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Women long for the kind of beauty and health that can only come with clean cells. Yet many women find detox plans difficult to follow and are disappointed with the results. In her ten years of working privately with celebrity clients at leading Manhattan spas, Natalia Rose has discovered that traditional detox plans don't work for adult women because their microbial balance is completely out of whack. In fact, doing the wrong kind of detox can make their symptoms even worse!

Here is the solution. Rose has formulated a very specific detox prescription for women that is easy to follow and gentle on the system, yet yields fantastic results that are both immediate and lasting. In Detox for Women, she brings you her powerful step-by-step plan that will help you shed weight, look years younger, and radiate energy in only 28 days.

Like Rose's celebrity clients, you will love this plan! Rose steers readers away from traditional detox fare like fruit and nuts and cautions against eating too much raw food too soon. And while many detox programs do not allow you to eat at all, during the next 28 days you will enjoy

  • Cooked foods that are easy to digest
  • Treats like dark chocolate and wine
  • Recipes that hark back to favorite foods like pumpkin pie and guacamole
  • Sunshine for Breakfast! Rose's own elixir for health and beauty
  • Great restaurants—this plan can even be tailored for eating out!

You will also luxuriate in relaxing baths, get plenty of fresh air, and enjoy meals that are simple to prepare, beautiful to look at, and delicious to eat. Like Rose's clients, you will probably also find that this way of living is so easy and rewarding that you will even want to make permanent changes after the 28 days are over.

With inspiring stories from real women, Natalia Rose doesn't just give you a detox prescription but also real hope for the kind of transformation you have always wanted.

Customer Reviews:

  • Thank You Thank You!
    Detox 4 Women has changed everything for me. Natalia has found a way to publish a private consultation, tailoring a lifestyle of clean eating for a lifetime of joy just for me it seems. This book is our jail cell key ladies, what a blessing we've been given! Even with a thorough understanding of cellular cleansing, and eating for continual detox, the pieces just didn't fit for me, and every eating issue I've ever encountered has reared its ugly head as I've gotten closer to the truth. Here it is, spelled out in black and white; a way to step away from disordered eating and into eating for happiness, youthfulness, and the long lean bodies we're meant to enjoy for a lifetime.
    I raise my glass (of green lemonade) to you Natalia. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    ...more info
  • Easier than going all raw
    After completing treatment for Breast Cancer, I feel like the key to staying healthy will include a change in my diet. I have read many raw books, still unsure if I could do it. Natalia's book gives a great 30 day plan that is easy to follow. It can help the transition to raw or serve as a diet plan that may be easier to maintain. It also helped me get into jucing. I have owned a juicer for years and never really used it. I am loving the green lemonade. I highly recommend this book and I am ordering her other books as well. ...more info
  • Interesting book.
    This book is informative as well as an easy "read". You can eat healthier without having to try to figure out what the author is trying to convey. Natalia Rose truly wants you to eat healthy. She gives simple delicious recipes along with advice. Good book....more info
  • Very Good Book
    I followed the program for 25 days, and then fell off the wagon for one day. I had a food show to go to and it was for work. There were a lot of vendors there and I had to try all of their different products. I was soooooo sick for the next two days. My body was in shock. I was feeling wonderful for 25 days, and the minute I stepped off, I could tell.
    While I followed the program (which is not hard), I really saw a difference in the way my clothes fit and how I felt. This will be a life long thing for me, you just follow a few simple rules, and to be honest you dont miss the junk.
    I am glad I found this really helped me.

    ...more info
  • Such a necessary health re-education!
    I own Natalia's two previous books and have been dabbling in raw foods for the last few years. I am sold on the merits of raw foods but have struggled with remaining fully committed. This book provides a very do-able 30 day plan and Natalia provides all the information to understand the "why" and the "how" of what we are undertaking with a detox and diet overhaul such as this.

    I especially love the included "real" woman stories of her clients. You will definitely be able to relate to their stories and get to read how this plan has turned those common struggles around for them. Most notable for me was the inclusion of an experience of one of her clients who is a marathoner as well as a section on athletes. I run and work out quite a bit so sometimes sticking to such a light diet seems like an enormous challenge. I need the reminder that it is the right way to eat despite my relatively active lifestyle. In fact, I have had my fastest paces during some of my mostly "raw" weeks.

    This is a lifestyle overhaul and I really appreciate such a sensible plan as laid out in this book. I've just begun the plan this week and can say I am feeling great and had great energy on a pretty demanding run I did this morning. I have not been hungry and have thoroughly enjoyed each meal, including the Green Lemonade.

    Detox 4 Women is providing a diet re-education that we all could benefit from tremendously. Get a copy and incorporate at least a bit of what she talks about. You will do your body and your well being a world of good!...more info
  • the key to success!!!
    Natalia Rose and her book have changed my life. Natalia uniquely made me feel as though she was talking intimately with me on a one on one basis. The amazing part of that intimacy is that every woman who reads the book will feel that same way. Embarking on this journey has permanently changed my relationship with food. It made me realize that I have the power to feel amazing and transform my life. The greatest part of all is that no matter what your diet was prior to reading the book, Natalia brilliantly shows that through the correct transition foods it is almost impossible to get overwhelmed. This program uplifted my spirit, calmed and centered my mind and made me feel so much more confident about my body. That is a wish that most people only dream of, not realizing that it is a possibility. Natalia has given all women the extraordinary blueprint for making this dream a reality. ...more info


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