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  • Tips for user
    I love this gadget! I'm not such a coffee-goumet that I take the temp of the water as some recomend, but I do like a nice strong, flavourful cuppa and this delivers much, much better thasn my old French Press. TIPS: Don't put more than three scoops if you are using finely ground coffee as pressing down the plunger becomes difficult. Always completely remove the plunger BEFORE you screw on a new filter or the suction will unseat the filter when you do remove it. Save some money and DO reuse the filters as used ones work just fine. Enjoy!! ...more info
  • easiest clean up w/ biggest pay off
    I bought this based on the glowing reviews and the fact that I don't feel like investing in a mega machine at the moment. I drink americanos 95% of the time, and this "machine" makes them very easy to make, very enjoyable to drink, and very easy to clean up!

    ...more info
  • Not a Press Pot
    You don't have to have a coarse grind, so a blade mill will do if you don't have a burr grinder. This is more of a drip/filter type maker with a little hand assist to speed things up. It looks like a giant syringe. Sturdy, unbreakable plastic. Makes a good cup, quickly. The filters are not usually available at local retail, but are inexpensive and reusable to a point. The main plus is the ease of cleaning. Just take the end strainer cap off and pop out the "puck".
    Fits most cups, but take care if you are using a tall, Starbucks type insulated mug, that you don't tip it over. ...more info
  • Be Ready to UP Your Coffee Consumption
    I'm hooked! As has been mentioned by others, the AeroPress comes with filters which are reusable if you wish; I like the idea of using fewer trees. I suggest viewing the website and any of the many videos on YouTube such as Making a Latte with the AeroPress...

    After some trial & error (primarily to figure out how long it takes my microwave to heat the milk <1 minute> and water <1-1/2 minutes> to to proper temperatures), I'm sitting down with my newspaper and morning Cafe Latte habit in under five minutes:
    - In a straight-sided 16 oz mug, microwave 8 oz whole milk for one minute, then carefully 'froth' the hot milk with an immersion blender
    - Grind two scoop-fulls (to yield a double shot) of my favorite dark roast coffee
    - In a glass measuring cup, microwave 6 oz good (filtered/bottled - whatever) water
    Place AeroPress chamber over mug containing heated/frothed milk; pour grounds through the provided funnel into the chamber. Add heated water. Process per instructions.

    Clean up is easy. The beverage - VERY fast and GOOD! Being the picky old lady that I am, I should note that my above recipe is not a *true* latte, but I like the pseudo-froth the immersion blender produces.
    ...more info
  • So easy!
    I have a gevalia coffee 14-pot coffee maker, gevalia individual cup coffee maker, and an espresso machine, but I only use the aeropress!

    i only use the gevalia maker to make the hot water. Then I pour the hot water into the aeropress.


    1. the coffee tastes so much better. i can taste the subtle accents and hints of each different coffee grind.

    2. I can easily choose what i want to drink. I'm in the mood for a shot of espresso / a caramel latte/ a cup of coffee .. it can all be done with the aeropress.. you just change how much water and milk you add.
    (i bought a handheld milk frother so i can make lattes).

    3. It's less time consuming. after the water's hot, it takes me literally 30-45 seconds to make a nice cup of coffee. The clean up is so simple, i just push down, and all the coffee grinds and filter goes into the garbage can in one nice clump, then I just wipe away the surface of the presser. This takes me maybe 15 seconds. it's faster for me to make myself coffee than it is to go downstairs, cross the street, and get a starbucks drink.

    4. It's so much cheaper! i just buy a container of coffee from trader joe's for 7-15$ and it'll last me for quite some time.

    This is absolutely one of the best purchases i've made!...more info
  • Excellent coffee in under a minute
    Excellent coffee in under a minute! Works Great and makes AWESOME tasting coffee! A well thought out system that includes everything you need to make an excellent espresso or americano. I bought 4 to share with my family. I love it....more info
  • Pretty good
    Pretty good product, i'm not a coffee expert or gourmet, just a woman looking for an alternative to the dirt cheap "dirt" they serve here at my office, so for my purposes this product works great. It does require an awful lot of coffee, but i guess it ends up being stronger so there's a tradeoff. overall i'm happy....more info
  • So simple and inexpensive
    I have been roasting my own coffee for over ten years. Why? Because flavor is most important for me. I look forward to every morning because I know I will start my day off with something good!

