Dance or Die with a Vengeance
Dance or Die with a Vengeance

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2009 remix project from the Christian Crunk rockers. Dance or Die with a Vengeance stands to be the ultimate dance party release of the Summer of 2009! As an extension of the original Dance Or Die release, the Vengeance is a body of work that speaks to the passionate Family Force 5 core. This release is filled with content for the consumer with a total of 15 songs that consists of a remix for every track on Dance or Die done by a who's who of bands in pop culture today including members of 3oh!3, Relient K, RED, David Crowder Band, Cobra Starship and others. This release also includes alternate versions of original Dance or Die tracks as well as new material for the fans.

Customer Reviews:

    Comparing this album to their first release, it is equally as good. Of course, FF5 has taken a new direction with their sound, but as someone who likes most every style out there, I love this CD just as much as their debut.

    It seems like people love to bash this band for being a "Christian band." Why? Simple: not every song is about faith or God, yet that is what many expect to hear. As much as I love worship music that is well done, I don't want to hear that style day in and day out.

    Just because FF5 is under a well-known label in the Christian industry, it doesn't mean that they're gonna give you a sermon one song after another. Many bands reference God and the spiritual indirectly with pronouns "He,""Him," "You" etc., and it's really common to have songs that don't even mention the Lord. For example, topics like addiction, struggles, overcoming temptation, hope, dying to your own ways and living for "something greater," not following the crowd, relationships, and just having fun are common. The bands like to write songs about real people going through life, the struggles and triumphs they encounter along the way, and how they break free from those difficult situations. That's a big part of the industry - writing songs people can relate to by showing them that there is a different perspective to things. When you think about it, for many years Christian music has been for primarily for Christian people. But now that the Christian scene has expanded itself in both style and lyrical content, it has been able to reach a much wider audience (including non-Christians). It's a great thing too, because no matter what the audience is like, the same message can apply to everyone (its a way of ministering to others in a way that is overly preachy).

    Unlike a lot of the mainstream songs on the radio, rather than hearing someone singing about a breakup over cheating that involves bitter feelings, inflated anger, and ill-wishes, Christian bands take a different spin on it all. When writing a song about a relationship, themes like honesty, openness, staying true, abiding in love not lust, thinking things over before making quick decisions, and so on are very common. Since the members of Christian bands are Christians, the stuff they write about is seen from a faith perspective. No mater what the topic / content of the song is, the message is still good and often thought provoking.

    So going back to FF5's sophomore release, you can split it up into two categories: (1) Songs dealing with faith / spiritual themes (2) Songs that don't deal with those things.


    ~ Dance or Die
    ~ Get Your Back Off the Wall
    ~ How In the World
    ~ D-I-E 4 Y-O-U
    ~ Wake the Dead
    ~ Radiator


    ~ ...the remaining 5.

    Having said all that, songs like "Rip it Up" or "Earthquake" (on their first CD) are simply about having good, clean fun dancing with someone out on the dance floor. There aren't any suggestive hints at the junk seen at many parties. "Share It With Me" and "The First Time" are both incredible love songs that demonstrate what healthy relationships ought to be about, and "Party Foul" talks about staying true when in a relationship while dealing someone else who is interfering in a negative way.

    More than anything, the fact that these guys are a Christian band, are willing to admit it shamelessly, and reflect it in their lives is just awesome. Whether they're tearing up a stage over a song that is just about having fun and getting pumped up or mellowing things down a bit with one that is a heartfelt love song to God ("How In the World"), this album is simply fantastic.

    Get over the fact that not every track is wrapped in worshipful writing and enjoy it. The members are committed to their ministry and don't shy away from writing songs that are suggestive of it.

    For all you California people, go check them out live at the upcoming Spirit West Coast 2009....more info
  • Holy Hulk Hands
    Love these guys. First things first... this CD is a little different than 'Party Up Front'. The songs are a little more diverse. A couple songs remind me of their earlier stuff off the 'Phamily' EP. Too bad they didn't include 'Color Of Water' or 'Master of Disguise' on it. They're not ALL crunk/headbangin' songs, and some are a little more dance/pop like the title track 'Dance or Die'. The production I'm still undecided on. Even on the heavier songs like Get Your Back Off The Wall, Fever, D-I-E- 4 Y-O-U and Radiator (which is SIIIIICK- my fave cut) sound a little.... different. Not bad, just not the same as 'Party Up Front'. The biggest surprise is that there are a couple of 'ballads' here. Not bad, but definitely slows down the pace a little. Overall a great effort. Can't wait to see 'em in NYC!!!...more info
  • What happened to Family Force 5?
    Ok, well I bought this CD the day it came out because I'm a huge fan of Business Up Front/Party In The Back and I have a promotional poster for Dance Or Die on my wall signed by the guys and I've just gotta say that I was disappointed. I realize that there are several peoples' reviews on different sites and iTunes that have said that they love this CD, but I was a fan of the old sound, not this new one.

