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Recollections, wisdom, and advice from the beloved entertainer, American icon, mother of eight children, and New York Times bestselling author.When the Donny and Marie show ended its award-winning run on ABC in 1979, 19-year-old Marie was ready to leave the stage lights for a secretary?s life?she had prepared to say ?goodbye? to fleeting fame by studying shorthand and typing! Clearly, life took a different turn.Now, decades later and still a beloved superstar, Marie opens the door to her thoughts on many of her milestones and missteps, both the public and the personal. In a life brimming with a mixture of charm and chaos, blessings and hilarious bungles, victory and vulnerability, Marie recounts for her ?family of fans? her greatest successes as well as her most crushing disappointments, career pressures and expectations, marriage and divorce, depression, weight issues, tough choices, honors and awards, and the incredible joys and challenges of raising children. Through it all, Marie has bounced back time and again with unstoppable enthusiasm, resilience, and an unbeatably healthy and positive outlook on life.In Might as Well Laugh About It Now, she imparts her insights on surviving all of life?s roadblocks and detours in a collection of friendly musings and heartening advice about learning to survive? and moving forward?with humor and optimism.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good read
    In full disclosure mode, I have to say that I have been a fan of Marie Omsond since I was 12. That certainly does not make me unique, but I wanted to put it out there.

    I will start off by saying that I was thrilled to find out that Marie had finally written a 'memoir'. While this is her second book, her first one dealt mainly with Postpartum Depression and was aimed at this audience more than at a main audience.

    I really enjoyed reading Might as Well Laugh.... Marie has a great way of telling a story and her humour is obvious throughout the book. I found myself laughing at some many of the stories and I have to say that Marie shared some fun, touching and never heard stories before which was a treat for any Osmond fan. She also included one black and white picture at the beginning of each chapter (most of which I had never seen printed anywhere before) so this was a double treat.

    Marie was also honest about some of the more difficult things she has endured throughout her life - there is even a picture of her house while on fire - which she then used as a Christmas Card!

    Also, some great little tidbits about how she feels about her brothers, her she felt just before doing Dancing with the Stars and quite alot is said about how much she loves and misses her parents.

    The storyline is well written and it kept me interested. I finished this book in 1 day.

    Now, for the things that I did not like so much.

    First of all the cover - It just did not grab me at all. Marie's head is cut off at the top and there is so much writing on the cover that it is distracting from the photo.

    I have a theory about anyone writing a memoir. If they are writing a memoir, I am assuming that they are willing to "tell it like it is". I mean, it is their choice to actually write a memoir about their lives. What I found extremely frustrating about this book is that Marie would start telling us something touching and personal and then, poof! after a few sentences - all of a sudden she sees the "positive" side of the situation and ends up saying a variation of "its going to be okay and I see the way now". I found this sooooo annoying. Not, that she sees the bright side of the situation, but more that she always gives me the impression that she will tell us something, but only a tiny little bit, she gives us a few sentences then that's it. I ALWAYS get the feeling when listening to Marie or reading this book that there is so much more going on inside of her - but she is so busy showing us that she is fine, that her world is fine that she comes across a little fake. Two obvious examples in this book are about her house fire and her separation from her husband.

    Again, Marie if you make the choice of writing a memoir, then you need to be a little more forthcoming with the information.

    The other thing that bothered me about this book, and I have to say that I felt the same when I read Donny's book, is the almost over the top adoration she has for her parents. Marie and Donny both kept repeating the same things in their books...."our parents were strict, but..." Everytime I read about the Osmond parents, I get a creepy feeling in the back of my neck!!!!! Obviously, I did not know them, but I have to say, some of the stuff written in both books was kind of scary to me. Yet, Marie must have stated at least 10 times how much she loved her parents and that they were "the best". I kept thinking "Marie, I think you protest too much!!!"

