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Who Reads Real Simple?
Real Simple’s core audience is comprised of smart, busy women who are looking for creative solutions to their everyday challenges, so they have more time to focus on what really matters. Real Simple serves a wide range of women with just as many loyal fans in their 20s as in their 50s. The Real Simple reader is well-educated, affluent and professional, but most of all, she is looking for ways to make life easier. Real Simple has an impressive monthly audience of 8.6 million people, including a loyal following of women who say they feel calmer and more in control when they receive the magazine each month.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:
Real Simple incorporates and speaks to all aspects of a woman's busy life, including beauty, entertaining, etiquette, family, finance, food, health, home, pets, soul, style and technology. From time-to-time, Real Simple also addresses gifts, the holidays, travel and weddings. Each month, the magazine starts off with “Your Words,” where readers share their answers to a question of the month; followed by “Simple Solutions,” the front-of-book section with smart pieces of ideas, insight and inspiration including the popular New Uses for Old Things and Products of the Month. “The Guide” offers strategies, systems and smarts for making life easier with stories in every topic area the magazine covers. Real Simple also features “Moneywise,” a section dedicated to spending smarter; “Road Tests,” real-people tested product recommendations; and “Cooking,” a back-of-book section devoted to recipes, techniques and tips. “Real Simple To Go” closes the magazine each month, featuring tear-out perforated pieces of useful information for readers to take with them in their daily lives. The Real Simple “feature well” changes from month-to-month but always features beautiful, smart stories on a broad range of topics intended to inspire the reader.

The fourth annual Real Simple Family special issue will offer inspiring and innovative ideas to make all aspects of family life better.

Magazine Layout:
Real Simple’s design objective is twofold: to convey information with clarity and organization within a simple, accessible format and to create a serene and uncluttered environment that imparts a sense of calm. One of the key components to that objective is ample use of white space, which gives the page design “breathing room” and distinguishes the brand from other women’s magazines.

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Many stories are written by Real Simple editors; however, the magazine prides itself on featuring writers, photographers and contributors of note.

Past Issues:

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
Real Simple is unique and is the only magazine out there that focuses on the mission of making life easier.

Real Simple appeals to a broad range of advertisers. The three biggest advertising categories are: food & beverage, beauty, and retail & department stores.

Real Simple has won numerous industry awards and accolades, including three National Magazine Award nominations in the category of “General Excellence.” Real Simple is the only magazine to have earned a spot on Adweek’s prestigious “Hot List” of top-ten titles for seven years in a row. The brand has also been named to Adweek’s “Brand Leaders” list for three consecutive years since the list’s inception, and has won Advertising Age’s “Magazine of the Year.”

Real Simple is the new magazine for the way you want to live today. You'll find actionable solutions to streamline the ways you manage your life. Systems for reducing clutter, saving time, and reducing stress. Inspiring ideas about home, food, money, clothes, health, work, family, and holidays.

Customer Reviews:

  • Only magazine I read cover to cover! I love it!
    This magazine has some great ideas for not only simplifying your life and home, but also enjoying and appreciating what we have. It also reminds us to relish the special relationships in our lives and gives ideas as to how to create lasting memories to cherish forever. It's helped me find ways to organize my home and life, taught me how to do my banking on-line, and reminded me to take time for myself as well as others special to me. I've found some excellent recipes and some other great tips as well. This is truly the only magazine that I take the time to sit down with and read from cover to cover. I've even given gift subscriptions to this magazine -- I like it that much!...more info
  • Real Simple....
    It is hard to tell the advertising from the articles in this magazine. Once you find the articles they are informative but very short. It a nice read for the first few months but then it just gets old....more info
  • You're missing the point!
    I think the previous reviewers who've criticized this magazine for the advertisements and the encouragement "just to buy stuff" have missed the point. It's not about rampant consumerism, but rather about intelligent consumerism. Do you have several cupboards full of cleaning supplies? Real Simple will show you how to pare that down to a handful of supplies that really work, and will show how their experts rated the different products. Do you have a closetful of clothes that don't quite work for you? Again Real Simple will show you how to winnow your wardrobe down to choice, quality items that will serve you well for years. Quality over quantity. And, the emphasis on quality doesn't only refer to your possessions, but to your time as well. Learn to iron a shirt properly in just minutes. Read about other women who have simplified their lives. Hear other reader's responses to questions like "What was the nicest thing someone else ever did for you?" or "What previously important obligations have you eliminated from your schedule, and how did you do it?" Give this beautifully laid out, and thoughtfully produced magazine a chance!...more info
  • Dad says NO to Real Simple and YES to Breastfeeding!
    In the mail, I recieved an offer to get 2 free magazine subscriptions from a list of 12. One of them was Real Simple. I was going to get that for our family but then heard about the terrible advice regarding breastfeeding and saving time. It's saddening to see a magazine take something as important as breastfeeding and ask mothers to stop doing this to same time. That made up my mind right away. No Real Simple Magazine for my family. And to the person that was upset about all this negative feedback, I assure you that we are all not part of the same family. I got a good laugh out of that anyway and your quote about a religious like obsession. What a pitiful attempt at a rebuttal. Try basing one on facts rather than assumptions and personal attacks....more info
  • I read this cover to cover every month!
    This is sort of like a more realistic Martha Stewart Living (makes sense since the person who started it used to be on Martha Stewart Living's staff). There are great tips, good, useful articles and it's beautifully presented. I find it very practical.