    There are many factors to great tasting coffee. First is where the bean is from, how it is grown and harvested. You'd be surprised the range of flavors affected by this alone.

    Second is freshness. Once coffee is roasted you have about a couple of weeks before it starts losing flavor - depending on how it is stored of course. And how it is roasted also affects flavor.

    Third, and most important, is how it is ground. This will make a huge difference in taste. Burr grinders are best - and not the cheap ones, put your money into a good grinder first.

    Last is how it is brewed. Water temp needs to be just under boiling. For this type of brewer I boil the water then set everything up. By then it has cooled enough.

    Good espresso machines cost close to $1000 or more. And if you know anything about espresso it takes a lot of ground coffee for one little cup. Myself, I prefer brewed anyway. More caffeine and more to drink. But occasionally I just want a quick cup, mainly for taste. I saw this and for the price I had to try it. FOR THE PRICE THIS IS AWESOME! period.

    If you have a good espresso machine you will probably be a bit too stuffy for this. But for the money this really does make a great cup of coffee. It is really easy to use (if you use a good solid cup), very little mess/cleanup and makes great coffee!

    ...more info
  • Two stars for creativity
    This device may be good for American coffee but fails to make espresso...

    The coffee is way too weak because of a major flaw: while pouring water, part of it drips into the cup too fast... so before you have the chance to press anything, it is already in the cup.

    I suppose the water collected in the cup before pressing can be thrown away while the coffee from the piston will keep on dripping but this is not a decent solution... and it is messy!

    Alternative to that, you may add A LOT more coffee to compensate for the fact that in the end you are mixing the espresso with water... but that is a waste.

    Perhaps more than one filter can be used to slow down the water but that is still a waste... or perhaps the quality of the filters could be improved.

    Perhaps the people that wrote good reviews for this thing (300+ people cannot be all wrong) got a different generation of filters... and perhaps this is the only problem... Apparently, the FILTER is a critical component for good espresso... Details can turn a good design into a poor design...

    Let's face it: as is, this thing is NOT suitable for espresso!

    P.S. They may consider adding a tamper, pressing the coffee will slow down the water flow... Unfortunately, the regular tampers are too short to be of any use.

    In this combination, you are the thermostat and the pump - at least you don't have to be the frother as well ... I could think about a way or to to achieve that......more info
  • Wonderful Press that you Shouldn't Press
    I bought this little gem b/c my apt is so small and i didn't want to decrease usable counter space with a big coffee maker. When i first began to use it, unfortunately my coffee was lousy so I experimented every day with less and less ground coffee beans until i found that sweet equilibrium. If you buy this, here's my trick. I don't use the plunger but simply let gravity take control. But if you drink a larger mug like me, you will need to pour the boiling water in twice to fill the cup.

    Cleaning is as easy as can be - no more than a little soap and spunge for 30 seconds and viola- it's ready for tomorrow. The filters they provide also make it simple as can be.

    All in all, this is exactly what i needed - bravo! :)...more info
  • Quick, easy, great coffee
    Except for the time it takes to heat water in the microwave, this product is quick and easy to use. It makes the best cup of coffee I've ever had at home, and we have a built-in Meile! Put the water in the micro before you start assembling the coffee maker parts (filter and coffee.) This product is excellent for people who want really good coffee, one cup at a time....more info
  • Makes Great Coffee!
    I found the AeroPress while surfing the Web for the "best coffee maker".
    Bottom line makes great coffee! I grind my beans, use 190F water (the instructions say 175F is best) and produce a full flavored brew with no bitterness or fine grounds. The paper filter does a great job. Having full control of all key variables (water temperature, degree of grind, amount of coffee and extraction time) allows you to produce the perfect flavor for your particular taste...Plus, it's a bargin and built to last. No complaints...
    Peter...more info
  • awesome
    The AeroPress has changed how I enjoy coffee every morning. Previously I used to visit Starbucks almost every morning on the way to work to purchase drip coffee because this seemed slightly easier than brewing at home with a #2 filter above-cup gravity brewer. Now I use the AeroPress. I brew a double or triple serving, add hot water (or, more frequently, dilute approximately 1:1 with organic 2% milk, reheat for 30-60s in the microwave, and the result is a terrific cafe au lait).

    Like other reviewers, I have discovered variations in how the fineness and consistency of the grind affects the pressure required to press the water through the grounds.