    Still, I rated this book a 4, because it is very well written, Marie gets her point across well - whatever happens to you, keep smiling. I like Marie's humour and it was obvious that this book was written with love for all her fans....more info
  • Inspiring!
    Again, Marie Osmond has done it again! Her list of talents go on and on. This book connects the author with the reader. What a joy to read such inspiring stories about the "ups and downs" of life and how to face the every day journey of life. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!...more info
  • Surprisingly good!
    I have enjoyed the Osmonds off and on over the years, but would not consider myself a "fan." I received this book as a gift and was surprised at how enjoyable Marie's story was. Better written than many celebrity memoirs, with more substantial content, I learned much about her family and life as an adult. Of particular interest were her comments about career decisions(didn't know she'd turned down the role of Sandy in "Grease" back in the 70's) and how she managed her family while on the road. ...more info
  • Refreshing as always.
    Couldn't wait to read a new book by Marie Osmond! Like sitting down with a good friend. Marie has problems just like everyone else and chooses to face them with wit and determination,instead of getting bitter and wallowing in selp-pity as so many do. Thank you for being a shining light....more info
  • Disappointing
    I am an Osmond fan. The Osmonds are in the news rather often and nothing Marie had to say in her book was what I really wanted to hear -- she only wrote what you could pick up on the news. The word Divorce was mentioned, her weight gain/loss was mentioned and losing her parents was mentioned -- all very public information. I respect that she protects her children and their privacy but this book did not give any insite into anything other than what the general public already knows. She never mentioned that her brother has MS, one of her children had been in drug rehab, etc. I guess she just kept up the clean Osmond image and didn't really let the world into her private life. It was not worth the cost of the book. Also, in the "thank you's" she mentioned her brother Jimmy -- what about Donny and the other 6? My advice, no matter how much you like Marie this book is not worth the money....more info
  • An Upbeat Positive Perspective On Marie's Life!!!
    Might As Well Laugh About It Now by Marie Osmond

    Last Saturday, when our oldest daughter Mary was visiting us, she asked if I'd read Marie's book and I said no, that our library had it and would read it. She said she would leave it for me to read, as she'd just bought it and knew I'd have it read before she could, as she was reading my Donny Autobiography. When I got up the next morning to read my e-mail, Marie's NEW book was sitting on top of my other books!!!! I had no idea she had a new book out!!! After starting this book, I'd read two VERY negative comments about this book on Goodreads and after finishiung the book earlier today, found nothing negative that Marie had said that this one young lady had purported Marie as saying.

    Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed Marie's introspective looks into her life and how she laughs at life's little foibles. Marie looks at life the way I do, always looking at the good in everything and everyone. Marie shares her outlook on how she handled her passing out on Dancing With The Stars, her house fire, her managing her hectic life being a mother of 8 children, how much she loves her children, the devastation she felt at losing her parents, her divorce and her battle with Bulimia. If you want to read how Marie uses laughter to get through life's biggest struggles, do yourself a favor and pick this delightful and poignant book up. You'll be glad you did.

    Forever Friends Rating 5 Stars by Teri
    Until Next Time, See You Around The Book Nook

    Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
    Pub. Date: April 2009
    ISBN-13: 9780451226389
    ...more info
  • Marie stop belly-aching about your privileged life...
    I read Marie's first book and enjoyed it, having been an Osmond fan for most of my life and even joining the LDS church mainly because of them, I'm tired of hearing Marie belly-ache about her privileged life. I think she is more grounded and humbled than she has ever been, however, why is it that when a celebrity has a hard time, they have to write about it, and the rest of us just suffer quietly about similar experiences?...I do wish Marie well, however, I wish she would quit complaining about various aspects of her life such as her big belly..which was her own fault...she ate too much...Marie is telling us more about her life that she forgot to mention in her first book..cathyb...more info
  • Marie Osmond's book
    As an Osmond fan growing up, I was fascinated with all of them, especially Donny and Marie. The book was great; she's like someone who could be your next door neighbor or good friend. Very funny and entertaining and interesting to learn she has insecurities like a lot of us do! I would definitely recommend it!...more info
  • Marie at her Best and Everything in Between
    I could not put this book down until I finished reading it in one night. Marie's life is as busy and crazy as mine was growing up with one brother and 4 sisters. I laughed and cried as I read the book. I would recommend this great book to anyone who thinks the life of a star and Mother is easy. I especially loved reading about her relationship with her parents. I felt I got to know her like a friend. I hope Marie will write another book soon. Perhaps her next 10PM project. ...more info
  • A Multitalented Woman
    Marie Osmond writes about her life in each chapter, but never in a chronological order.She philosophizes on what has helped her through
    her life in various areas.Marie mentions she derived a great deal of
    strenghth from her mother, who people refered to as "Mother Osmond."
    She is able to joke at herself and shortcomings.Just as she can recognize her strong side after working in show business since early childhood,
    alongside eight brothers.

    A remark by a famous actress, when she was pregnant with her first child, has made her realize her eight children are her number one concern.
    The Children's Miracle network is another.

