The Life you were Born to Live

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Years ago, Millman had the good fortune to be tutored by a number of mentors as mysterious and wise as his best-known teacher he called Socrates. One of those masters revealed to him (and a few other close discliples) a previously secret (and more accurate) method of numerological insight that bordered on psychic abilities, and in fact opened doorways to profound insight into the core issues at the heart of one's own life and the lives of others. Millman worked with this system for a decade, providing "spiritual law alignment" readings for countless people, before teaching this system to a relatively small group of people - and finally, the time came to write The Life You Were Born to Live. In this book he presents the method and revelations of The Life Purpose system, a modern method based on ancient wisdom that has helped hundreds of thousands to find new meaning, purpose and direction The Life You Were Born to Live describes: - the thirty-seven paths of life - a precise method to determine your own life path and the paths of others - the core issues, innate talents and special needs related to each path, including areas of health, money and sexuality - guidelines for approaching a career consistent with your innate drives and abilities - the hidden purpose behind your own primary relationships - how to live in harmony with the cycles of you life - the key spiritual laws to help you understand your past, clarify your present, and empower your future.

Customer Reviews:

  • Brilliant.
    Every time I need to reassess my life, I turn to this book for inspiration and a way of getting on my path to success and happiness again....more info
  • Not happy Dan
    First off, I'm not giving this a bad review because I dislike Millman (Way of The Peaceful Warrior is one of my favourite books), but because it just wasn't useful.

    When you buy a book about 'finding your life purpose', you expect it to be about just that, not a collection of your stregths and weaknesses as far as character and goal-setting are concerned. I found this book akin to asking for directions and being told about the weather.

    If like me, you are looking for a purpose in your life, my suggestion is to look in the right places. First off, how can you gain such INTERNAL wisdom about YOURSELF from SOMEBODY ELSE that doesn't know you (an EXTERNAL source)?

    I found it is akin to astrology columns that you see in the paper: keeping it vague and generalized so that it could apply to almost anybody.

    I suggest searching for your purpose on the inside. Try things like insight meditation, astral projection, and the most effective: plain old intuition - what seems the most satisfying and rewarding?

    In conclusion, if this is any indication of his later works I won't be reading many more of Millman's books, as he seems to have exhausted his pen after Way of The Peaceful Worrior.

    ...more info
  • Great Book - READ THIS
    This book is just awesome and won't move your eye anywhere, when you are going through yours or other's lief purpose. You need to know the birth date - mmddyyyy. It has described nicely for those many people's birthday I remember. I had a bad habit in memorizing the birth days, but now I can easily memorize as I got a reason for it. Thanks to Dan Millman for the piece of effort he has put it.

    Sobhan - info
  • An amazing book
    I have tried this with several people and it is amazingly accurate, more so I found than Astrology. A lot of interesting insight... a have to have for your library...more info
  • A Great Read: Not sure why this Works... it just DOES
    In the course of reading 100's of books from the self-growth, personality typing and "spritual path" genres, I have developed a fair deal of skepticism along the way. This book was originally recommended to me by a friend whose insights I respect-- but after a cursory browse at the bookstore I was put off by the fact that it basically appeared to be about numerology. I consulted with my friend who assured me that this was something "different," and "not really numerology." Against my better judgment, I purchased to book.

    I'm glad I did.

    Dan Millman-- best known for his "Peaceful Warrior" books-- has written a rather extraordinary and slightly (to my way of thinking) "mysterious" book, based on the simple premise that we all have a "birth number" (based on our birth date) which serves as an indicator of the path to follow in finding our life purpose. There is absolutely NO reason why this makes sense, nor why it would work. Except... it does. And I am not alone in feeling mystified-- Millman, himself, has openly confessed that he has NO IDEA why it works. However, I have checked it against dozens of people I know well, and the system comes up 70-80% accurate every time-- FAR over and above any kind of statistical "random chance." What's more surprising is that the different life path characteristics are fairly specific-- not just vague explanations that "could fit anyone." I back-checked this by trying to apply my parents' and my ex-wife's numbers to myself-- and could barely relate, at all.

    The 430+ page volume is divided into five main sections.