    It's very electronic and either over-produced, or under-produced (I can't decide which). I miss the old guiar-driven, bass thumping music behind the singing and screaming of Soul Glow without the robotic effect they've added to his voice. Every single song on the old CD was one that I couldn't get enough of. That's not the case on this one.

    I give this CD two stars because it's not horrible; if you like the new direction, that's fine. There are two or three songs on here that I like, but after the first minute and a half of the opening track, I had to think to myself, "Am I really listening to Family Force 5, or is this some kind of joke?"

    Still love Family Force 5 though, and if they make another CD, I'll probably still buy it the day it comes out. I just hope it's more like the first than the second....more info
  • Family Force 5 is BACK
    it has a much diffrent sound then there first album, and they definetly went back to there 80's roots with the heavy techno blend... but every FF5 fan will appreciate this album...and its great for partys...more info
  • Much Different
    This album is very much different. Not really my style, but not horrible. It has a good sound, but not nearly as much energy as I came to expect from FF5. I really enjoyed their first album. One you can crank up with your windows down and just ROCK OUT too. Now I am not opposed to change, I understand that bands must change or it gets to be the same ole, same ole. But I still miss the sound and energy from Business Up Front/Party In Back. Not a bad album, it just didn't have that signature flare that FF5 have the potential for. I am anxious to see where they go from here. ...more info
  • Good After I Got Over the Initial Shock
    When I first put this CD in I had to immediately pull it back out and make sure that it was a Family Force 5 CD. The CD is not bad, it is actually pretty good, but it is so different from their first CD that you will think it is a different band for the first 6 songs.

    In this CD they pull back on the rock and swing more towards techno and voice modulation. The songs are still good, but I personally prefer their first CD that was heavy rock.

    The CD is still worth buying, just be aware that for the first half of the CD you won't be listening to the same band that released the first album. If you listen to the CD through a couple of times, you are sure to like it....more info
  • Definitely not the same...
    I fell in love with Family Force 5 after seeing them in concert last year. Their energy, passion, sense of humor, and stage presence is unbelievable. It seemed like it was impossible not to dance to every track on "Business Up Front Party in the Back"- each song was it's own funky masterpiece.

    Unfortunately, they've changed their sound for "Dance or Die"- rather than their previous blend of heavy bass, intense guitar, rhythmic sound effects, rap, amazing lyrics, and catchy melodies...they've switched to a more repetitive 80's electronica sound. Soul Glow's raw voice is, as the previous reviewer mentioned, roboticized. There are actually a lot of audio filters going on throughout, making it sound more canned than organic. It doesn't sound bad, but for me it's just not as much fun to listen to- the FF5 pounding beat that I fell in love with is missing on this album. I would play it as background party music rather than "pump up the party" music. I also miss the subtle lyrics about faith.

    I'm sure fans will still love the new sound, even if it is different. I give the guys kudos for trying something new (the ballads, for example, are a welcome surprise). But hopefully their next release can revive some of their classic supersonic sound.

    HOWEVER...good news for fans disappointed with this album: I recently had the privilege of seeing them perform "Fever" at a concert at The Hard Rock Cafe, and they performed it with just as much dynamic enthusiasm as always. So no worries- they put on a great show no matter what!...more info
  • Awesome!!!
    This is a GREAT CD!
    The musical style is a throwback to late 70's & 80's pop/rock synthesizer ... but that doesn't mean it doesn't rock --- it does!!

    One of my favorite tracks is "Fever" and "Get Your Back Off The Wall", crank it up & enjoy!

    It's a great album, highly recommended! :)...more info
  • Why?
    Come on guys. What is this? How about a new album instead of recycyling your last album?

    These remake versions sound like the soundtrack to a B-grade 80's teenage film.

    First album rocked. Fans loved it.

    Second album was good, not as good as the first. Fans were a little disappointed, but loyal. Get Your Back Off The Wall is one of my favorites. Wake The Dead- good. Fever- good. Rest of the album too poppish. Needs a little more kick to it.

    This album is painful.

    Guys- your fans liked the first album so much because it rocked. That's what made you famous. How about a little more use of the guitar on the next album?...more info


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