    Marie writes a book of "humor".She alludes to problems without mentioning
    any specific ones, except her weight issues.Because her mother suffered a debilitating stroke,Marie has lost over 40 lbs.,and now is both health and heart conscious.
    When she is upset she turns to her religion and nature.
    Marie has suffered many family tragedies in the past nine years.Maybe
    they are too fresh and ongoing to deal with at this time.
    This was meant to be a book of humor.
    A light read and very funny!...more info
  • Witty, Inspiring----How do I get on your Christmas card list?
    RE: Might As Well Laugh About It Now

    I pre-ordered this book and it arrived yesterday----I couldn't put it down
    and just finished it. Marie is so funny and witty; she reminded me of Robin Williams with her quick wit. This is definitely a "feel good" after
    reading kind of book, and I look forward to seeing what this talented woman will do next. Julie W., Stephenville, Texas...more info
  • Hilarious and Honest
    Marie did an amazing job writing this book. She really hit home how important it is too keep a sense of humor even thru tough times. What a great read!!! She made me laugh, she made me cry, and she made me hopeful....more info
    Just as I was expecting, Marie brought all her humor and humility and love of God and family to this most interesting and heartfelt book.

    I enjoyed it so much, I could not put it down.

    Marie is a true inspiration to every woman who has had to overcome challenges, both personal and professional.

    ...more info
  • Marie Osmond
    I loved being able to peak into her life. She is warm and inviting and very human.

    I thoroughly enjoyed her book....more info
  • Frothy and sweet, but no substance
    Everything is rosy in Marie's life, her kids are adorable, her brothers are supportive, her parents were awesome. Fun and readable, this memoir-lite of Marie's life as an "average" mom misses the point.

    Real-world issues of divorce, adoption, custody, blended families, her son's drug addiction and rehab are glossed over or entirely absent. Even her diet is barely mentioned. It's all about her fun and zany life, her wonderful morals, 'fessing up to sweet little micro-flaws (forgetful, always late), while emphasizing her triumph as a superior mom and perennial celebrity. Yawn. Where's the meat?...more info
  • Might As Well Laugh About It Now
    Marie Osmond is beautiful both inside and out. She shares such personal stories in her life that are an inspiration to many. I couldn't put the book down! Loved It!...more info
  • Made me laugh also.
    Read it, laughed, cried, and laughed some more. It was so much fun to read that I am reading it again....more info
    I've been a fan of Marie's since PAPER ROSES. In this book Marie comes across, to me, exactly as what her oldest son called her once: "scatterbrained". Marie says more about herself from what she DOESN'T say and from a few of the things she DOES say. The way her kids seem to see her is the way she appears to really be, and it is a bit disheveled and "scatterbrained". I believe this comes from biting off more than she could chew. Some people in life know how to cope better than others;Marie appears to have had a more difficult time. She tells us how SHE dealt with the stumbling blocks;like millions of women with kids, we all learn how to deal too. Marie's book is vague about the DETAILS of her life. She wants us to believe this book is about how she dealt with divorce, her kids problems, etc; and she touches none of it with any depth, if at all. I feel cheated. Marie could have done better. The book seems hastily put together;never mind that her journals were all burned in a fire. Marie should have not continued her pattern of being hasty and
    scatterbrained and waited another five years to put a more comprehensive, helpful book together. It's entertaining, but you don't learn anything that other women don't already know about her and life....more info
  • Enjoyable book
    I just loved this book. It had lots of information i didnt know .I loved the pictures too. She is an amazing person to read about....more info
  • Amusing Yet Insightful
    This book was on my wife's nightstand and having been a "Donny and Marie" fan many years ago I gave it a read. Patchy in some spots, as she jumps here and there in her timeline, overall I give it two thumbs up. Very enjoyable in some spots as well insightful into her personal struggles of balancing relationship, motherhood and career....more info
  • Marie is great
    This review is actually by Clayman's wife. I have not read this book yet and don't know when I will get a chance to, but I had to get it because I just saw her live in Vegas at the Flamingo with Donny!! Donny & Marie rock and I grew up watching them, so that was my main reason for purchasing the book!!...more info
  • Clever, smart and oh so witty!
    Marie Osmond proves here that she still is a strong and inspirational person, not matter what comes her way.
    In Marie's new book we see a fun and charming person. If you are looking for the tabloid-gossip style writing on her life, it is not here. The book does skip around from the 70's to present day and back to her childhood. Yet it works.