    Part 1 explains the Life-Purpose system, both from a mathematical perspective, and in terms of how it actually works.

    Part 2 describes the Issues and Energies of life-- these are the 10 primary "issues" or life lessons humans work with on their journey through life.

    Part 3 details the paths of each possible life-purpose number, including basic traits, positive and negative aspects, health, relationships, work and finance. Each chapter also includes a list of well-known people of that number-- which should probably be taken with a grain of salt, given that people express themselves differently. The chapters conclude with tips on fulfilling your particular destiny.

    Part 4 covers Millman's 17 "Laws of Spirit." Each different life-purpose number specifically "works with" a set of these laws.

    Part 5 deals with Applied Wisdom-- or how to make the system work for you, which includes relationships, deriving "composite numbers" for couples, life cycles, and more.

    Final thoughts: Highly recommended (9 out of 10 possible bookmarks) for spiritual seekers, and people on a path to self-understanding. It's easy to read, and easy to work with. If you consider yourself a "hard-core scientist" who requires documentable and reproducible "proof" for a system, this book is probably not for you. Otherwise it's great.

    Thanks for reading!
    ...more info
  • Finding and Being Your Purpose is your ONLY task in life
    Ever wonder why it is never enough for some people? Well... that is what happens when you have no clue what you were meant to be in this human life. Without vision the people perish said Moses in the desert. And without a vision for your life from a place of higher spiritual self awareness ... you are at risk of getting way off course and living somebody else's idea of what your life should be. DO NOT DO THIS! This book was invaluable to me during college and my life purpose still plays out today. It is my north star ... read this in combination with Martha Beck's Finding Your North Star... and reach for your very own star! Love yourself first too,...more info
  • Disappointed

    After watching the movie, Peaceful Warrior, which I enjoyed, I looked up Dan Millman's published work and ordered two of his books. This book is mainly about a numeric code which supposedly describes the personality (I didn't see myself in my 'numeric sequence'). If I had the time and energy I would return this book. Very disappointed....more info
  • Incredibly accurate and immensely helpful
    I've read a number of books on personal development and spiritual growth, but no book has provided as much detailed and constructive information as Dan Millman's "The Life You Were Born to Live". I believe it is extraordinarily accurate and in my experience, it has proven immensely valuable as a tool for learning more about myself, my strengths and weaknesses. When friends and family have taken a look at their own profiles.. with few exceptions.. they've been absolutely floored by the level of detail and precision with which the book gives insight into their character.

    When I first read my profile a few years ago, I was pretty disappointed and unhappy with the kinds of issues it said I needed to work through and the personality tendancies it described.. partially because I didn't want to believe it, and partially because they were issues that I just didn't see as being central to my life. Over time, I came to realize that my resistence was indicative of the fact that these were precisely the lessons I needed to focus on. After collecting dust on my bookshelf for a few months, something led me to pick up this book again today, and I am so glad I did. I'm starting to gain clarity on exactly what I am supposed to be doing.. what patterns I've noticed in my past behavior.. and the great part about the book is that it gives you suggestions and tools for taking constructive action.

    I think for anyone interested in self improvement and personal growth, this book will prove quite helpful and provide important insights into realizing your potential and achieving your life's puprose....more info
  • Very Accurate
    I love this book because it is well written and very accurate. I am amazed each time I read it because I see how accurate my decription is. At one time, I had passed this book on, but I missed the book so much I had to buy it again!

    What makes this book so wonderful is that instead of just giving you a Life/Destiny number, it breaks down the numbers that make up this number to give you more details about yourself and your character. So you see how a 28/10 is different from a 37/10 or how a 45/9 varies from a 18/9. It's fabulous.

    My mother and I actually have the same life number, but we are very different in our reactions to things and in our thought processes and this is shown when I analyze the individual numbers that compose our life number as is shown in Millman's book.

    The Life You Were Born To Live also gives guidance on strenghtening your personality and working on areas which may be underdeveloped. Some books just tell you what isn't working in your type and they don't offer ways to improve your life. This book does.

    It's a great way to find out more about yourself, friends, lovers, and co-workers....more info
  • This book will floor you.
    The contents of this book will speak truths to you that will strike a chord in your soul. I have found mediocre success in astrology-based profiles- but in this book you will find an eerily accurate description of yourself.