    Coffees I have enjoyed in the AeroPress:

    * Community Coffee Dark Roast or Medium Roast (ground at the factory) - this is quite easy to press through, yet I often get the crema-like foam in the cup;

    * Community Coffee Dark Roast (whole bean, ground in my 10+ -year-old Salton flat burr grinder) - this is harder to press through, but not as difficult as --

    * Cafe Bustelo or Cafe Goya (ground at the factory) - the finest grinds I have tried in the AeroPress; the pressure required to push the coffee through the grounds is consequentially greater.
    ...more info
  • Great One Cup System
    This coffee press produces smooth, even flavored coffee, and is a breeze to clean. It now has a permanent place in desk drawer at work, and I may need a second one for home. Perfect for the office, as it's much easier to clean than a French press. It takes a little tweaking in terms of experimenting with how your favrite grind / type of coffee works in it, but well worth the initial investment....more info
  • Best coffee ever!
    I've owned many coffee makers and had coffee from most of the others, from the $29.99 Mr. Coffee all the way to the $2000.00 Jura. The AeroPress beats them all. It makes coffee that tastes like it smells--heavenly!! This is my third AeroPress--one for the house, kid took the second to college, this one's for the RV. We've had one for over 2 years, and it still works just like it did when it came out of the box--perfect every time. We drink mostly American coffee and grind our own beans. It's even better now that we bought the Chef's Choice Smart Kettle that holds the water at the perfect temp. Wish there were more products like the AeroPress....more info
  • Virgin coffee drinker
    I bought this the other day off amazon to make single cups of coffee for my girlfriend who is a heavy coffee drinker. She hasn't tried it yet but I would surmise that she will like it. I am not a coffee drinker, coffee never thrilled me like it does people up north and out west. But the ease and simplicity of this gadget is what I like. For one it doesn't take electricty and it is small enough to put in a backpack for camping outings, which is the biggest reason I got it. The coffee it makes seems to be quite good, I made 2 cups using Colombian Starbucks coffee. Like I said I am not a coffee drinker but this thing makes VERY strong coffee for me. It is easy to use but I can see it will go through coffee grounds quickly if used everyday. I am going to experiment with different ways and maybe buy a more milder blend for my tastes. But all in all this thing will be great to take camping this summer and my girlfriend will love being able to have coffee in the woods....more info
  • woohoo... easy, tasty lattes at home!
    After reading the many reviews of the Aeropress, I decided to give it a such a great price how could I not? I have only had it for about a week, and already it has paid for itself!!! From the first try, I have been making tasty americanos and lattes... At first I only had grocery store coffee, and even that tasted much better than with my automatic brewer- the flavor of the coffee really comes out. I went to a local coffee house and bought my favorite beans and woohoo! I have played with making it stronger and weaker... and yesterday made lattes for friends- they raved! I am thrilled with my Aerobie Aeropress and would recommned it to anyone...

    Aerobie Aeropress + any coffee + frothed steamed milk = YUMMY!...more info
  • AeroPress Coffee Maker
    Easy to use; coffee less acidic so tastes great and healthier, cleans with ease, doesn't take up a lot of space. GREAT....more info
  • AeroPress makes a great cup of coffee and is fun to use.
    Makes and excellent cup of coffee. It was also fun to use and cleanup is trivial. One friend saw it, tasted the coffee and immediately ordered one for himself....more info
  • The smoothest coffee I've ever made
    I've had this coffee press for a week now and I can say it creates the smoothest, most bitter free brew I've ever made. I'm still experimenting with the perfect brewing temperature and the right coffee. For chuckles I tried pressing some cheap grinds thinking it would still be bitter boring 'church coffee'. I made a latte with an aerolatte frother and it was great! No more expensive coffee runs for me.

    A couple of things I'm still experimenting with: brew temperature and beans.

    Brew Temp: Be sure you try and get your water up to 170 or above, otherwise it's a bit tepid. Beans: I've been messing around with different roasts and while the big box steel cans work, I'm still trying to get that consistent bold smooth taste.

    Clean up is an absolute breeze. A quick run under the faucet and you're done. I have never had problems with the actual pressing of the coffee. I make sure its always clean and bean free to ensure an even press.