    Sure there are the personal stories, but in a uplifting and laugh out loud style. Some stories have been told before, but many are new. The title of the book is perfect for what you would expect from her...clever, smart and oh so witty! A fast and fun read. I can hardly wait for her next book!...more info
  • Interesting!
    Marie has a way of making it seem like she is speaking directly to you, and you are an old friend. I loved curling up with my Kindle each night and seeing what Marie would chat about. ...more info
  • Might As Well Laugh About It
    Was a very easy book to get through. Never read "Behind the Smile" so I will order that today. She is funny and a beautiful woman she looks great with the weight loss....more info
  • trash sold as writing
    this is not a book. this is a nutri system ad that you are stupid enough to pay for it you buy this book. stuffed into the book is a flyer for nutri system. please, if you have an ad, and expect people to pay for it, have the courage to name it as such. and as to marie osmond, rarely has someone with so little talent been allowed to get by on virtually...nothing. marie osmond, without the mormons, who buy anything from other mormons would not sell a single "book." although again, this is not a book. funny how grumpy the "cheerful" marie gets when, for instance, glenn beck mentioned her "divorces," as she is on her way to the third (first two failed). and as to that picture of the marie as a nun in the book, one can perceive it in two ways. classically, mormons are so embarrassed by brigham young and joseph smith and their, shall we say, love of young girls without experience and calling that houndogging "marriage," that mormons hide behind the catholic church. one must wonder what osmond's picture in a nun's habit is meant to do? it is blasphemous to the catholich church, but from mormons who baptize the dead (oohh, yeah, give me more of those people who are too dead to protest and i'll call them "mormon members, they just don't tithe!! ar ar ar) she certainly doesn't chat about the whole have nine children and you get to be a god on your own planet that mormonism promises? oh no. osmond is getting by due to spending a lot of money on public relations and very little else. it would be nice if the publishing industry stopped publishing this kind of trash and remembered all the truly great young writers needing a publishing home. next up...in another act of mormon self-annointing, osmond walks on water......more info
  • Sugar Coated, Revised History on the Part of Osmond
    I picked this up hoping to read a meaty biography about someone who was famous when I was growing up. Up front I will admit that I am more of a Donny and Osmond Brothers fan than I am of Marie. Marie pretends like she's been "performing" since the age of three, but those of us with good memories of the '70s know that she rode her brothers' coattails to stardom. One or two walk ons on The Andy Williams Show do not a performance make. Marie's first record, Paper Roses, was released more than two years after her brothers were hitting the top of the charts. Her second two albums were not as well received (ie. the moderately talented Osmond sister was a novelty that had passed). She would have been nothing but a blip in showbiz history if they hadn't paired her with Donny in 1974. Of course, Marie would have you believe she was there, every step of the way, but believe me kiddos, that ain't the way it happened. Do some research of old magazines from the early '70s if you don't believe me.
    OK, back to the book. This has to be one of the worst assembled biographies I've ever seen. The woman jumps back and forth in the timeline of her life, mostly getting facts wrong (but then one would expect someone like Marie Osmond to revise history). As many of the other negative reviews have said, she doesn't really tell any DETAILS. Perhaps she is afraid to do so for fear of alienating people in her family (Donny was much more frank in his 1989 biography and supposedly he got some guff for being truthful). One thing I remember that stands out and makes Ms. Osmond look human: Marie is talking about her chubby pre-teen self and how she often wished that "I was beautiful like Donny." So either she decided to reveal that part of herself, or forgot to take it out of the book. Then she goes on in her bot-like manner, "Everything's okay, it's all okay."
    One thing that Marie proves is that you can't have it all. Perhaps if she had been more of a wife and less of a business woman, or not insisted on collecting so many children (it often seems like she saw her kids as a "collection." Ooh, got to have another one!)that at least the last marriage would have worked. Something had to give and the easiest things to get rid of were the husbands apparently.
    One more thing: this book seemed very rushed, perhaps because another REAL author was doing a book on Marie, one that would smudge her squeaky clean Mother-of-the-Century image. He was big news in 2007, but now his project is stalled and Marie has replaced it with her ditzy idea of an autobiography. The first book would have been more interesting, IMO.
    This book probably thrills her fans, who see her as a goddess. For the rest of us who are not so enamored of Marie it's something we can more or less do without....more info
  • FABULOUS!!!!!!!
    I bought this book today for myself, my mom, my aunt and my grandmother. About a hour ago my mom and grandmother called to tell me they finished it. I am about 100 pages away from being done!!!

    This book is so precious and you fall in love more and more with Marie after each chapter. She really captures the reality of life. I find myself laughing out loud because I totally understand where she is coming from - like her GPS, or not leaving the house without lipstick and earrings!!

    She is very candid. I suggest to anyone who is considering buying this book to go ahead and buy it for yourself and every woman in your family. It completely captures you!! ...more info


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