    Those who are looking for something like a voluntary simplicity magazine are not looking in the right place (and quite frankly the idea of having a voluntary simplicity magazine seems a bit counterproductive). This magazine is about living well, but without excess. I don't have a six-figure income, but I am willing to pay a little more for a good white shirt that will last for years and still look fashionable. The range of topics covered is equally satisfying - you'll get cooking tips, homekeeping tips, fashion and beauty tips and well-researched articles on relationships, financial and lifestyle issues.

    Is the magazine a little unrealistic? Of course - it's a LIFESTYLE magazine, part of the charm is the sense of escapism. However, I've found it to be the most practical device of escapism yet and look forward to every magazine....more info

  • Real Silly
    This magazine is a wash - how can you take it seriously? My first impression was: a very slick magazine telling me how to live simply by buying more crap. I decided to give it another chance a year after first studying it and found it more insidious. If you look at an issue closely you'll find that the editors at RS have made pains to color coordinate their ad photos with their facing page copy photos. Try it, it's weird. One the left side I've got a Pantene ad with a russet haired model, on the right side a photo of a russet colored leather chair that is part of a feature about investing in quality furniture pieces. A few pages later the Target 'shabby-chic' ad color scheme matches perfectly the feature's photo on the facing page (a Miss Manners type admonishment on food allergies). Several pages later the Macy's coral toned apparel ad matches it's facing article's photo of CDs in hanging files (an urgent treatise about organizing your music collection).
    Two things I found especially creepy: 1. Although its obvious there is big money behind this rag, nowhere on the masthead can you detect who is behind it. This is a Time-Warner product, yet any casual reader would be hard pressed to discover this without doing some inquiry. I was really curious on how a small publication was getting such slick glossy ads but now I know. 2. The two ads I could find that were directed as products for children were for Concerta and ADDERALL - both drugs for ADHD. Uh... no comment....more info
  • Like, yeah!
    Have you recently moved out of your sorority house? Do you receive a large monthly allowance but just don't know where to put it? This is the magazine for you! It's chock full of incredibly obvious tips for the inane consumer with plenty of money but no cents. It's such a relief not to worry about issues, like responsible journalism or respect for the consumer, besides that's not what life's all about! Pooh on all those reviewers who just don't have enough bubble bath!...more info
  • Excelent reading once in a while
    I subscribed to this, and enjoyed the 1st issue I received. It is well laid out, has short, interesting articles, and even a bookmark! However, by the time the 2nd issue came, it felt like a re-hash of the 1st- plus I realized the magazine seemed more the half full of ads. Now, I enjoy looking at the ads and discovering new products, but this was a little ridiculous. I felt like everytime I opened the magazine, I was looking at the ads, and not the articles. Perhaps they have to have all the ads because circulation isn't very wide - I was really disappointed in the end, and canceled my subscription, not even able to get half way through my 2nd issue. ...more info
  • real simple magazine
    this is my favorite mag that I subscribe to! I enjoy reading all parts of the mag and love how it takes me more than one night to get through the whole mag! greatest buy ever!...more info
  • Real Simple is great
    My Wife loves reading this magazine, and reads it cover to cover as soon as it arrives. She is so happy to use the ideas in the magazine, and she converses with her friends about all the interesting stories....more info
  • Favorite Magazine!
    Real Simple truly helps simplify my life. From there section on "New Uses For Old Things" to their recipes, Real Simple helps me keep my life in order. I look forward to every issue!...more info
  • a handy magazine
    Not much to say other than this is a handy magazine with tons of household tips. My wife reads it but I am also the beneficiary of some of it's pearls of wisdom....more info
  • Recommends High-Priced Unnecessary Items
    I am a strong proponent of living a simpler, less stressed life and I was really happy when I saw an entire magazine was dedicated towards the simple life. After reading it, though, I think what they meant to say was that this is the way to spend money and feel better about yourself.