    Dan Millman has written many wonderful books about how to explore your highest path, but this is the most inexplicable. On Dan's most recent appearance in Atlanta, I asked him why this system is SO ACCURATE. His response was, "I don't know why. But it is dead on every time."

    I have done spiritual consultant work for years. No system is more accurate than the one presented here. My number using this system is 37/10. At first this meant nothing until I started to read the description of this path: I discovered everything from an accurate description of my creative process to weakness in my heart and knees. No word written in this book was untrue.

    Since then (about a year ago), I have offered consultation to clients and friends using tarot cards and this book. What is written in this book I use as a basis for the reading. It does not fail to be true.

    You may be assured your birth number speaks volumes of you. Upon buying this book, you can calculate your loved ones' numbers and help them. The system will remain intact and very accurate....more info

  • The Life You Were Born to Live
    Can your birth date really tell you about your life purpose?

    Pick up a copy of The Life You Were Born To Live, you might be surprised. I know I was. I began working through the numerology exercises with a healthy amount of skepticism. Then, I started looking up my results. For me, the answers were spot on, even on the more negative parts of myself.

    Now I have a little more clarity about my direction. I can watch for the negative traits and behaviors and see the insecurity that is actually at the base of it. Then, I can choose to make better choices so that my life flows a little more freely.

    ...more info
  • Awesome Book
    This is a really awesome book for those wondering why we are here. It tell you so many thing including health problems you are prone to,careers,your personality traits when working in both the negative and positive. Also tells about couples and where we are in our 9 year cycles. One of my Favorite newage books....more info
  • disappointing book
    I was not impressed when I read the 'life purpose' of myself and some other people I know very well. The delineations did not match (quite on the contrary) and if they occasionaly did this seemed to be mere coincidence. You may be curious to read something about your life purpose and read the book but don't take it all too seriously. With this book you still won't know (in advance) what your life purpose is. The possibilities are enormous: so just keep your head cool....more info
  • A Bible to Live by
    Dan Millman strikes gold in The Life You Were Born to Live. I have had this book in my collection for over ten years and referred back to it time and time again as well as bought copies for friends.

    If you want to find out more about yourself or anyone else for that matter - Dans book uses simple numerology that is easy to understand and mind blowing even to the non believer.

    Dan uses numerology to explain life purpose as well as cycles in life.
    I highly recommend this book.

    ...more info
  • A Startling Experience
    Several years ago, a friend of mine had this book and read my "life path" to me. I went from laying on my back listening to her, to sitting upright with my mouth open. What she read to me about myself were things that I "knew" and had thought about, but had never verbalised to myself or anyone else; it was a strange and awesome experience.

    Since that time, I have delved into it's pages for better personal understanding and appreciation for others. It moved me so, that I gave it as a gift for several similar but varied individual reactions....more info
  • Loved the book
    I loved this book. all of Millman's book have helped me on my spiritual path. For anyone who likes Millman I would also recommend the book An Encounter With A Prophet....more info
  • Fascinating System Based On Your Birth Date
    "I don't claim that the Life-Purpose System is based upon conventional science or even logic; I can't rationally explain how people's seemingly arbitrary dates of birth on the Gregorian calendar could possible reveal valid, reliable information about their life purpose. I only know, with certainty based on years of empirical testing, that the system works-that it can bring lives into focus." - From the book

    In The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose, author Dan Millman explains an intriguing system based on the numerical reduction of your birth date. Instead of traditional numerological meanings, however, Millman applies a unique system that he learned from oral tradition. The key to the Life-Purpose system is determining and interpreting birth numbers, unlocking a path to personal transformation.

    There are many systems of personality typing in both psychological and spiritual traditions. According to Millman, these systems only generate the *impulse* to change. However, the Life-Purpose System actually provides the *means* of doing so, especially in light of the universal spiritual laws that he shares in the second part of the book.

    There are nine different soul paths thirty-seven possible numbers for the twentieth century. If these nine paths were colors, says Millman, then the variations show the different hues within that type. For example, I'm a 25/7, but other variations of 7 energy include 16/7, 34/7, and 43/7. All 7's share the same key issues, but the "flavors" differ slightly, as do the universal spiritual laws that provide leverage to change your life.

