saw $$$ floating out of my already thin wallet!
    The first couple of chapters Jillian goes into the whole endocrine system and how cells in our body break down foods, or don't break down foods based on what we are eating. Sometimes she lost me a bit,I think the advice should have been coming DIRECTLY from a doctors voice, but nonetheless, I got Jillian's points.
    If I had to summarize the book in a one/two sentences, I would say that Jillian asks you to pay attention to what chemicals we are putting into our bodies, read the labels, make healthy choices!!
    There are a lot of chemicals in use, and sometimes throughout the book, I would sigh and say "there is nothing I can eat", nothing I can put on my body! For example, as I was reading, I was putting some bath n'body lotion on my hands, I looked at the label, looked at the 'bad-chemical' chart Jillian provides, and thought ...oh no! I love this lotion, I don't want to give it up! Even my Shredded Wheat has BHT in the box! UGH!
    You are going to be surprised by the number of chemicals you use everyday!! (I knew about some of the basic ones...but...)

    I liked the menu she provided for two weeks, and I especially liked the shopping list!
    I would only tell Jillian/publisher that some of the harsh language needs to go. One 'reviewer'on this website wrote..she didn't need to be bullied and talked down to". I agree.
    A good book, worth the read. I have to carry around my photocopies of the good/bad food/chemical charts to get used to what to buy and not buy.
    I would recommmend you do the same!
    For now, I am going to try and do a bit more organic shopping & go to my local Farmer's market for my veggies now. I don't know if I can go full-on organic, but I am going to clean-out some of those bad chemicals and pay attention to labels. Hopefully, as I clean up my system little by little, I will notice some improvements....more info
  • I Lost A Lot Of Weight With Another Book
    Like many people, I have watched Jillian over the past few years. I'm just very disappointed in this book. First of all, I feel that hormones are way out of her area of expertise. She isn't a doctor. Second, I feel that to eat the way she tells you to eat would cost a fortune...something I don't have.

    I recently read "The 7-Day Energy Surge" and followed the eating and exercise plan. I have, as of day 30, lost 14 pounds and I have to say, my energy is like it has never been before.

    The author, Jim Karas, who has helped a lot of celebrities (like Diane Sawyer) seems to really understand how to help us "regular folk" lose weight with a limited amount of time and money.

    Sorry Jillian, but on this go around, I have to go with another book.

    You should all do the same....more info
  • What about us Vegans?
    I have to preface this by saying I am a HUGE Jillian fan. I have most of her workout videos and use them regularly. She seems to get the idea that working out sucks, so you need to get in there, do it right, do it hard and get it over with. So...when I heard about this book and the fact that she has hypothyroidism (which I have) was a real draw. about 6 years ago I lost 100 lbs but never really seemed to get off the last 10 that I wanted off. I became content with what I had and thm became prego and gained about 60-70. 20 mths later I have lost all but 10 and have been doing all the right things, but nothing has happened. I work out 4-6 days a week, I eat about 1200 calories a day. I am also a vegan. I am only 27 years old and my thyroid medication has risen from 88 to 200 since my pregnancy.
    Reading this book a lot of information made sence to me, but other information was unsettling. As a vegan I don't consume animal products of any kind. This is a moral issue for me and not so much of a health issue. Eating meat or dairy is not something that I can partake in and feel okay with. So, when reading her discussion on soy and need to eat meat and dairy, I felt a lottle uncomfortable because there is alot of reasearch out there claiming that veganinsm is the healthiest diet out there. are there any other vegans out there that have an opinion about the information in this book? ...more info


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