    An idea for avoiding dishes? Buy lots of coffee filters, line your mixing bowls with them and throw them away when you're done. This turns us into a disposable lifestyle, not a simple one. Need to figure out if a window is sunny enough for a plant? Buy a $60 device that (I kid you not) plugs into the dirt, records the sunlight for you and then plugs into your USB port to tell you what it saw. There's an article on an interracial marriage which doesn't sound simple to me, and while it's cool, it doesn't help me learn anything about living more simply.

    How about dressing simply? They want you to buy an $85 pair of flats and a $68 belt. Maybe a $70 pair of shorts.

    Some articles are helpful. How can you spot a fake bill? Might be useful to know. Other articles miss out on basics. They talk about how a pound of sugar was 12 cents in 1960 and is now 52 cents - but they say nothing at all about what it WOULD be adjusted for inflation. Is this higher than before? Lower? Nobody knows.

    There are good tips in here. Go to your library and use their vast resources for free. Negotiate with your health care provider for lower costs. Use local playgrounds for exercise and fun. Bring your lunch, don't eat out. Even so, you turn the page and they're suggesting $200 blazers as cool items for the simple household - blazers that, honestly, most of us would only wear once or twice given its color and what it would go with in a given season. Never mind the $400 giant black jumpsuit. Not simple.

    I'm not saying simple has to be boring or drab - but there is a big difference, in my mind, between recommending a simple item of clothing that could be worn every week without an issue and recommending a $400 splurge on something that would rarely be brought from the closet. That belongs more in a "splurge fashion" magazine, not a "real simple" magazine.

    So while I appreciate some of the tips here, there was too much emphasis on buying things - especially things people simply don't need. I feel the magazine falls into this category itself.
    ...more info
  • Real Simple
    Magazine Subscriptions take too long to receive! The $5.00 gift card was not worth waiting 3 months to receive the magazine. ...more info
  • Real simple, sure...but it's real necessary!
    Real Simple gives me all kinds of "how to's," practical advice, and much more, in a tidy volume which is all at once readable, welcoming, helpful and enlightening. Most importantly, it gently (but firmly!) tells me that making change is more than possible, it's do-able. Even for a stubborn and scattered soul like myself!!...more info
  • Too simple...
    I got a subscripton to this magazine based on its looks and title 'Real Simple.' The magazine did have some valid articles I would call "keepers" however these were far and few between the many advertisements. Many of the articles seemed to have a point but then would specifically point out what item to use being a particular brand. Who knows if the products advertised were any good since it seems they were being paid to gear articles toward using certain brand products? I admit the magazine always has great covers definitely acceptable to leave on the front room coffee table but other than that, it won't even keep your attention even the whole time while you wait in a doctor's office. I would recommend looking elsewhere if you are getting a magazine you actually want to get something out of....more info
  • fast service
    I can't believe how fast I started to receive this mag! thanks so much!...more info
  • Fun magazine
    Real Simple is a fun magazine that has some interesting articles on organization. I especially enjoy the before and after shots in articles about cleaning up one's closet, garage or whatever. Yes, there are too many ad-based articles and yes, the products they push tend to be pretty expensive. But I like to get some great ideas and do it "my way" with less expensive versions of the same product that I can find in my own area. I've been inspired by an article more than once and ended up with a more spare and tidy life.

    BTW, I find it very amusing that there was a herd (ahem) of bad reviews of Simple Living recently all based on ONE article that dared to question that sacred topic of breast feeding. It's obvious that many of those reviews were written by the same person (or her friends & relatives?). Too bad some people are such zealots that they have to run down a magazine based on one article. If you don't like the magazine overall, fine, but please leave your religious-like obsession with one topic out of it. That's not what these reviews on are for, IMHO. And that one article does not totally represent Simple Living....more info

  • Real Useful Magazine!
    This is one of my all time favorite magazines. It has helpful information about organizing your life. The photography is excellent and I simply love the articles about inspirational real women. I renew my subscription every year. You might want to check out their website for free tips here:

    Forget the naysayers with an agenda. Check out this magazine ASAP. You won't regret it. :-)...more info

  • simple ? not !
    There is very little about simplifying your life in this magazine, it is mostly about rampant consumerism; I am not saying there is anything wrong with consumerism, it is great for our economy, but it should be labled as such, not wrapped up in a false guise with a silly label.
    Hidden between a forest of ads, you will find the occasional spindly little article, and chances are, that article will also be selling you S.T.U.F.F. with clever product placement.
    The ads, which are quite wide-ranging in whatever the target audience is supposed to be, made me dazed and confused, and my nose was not pleased either, as some of them contain "perfume".