    The Life You Were Born to Live outlines the meaning of component digits, understanding life purpose, working each path positively and negatively, and likely health issues. Millman gives an overview of relationship strengths and pitfalls for each soul path, as well as talents, work, and finances. Designed to deepen self-understanding, the author provides useful question, recommendations, and the appropriate spiritual laws affecting each path. The book also highlights famous people for each numerical variation. Millman then takes over 70 pages describing seventeen Laws of Spirit that aid in transformation.

    Although this 447-page book has been around for a while, I recently came across The Life You Were Born to Live at an opportune time. Feeling my customary existential angst that hits every few months-"why am I here, anyway?"-I did a simple 3-card Tarot reading that confirmed what I had learned from another personality system (Ansir). Nothing new to me, ironically. After wondering aimlessly in a large bookstore, I picked up this book and turned to my soul path numbers. Everything I already knew was there and much more, confirming the wisdom I received from the Tarot. Nevertheless, there was something about *this* time that made the crucial information (finally) stick. It's all about trusting self and personal intuition for my particular life path-and I finally "got it".

    I had a major shift in the bookstore just from a brief reading about my unique combination of numbers. It wasn't until a later visit that I actually purchased the book. That cursory reading was all I needed, though-and I'm grateful. While the section on the Laws of Spirit may be helpful for many, there weren't the most important aspects for my own search even though they were certainly applicable.

    The description of my son's numerical energy was uncanny. At 7 years old, I have actually *heard* my son use a phrase that Millman describes as being a hallmark of my son's type!

    For those interested in finding out why they're here (and really, who isn't but the most unconscious?), The Life You Were Born to Live is an intriguing personalized system that not only gives you surprising insights into your motivations, personality, and challenges but also practical tools for navigating your soul path for spiritual fulfillment. ...more info
  • Amazingly accurate and life changing
    This book analyzes your life purpose with clarity. It allows you to look at who you are and where you need to be both from the positive and negative aspects of your goals. It also provides laws and principles to apply to daily living that allow you to focus on the positive potential of why you are here. It was so accurate in terms of my life that I bought it for those I love and they are also finding it to be life transforming. I highly, highly recommend it....more info
  • Surprisingly accurate
    I bought this book five years ago after coming to a major crossroads in my life (and consequential crisis). I found many of the meditations inspiritational then. It also helped me to better understand myself and even those immediately involved in my life. I have looked over this book quite a number of times these past five years, mainly out of curiosity, to see the accuracy of determining the life path of certain people. It is surprisingly accurate. A number of friends of mine who have seen the book in my house and have looked it over (the title certainly calls one's attention!) have later bought copies for themselves. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Understanding your life
    Dan's book is an excellent and easy read. It's real impact is helping anyone understand the core foundations to their life and thereby focus on what their purpose really is. I highly think it should be read by everyone, no matter what age to give true direction and meaning, especially married couples to help them understand each others core emotions and thoughts. I know if I would have read this book as a teenager, I would have made different choices about my career and marriage decisions. I would have understood what my true strengths and weakenesses and tendencies were. Thank you Dan for another great book to add to my life and I hope others as well....more info
  • Provides some direction... and a little fun
    This book uses numerology to describe personality characteristics and possible life paths. Mine was surprisingly accurate, and also accurate for others I tried it out on. It also gives recommendations on how to make the most out of possible limitations people might face. This is a fun book to get out with your friends, or useful if you want to understand your friends or family better. It's a helpful book for people who are lost and need some direction, but otherwise it basically tells you what you already know. If you've never read Dan Millman before, his Way of the Peaceful Warrior and Journey of the Sacred Warrior are the real gems (although quite different from this book)....more info
  • Hokey
    I still respect Millman, but the Pythagorean number system is basically a horoscope in a different form. He says it doesn't know why it works but it does... I say it works for the same reason horoscopes work: they rely on incredibly broad personality traits that everyone has to a certain degree and where anyone can see themselves in the personal descriptions it provides.
    The main audience for this book is simply anyone who's looking for direction in their life, and this method is as good as any other New Age way to decide what direction to pursue with yourself. I don't think it is any more specifically relevant or accurate to personality than any other gobbledeygook way of figuring out what to do with yourself.