    Pros: Clean, smooth tasting coffee. Simple to make.
    Cons: Wish someone would make it for me!...more info
  • A good morning workout!
    Although I really wanted to love this product I don't. My goal was to find a product that would produce a good espresso that would eliminate the need of our Nespresso machine and the individual capsules required. Why? I wanted to reduce the cost of our morning habit and reduce landfill waste.
    Although this meets the requirement of reducing landfill waste it really didn't reduce the cost of the coffee by much and didn't produce the crema I like. (I kept a tally of how many scoops I got out of a bag of Lavazza beans.) Attempting to make 4 shots of espresso (for me & my husband) with the Aerobie was more than I could ever master comfortably. It required both of my hands and all the strength I could muster (and w/o having any caffeine in my system!). However, it did provide my husband a good laugh while watching me basically hang on the thing to push it down. When dividing the task and pressing 2 shots at a time it was easier, but added more time to the morning routine, of which I never have enough of to begin with.
    Thanks to other reviewers who had already played with the water temperature--175 degrees is perfect.
    We are going to keep the Aerobie for our out of town travels--it will be perfect for that but will continue using our Nespresso machine for our daily fix. ...more info
  • Great product! Really works!
    I am far from a coffee snob, but I do appreciate a good cup. I alternate between this and a regular French Press. This is the product that I use when I want a dark, Americano-style coffee.

    Add espresso-roasted, fine ground coffee using the included scoop. Pour in nearly-boiling water to the appropriate level, give a quick stir, and press. Then top off the coffee with more hot water, and your coffee is done. It is not bitter, and can be as strong as you like. It's not real espresso that you're making (there is not enough pressure), but you do get a little crema.

    Clean up is quick and easy. Unscrew the bottom and press out the puck. Rinse in water for a few seconds, and sometimes you need to wipe off the bottom of the plunger. That's it!

    Only warning - use a heavy, stable coffee mug when you press down. It will make the pressing much easier and safer.

    This is a great value for the money. If you are on the fence, give it a try!...more info
  • Best coffee ever!
    I just used some normal pre-ground coffee and it made the best americano/moka I've ever had! Easy to use, clean, and best of all the coffee tastes better than Starbucks/Dutch Bros! I'm in love!

    FYI, I heated water in a microwave @ 1500W for 2.5 mins and tossed it in. It had just started to boil. Pretty damn good!...more info
  • AeroPress
    I've had mine for over a year and I notice that the rubber plunger must have shrunk because now the coffee seeps out of the top. I still like the concept - it just doesn't work as well anymore....more info
  • Works great and lasts long time!
    Simple to use but be careful not to press too hard. I started to get some coffee grounds to leak through. Experiment with the stir times. I use one and a half level spoonfuls of coffee with boiling water and stir for about 40 seconds. I would definitely recommend this item to friends....more info
  • Clever and amazing
    The drink this device make, to me, is just as good as any cafe. Good water, and good coffee beans, is all that you need. Its so perfect, despite the fact it is inexpensive it simply works and I'm happy....more info
  • Pretty good americano
    I purchased this out of curiosity, after hearing about it on my local radio. The press was easy to use and clean up. For my first cup, I used a flavored coffee and I could smell the hazelnut aroma and definitely taste it. The coffee was smooth and rich. No complaints. However, I have a super automatic expressso machine which makes the absolute best coffee in the world. Once you taste this, you can never go back to drip. One push of a button makes a single perfect cup of coffee every time; no bitterness, heated just right with gorgeous light brown froth (crema) covering the top; a pleasure to drink and even easier to use. The AeroPress is very good, and if you drink drip coffee, I would definitely recommend this. But it just can't beat coffee made by a super automatic expresso machine. ...more info
  • Best coffee ever!
    I consider myself a coffee snob and I was very skeptical of this device that looks like a medical implement - but wow. Talk about easy to use and makes excellent coffee with NO GRIT. Trust me on this one.. it's worth it. ...more info
  • Aeropress coffee maker
    I am very satisfied with this coffee maker and the resultant coffee. I find it easier to add more water than recommended because I make Americano. By waiting the ten seconds of stirring and then the 20 seconds of pressing, the coffee gets a little too cool to drink so the addition of extra really hot water after the pressing brings it up to a good temperature. ...more info
  • Awesome coffee maker!
    I am very picky when it comes to coffee. I am only satisfied by coffee shops espresso drinks about half the time. I must have tried every single coffee maker over the course of a decade and have to say this is my favorite. It is easy to use, clean and store. The most important thing is that it makes a wonderful rich, smooth cup of coffee. I go to coffee shops much less than I used to because I make americano style coffee as well as cappucinos( with help of the aerolatte frother). Definitely recommended!...more info
  • one of the best cups of java i have ever had!!
    Here's the set up: I am a picky coffe lover, and must have strong, full bodied coffee, without the often bitter taste. Always grind my own coffee, and am always searching for the perfect roast. Have spent way too much money on various coffe makers, and am pretty happy with the result, most of the time.
    I had NO idea this simple coffee maker could make such a difference. As advertised, the smoothest cup one could imagine, deep & rich, without a hint of bitter! I performed a "blind" test on my wife, she had the same opinion!! Haven't made more than 2 cups at a time, so am not sure larger volumes will be as delicious. Also, a little more work to prepare coffee with this press. Nontheless, an excellent device for someone who truly loves his java!! P.S. excellent service and delivery from the retailer!! ...more info
  • Uses double the grounds of other espresso methods
    This is the fastest way to get a good espresso I have found. However, following the instructions uses twice the amount of grounds of other espresso methods.