    As for the "tips", not all are helpful. They suggest for instance, that you hard boil eggs, and keep them for a week in the refrigerator (page 18, November 2003 edition). True, a week is the limit for storing hard cooked eggs, and they will not kill you, but have you ever eaten an egg that has been sitting in the fridge for seven days ? It is enough to put one off the incredible edible forever. Five days is max folks, for a decent tasting egg.
    The paper quality is quite good, with a matte finish, but if you want substance, and really inventive ideas, look elsewhere....more info

  • Love this magazine
    I had to what a month or so to get it, but I love the articles, tips, & reviews....more info
  • Elegant Magazine
    I enjoy reading Real Simple. The articles are informative and the magazine is beautiful to look at. I disagree that the content is not substantial - it is a monthly magazine, what exactly were you expecting? I also disagree that the magazine solely targets those in an upper income bracket. While some of the items they suggest are things my husband and I still dream of, there are also items they review regularly that you can pick up at CVS Pharmacy. In fact, the product reviews are probably the most useful part of the magazine. I like seeing purchase information next to something that catches my eye. Real Simple is a welcome alternative to other women's magazines that focus on giving yourself multiple orgasms or figuring out your personality based on astrological signs. If you are interested in browsing through a magazine that gives personal stories, features useful products, provides yummy recipes for nights when you have guests over (or have the time to cook a special meal), and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye - this magazine is for you....more info
  • Read it at the Library
    Had a subscription for a couple of years, and enjoyed it at first. But after a while it seemed like a lot of money to pay for a lot of ads and articles about things I could not afford, so I didn't renew it. I liked the style and the idea of simplifying one's space and life, and the recipes were yummy. My local library carries it, so once in a while I go there and browse the latest issue and make notes if there happens to be an internet link of interest or a product or recipe worth trying out. I do that with a lot of magazines--if I feel like it. I find that as I get older my style is more established and confident and streamlining comes naturally. It's "real simple" to simplify if you don't have too much crap to start with!...more info
  • I like it!
    Every month when I get Real Simple in the mail, I read it cover to cover, usually within a couple days of getting it. I have applied many of their ideas to my life (especially cleaning and decorating tips) and have found some ideas and products that truly do simplify my life. I have been inspired by some of the articles about women facing adversity, and I always enjoy the feature in which they present a person (or family) currently needing help financially and otherwise and then outline financial and other advice given for the situation. I have gained ideas to apply to my own life.

    The only part I don't care for is the clothing articles, just because it seems to be aimed more toward high-end (read: expensive) clothes and I just can't imagine paying $150 for a blouse, no matter what it is made out of....more info

  • Real Simple?

    Don't get me wrong..I love the two hard cover books, Real Simple Solutions and Real Simple: The Guide to Organized Living. They are gems. However, the magazine simply betrays it's words. As one rater stated, it seems like the reader is cajoled into buying un-needed expensive products, and my god..the magazine is cluttered with ads and inserts, plus it is very hard to turn the pages and read. I realize ads are necessary, but this is extreme, especially for a magazine that supposedly promotes a less complicated and cluttered life for it's readers....more info
  • Real Simple but untimely
    I have not yet received my first issue of the publication which I know is a really good magazine. So the time it is taking to get the first issue is an issue. I thought ordering through Amazon the delivery service would be much better. I guess there is still time to rate this aspect....more info
  • Cute, but not as helpful as I thought... but I do like it
    Well, it's been a few months into my new subscription and I enjoy reading it. I have definitely gotten some cool ideas out of it... but some articles really seem out of whack or don't make sense. I'll keep trying it out......more info
  • great and reliable product reviews and articles
    This magazine delivers what many promise--relevant, reliable product reviews, as well as targeted articles on many aspects of a busy person's life--organizing your home, saving money, health issues, etc.

    I find I can rely on their product reviews to give a good comparison and buying recommendations.

    This is a magazine for busy women trying to fit a lot into a day, who have a sense of style as well as a brain. I think by Real Simple, they mean trying to simplify your busy life, not to return to nature or be counter-culture.......more info

  • Neither "real" or "simple"
    This is about the most stupidly-named magazine ever. While it's an attractive magazine to leaf through, it's neither real nor simple. This is a version of In-Style (which is frankly a shopper's guide for fashion and says so) but for home goods. However "Real Simple" purports to be about fine living, but it's really a buyer's guide for trendy dinnerware, housewares and other lifestyle consumer goods.