    If you really need something like this as far as direction, then hire a career counselor. If you need personal encouragement and belief in something out of your control to help you grow personally, then find a church, like everyone else. You'll get more out of it.

    For an enjoyably entertaining read, I WOULD recommend The Journeys of Socrates, by Millman. ...more info
  • Best Book I've ever read!
    Hello, When I stumbled across this book, I was desperatlyseeking solutions to my life's downfalls. With the guidance and advice from this book, I've come to realize all of my downfalls have been my fault. This has been a revalation to me. If you are searching for spiritual guidance and answers to your problems in life, this book is for you. It has also been a guide to understanding my family. Now that I know their lifes purpose I can stop asking myself why they act the way they do. It has brought me and my family closer together with it's accuracy to our personalities. There's no other book like this one. It has also helped in my relationships with men. The first thing I do before I date someone is find out their lifes purpose, and see if they are living in the negative or the positive. This book has alot of useful information on What jobs will suit your type, whether your living your life in the negative or the positive, what universal laws to use inorder to live a fulfilled life, and if you have a spouse or mate, it will tell you the negative and positive of your relationship by adding you and your mates birthdays together.. I forgot to mention all you have to do is add your birthday to find your lifes purpose..It's so easy and accurate.. Everyone I show this book to can't believe the accuracy, except those in denial of their own faults....more info
  • a real eye opener
    It was suggested to me to read this book, and so I did. WOW! If you are having any problems, are stuck about whats going on in your life and why, or just want to know what makes you tick. READ THIS BOOK. Its like a study book with exercises at the end of each chapter.
    You find yourself constantly referring back to the chapters about your numbers. I have seen an improvement in my own life with the help from this book...more info
  • Interesting
    If I had known this book was based on numbers (numerology) I probably would not have read it (I checked it out of the library), but it turned out to be very interesting and enlightening....more info
  • the life you were born to live : a guide to finding your souls purpose
    it was a gift to a friend that i felt would be inspirational.
    i love all of Dan Millmas books and have met him and he is a humble servant of the earth school and this book is a beautiful
    example of this info
  • this book hits the nail on the head...
    Ive read many Astrological (Western and Chinese) books but this book goes beyond mere descriptions. Its based on Pythagorean formulas that are very old and accurate. It describes your life purpose in a way that helps you accept some of the lesser loved characterisrtics of yourself. Many of the things in my section were things I knew about myself but were too scared to admit (good and bad). I would reccommend this book ofr anyone that feels that sometimes there is something missing. (oh yeah, Im a 28/10!...more info
  • A Perceptive Guide to Your Life Path
    I have been a numerologist for many years, and I use this book often as a guide. Mr. Millman has a very strong connection to source energy, and I have found his life path descriptions to be
    uncannily accurate.
    Although not a complete guide to numerology, I always refer to this book when describing the Life Path in my readings. It gives a useful description of a person's general vibration for each birth date.
    Mr. Millman is not didactic in his presentation -- the book is well written, easy to follow, and very helpful. If you are new to the subject of numerology, reading your own life path description will be revelatory! And you can use it to help your friends discover more about themselves.
    If you are a professional numerologist, Millman does not use master numbers, but prefers a reduction where all of the numbers are added singly and summed. I have found this system to be useful, but sometimes resulting in loss of information. But as an overall guide to the life path, I have found this book to be invaluable.
    What I like most about the book is its overall tone. There is an energy of clarity and helpfulness that comes through the pages, every time I refer to it. It seems to spark my own intuition!
    For the professional numerologist or those who are just curious, this is a book well worth studying....more info
  • A must read
    If you are serious about understanding yourself and others better, this book will help you immensely. I have used Millman's life path system with clients and friends for years and have found it to be incredibly accurate. The spiritual laws in the back of the book are especially useful for anyone wishing to connect more deeply with their spiritual essence. I highly recommend this book!...more info
  • Great book on numerology - different from the general pack
    This is a book with a very unique perspective not found in the average numerology book. For those that are truly interested in this ancient science this is a very good book to read....more info
  • A numerology system in depth
    A friend of mine recommended this book. I found it then on Amazon and ordered. It's not the kind of thing that you just flip to "you" and read. It's better to read the author's process and understand the system as a whole, then read on about yourself. I was amazed at how accurate this was, not only for myself, but those that I know very well. When I shared this book with some of my friends, they were less impressed, saying that things didn't fit them so well, but then they didn't really read much about the whole picture. I recommend this book, and have purchased it as gifts now....more info
  • Ex-Trampolinist at Trampoline Inc., 1960's
    Thanks for writing this book Dan!! I have found it to be 100% accurate, and will never take 30/3's for granted again! Now I check! PS- When was the last time you did a triple cody?!
    Gary Castner, brother of Chris, ex- TI gymnasts, circa 1960's....more info
  • A book to live and learn by.
    This book should be in everyone's home, once you have read it you will feel in control of your life, and your emotions. When you feel good you look at the book and say, yes I am living in my positive. When things aren't going quite as well as you would like, you open the book and you can see why. This book has changed the way I look at life, it really is a feel good book....more info
  • a great read
    This is my second book of Dan's and I really enjoyed it. After reading the "Peaceful Warrior" I felt I needed some more of Millman! This book really gives us great insight into our lives and how we can transcend our current lives by believing in ourselves and understanding the things that we need to change to create a better us.