    These are the methods of coffee/espresso I use and their yields:
    Aeropress: 6 tbsp espresso ground: 2 oz strong espresso
    Aeropress: 6 tbsp espresso ground: 2 oz espresso+ 10oz water = Americano coffee (16 oz is too weak)
    French Press: 3 tbsp coarse ground = 16 oz coffee
    Mokka Express Cappuccino Maker: 3 tbsp espresso = 2 oz strong espresso or combined in a 16 oz cappachino mix.

    Other impressions of the Aeropress:
    Cleanup is amazingly simple. The plunger cleans the inside of the tumbler. After pressing the plunger, the final step of cleanup is to turn the grate 1/8 of a turn and pop out the grounds and filter, then rinse or wipe the end of the plunger and the filter.

    As for the reviews that mention the pressure required, that seems to be resolved by following the instructions to stir the water in with the grounds for the prescribed 10 seconds....more info
  • Camp Essential
    First discovered this jewel of java maker at the now defunct gourmet coffee roaster Mr English Coffee in Los Altos, CA (Valiant effort, Thomas). For the camper this is a must-have accoutrement. ...more info
  • Belissimo!
    This review starts with a story:

    I got this for my husband for his birthday. It came in the mail while I was at a friend's house and I asked him if he could bring it when he comes.

    The friend I was with has a $500+ consumer espresso machine. He's had it for over 5 years and loves his espresso (he's a bit of a coffee snob). His was having mechanical issues and needed to be taken apart and cleaned - and it might need some additional maintenance. He had been having drip coffee ever since it stopped working.

    My husband shows up with this and after reading the instructions, he makes 3 shots of espresso. Now, my friend is extremely particular, so I wasn't sure what his response would be. My husband followed the directions and it looked and smelled just like a regular espresso. My friend LOVED it! He had four shots, total! He's interested in getting this, since he doesn't know when his machine will be fixed.

    I suggest this to anyone who loves their espresso without shelling out hundreds of dollars for a fancy machine - this is all you need! It's easy to use and easy to clean. After the coffee is brewed, you just push the syringe type shaft and the coffee comes out of the other end, making a big pop.

  • Outrageously Good Cup of Coffee
    When my last French press shattered, I went to replace it and came across the Aero Press. I was skeptical, and my coffee purist friends cautioned me to stick to the "tried and tested" press pot. But I gave in to temptation and picked this up and couldn't be more pleased. Compared to a French press, the coffee is smoother, richer, more complex in flavor, and truer to the roast.

    I am docking it one star because it is plastic and I worry about leeching carcinogens into my coffee. To its credit, the water is not boiling and it does not stay in the pot long. Still, a glass version would be nice....more info
  • I love my giant coffee syringe
    Easy to make a great single cup of coffee, or a thermos of Americano. I've stuck my old drip maker in the cabinet and I'm not enough of an aficionado to buy a thousand dollar uber machine. My only gripe is that I wish it came with a travel bag, or that it was possible to transform it into some neat travel ready brick....more info
  • A coffee press with a filter. Brilliant. Just brilliant.
    I prefer a regular coffee press, and it makes even better coffee, and I don't have to buy special proprietary bleached-white filters at an inflated price, that I have to throw away. One of the major benefits of a regular coffee press is that you don't have to pay extra or throw paper away. What genius thought this one up (and does he get a kickback from the sale of filters)?...more info


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