    If you are redecorating and want to check out the trends, this is excellent, but if you are looking for a Martha Stewart "how to" or "Southern Living" type of lifestyle for the urban or suburban life, I'd suggest something else. Not much here worth reading--just eye-candy that is dangerous to the wallet....more info

  • Please....what blatant commercialism!!!!!!!
    Listen to the first two reviews about this advertisement...'ahem'!...cough...magazine, I mean. Pure capitalism at it's best-fitting in a few blurbs between all of these oh so expensive products (oops, I mean "special" offers). You're better off not cluttering up your space with another useless commercial posing as a publication....more info
  • Good tips that quickly leave your memory...
    I love the layout and dare I say, even the ads that feature new products to buy (uber-consumer that I am!), but there is one issue I have with this magazine that makes it less than perfect. The awesome tips they give you every month are quickly read, but if you don't have any use for them at that moment, they quickly leave your memory, unused and forgotten. I admit I collect the issues, but I don't really browse through past issues in any systematic way to see what useful info I can garner in the here and now. I do use the recipes, which come out fabulous most of the time! I guess I have a love-hate relationship with this one. ...more info
  • Real Simple Vs. Voluntary Simplicity
    I subscribed to this magazine believing that it would have advice relating to scaling back and living better with less. However, this magazine is definitely geared towards women who don't mind paying $200+ for "the perfect white shirt" and are strugging to create a savings plan with six-figure incomes.

    That being said, I love the recipes, the meal planners are excellent, and the organization tips I've found useful too. A fun magazine, as long as you don't take it too seriously....more info

  • Spend! Spend! Spend!
    This magazine should really be titled "Better Living Through Buying Stuff." It's beautifully designed but during the course of my subscription, the only important thing I've learned is how to fold a sweater. I will not be renewing....more info
  • Great Magazine! Lots of good ideas
    This is a great magazine with a lot of good ideas on how to make things "real simple"...more info
  • Long time subscriber
    I subscribed to Real Simple from the first issue for several years. At first it had some great unique ideas, and some really cool decorating ideas. Then, shortly after the second year, they seemed to run out of ideas. Unfortunately, they kept publishing anyway. The ideas rerun so often, if I flip through one now I find the SAME recipes (ravioli lasagna) and SAME tips they had the first year. Huge disappointment. If you are interested, don't commit for more than a year!...more info
  • great organization and tips
    Being of the organizationally challenged group I look forward each month to reading what is new in this area as well as other
    tips. My only complaint is that it is not very straightforward when it advertises that one can get 3 issues free as a trial
    and then they will bill you for the rest of the year at the DISCOUNT price. If I am getting 3 issues free, I want the full
    year at the DISCOUNT price, then it will be a deal!!!!...more info
  • Fun magazine
    Real Simple is a fun magazine that has some interesting articles on organization. I especially enjoy the before and after shots in articles about cleaning up one's closet, garage or whatever. Yes, there are too many ad-based articles and yes, the products they push tend to be pretty expensive. But I like to get some great ideas and do it "my way" with less expensive versions of the same product that I can find in my own area. I've been inspired by an article more than once and ended up with a more spare and tidy life.

    BTW, I find it very amusing that there was a herd (ahem) of bad reviews of Simple Living recently all based on ONE article that dared to question that sacred topic of breast feeding. It's obvious that many of those reviews were written by the same person (or her friends & relatives?). Too bad some people are such zealots that they have to run down a magazine based on one article. If you don't like the magazine overall, fine, but please leave your religious-like obsession with one topic out of it. That's not what these reviews on are for, IMHO. And that one article does not totally represent Simple Living....more info

  • Real Simple magazine
    I ordered this as gift for a relative.

    Not sure if it was delivered - but will find out soon. Order process through was very smooth, however....more info
  • This is the best magazine ever !
    I'm crazy about this magazine. I look forward to receiving it every month. I appreciate the comparisons between products, the "fake it, don't make it" recipe section and the in depth features. I feel that "Real Simple" does the research on subjects, so that I don't have to.

    Additionally, it's aethetically the most attractive magazine on the market. While others go for glitz and overwhelm the senses, "Real Simple" stays true to its name. The photography and page layouts are peaceful, attractive and zen-like.

    I would recommend this magazine to anyone who appreciates high quality for their reading material....more info

  • the best!
    I love this magazine - it's one of the few that I'll bother reading cover-to-cover. It's got practical ideas, helpful hints, and fashion tips. I've recommended this one to all of my friends and family....more info


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