    I feel that Mr. Millman is an exceptional writer who inspires us to look deep inside ourselves to realize that we are all unique and warriors here to live each moment in life to its fullest....more info
  • A Book to Keep Handy
    There are times in my life when I feel I don't have the answers. There are times in my life I don't understand myself, the choices I make, or the direction I'm heading in. During those times, I open up this book, and I immediately feel a sense of hope, pride, enjoyment, excitement, and possibility. There are very few books that I have read that can elicit such a response out of me.

    This book explores an old science, the science of numbers, and their relationship to all things. I have shared this book with countless individuals, and every person that I have, has had the same response - sheer awe at how accurate the descriptions they encounter about themselves are. But that's just the start of this powerful book. This book does more than simply tell you about yourself.

    It gives you the tools to shine as the unique individual that you are. It gives you the map, the compass, and guideposts all along the way. It explores many subjects of living in alignment with your true life purpose. To those who feel something missing from their life, who are seeking to expand and grow as an individual, to become one with their true nature, this book will help you immeasurably....more info
  • This book helped me find my purpose in life
    I have reread sections of this book many, many times. Each time I learn something new about myself. Dan's book validates our personal paths, shows us our blind spots, and inspires us to do what we love most. I have also used the information in this book to help me understand and support my family and friends in a better way....more info
  • Absolutely Fascinating & Moving!
    I don't know how he created this number system, but it is uncanningly accurate to some degree for every person I've looked up in it! And I've looked up every family member and friend whose exact birthday I know. (Well over 50 people!)

    It is absolutely amazing! The results are so moving, that a person can't possibly deny the existence of some truthful meaning in numbers.

    Dan Millman doesn't try to convince you of his system, nor does he try to describe the reader, or attempt to convince you he beholds psychic or supernatural powers. He simply offers his very intriguing theory of certain traits and inherited gifts that our birth numbers can signify. And his main goal is just as the book title suggests "The Life You Were Born to Live" -- this book will help you to accept and improve upon your weaknesses, and bring awareness to your inner strengths, gifts, talents, and true feelings. By exploring these sides to your individuality, this book will help you "live the life you were born to live."

    I recommend this book for everyone! It has transformed my life by helping me accept who I am & overcome my fears, self-doubt, lack of self-discipline, and tendency to self-sabotage. This book has truly changed my life! And it's definitely worth checking out! I can't see anyone being disappointed with this book! It's awesome! ...more info
  • Interesting Insights
    Being a lost soul in the sense that I have no idea what to do with my life, Dan Millman gives some insight into what drives my ambitions, interests, strengths and weaknesses. This is a very interesting book that should be shared with friends and family, not necessarily as a roadmap for one's life, but as a guide to seeing what your life (and others like you) could be. It is also great as a spooky "hey, check this out" item to use with your pals....more info


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