The Core Balance Diet: 4 Weeks to Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight for Good

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"Is your weight gain making you miserable? Have you noticed that you-re packing on pounds in unpleasant new places? Or is the scale-and the way you feel about yourself- just stuck, no matter how much you diet and exercise? If you-ve struggled without success to lose weight and keep it off, there-s always a reason, and-surprise!-it probably has little to do with how hard you-re trying or how many calories you-re counting. Now a pioneering practitioner of women-s health care shows why willpower doesn-t work in the long run and, finally, gives you a solution that does. Marcelle Pick, co-founder of Women to Women-one of the first clinics in the country devoted to providing health care for women by women-draws upon decades of experience, her patients- and her own, to solve the mystery of the stubborn weight gain. Explaining the science of the body with uncommon clarity, she describes the complex web of connections-between organs and systems, hormones and other biochemicals-that keep your physiology in balance and your metabolism functioning well. Because when it isn-t, your body reacts by packing on protection in the form of pounds that won-t budge, an excess that can be so harmful and intractable that Pick has named it -toxic weight.- Bringing your body back into Core Balance is the only way to heal your metabolism, soothe your body, and lose the weight for good. The Core Balance Diet is a breakthrough plan designed to restore your body-s equilibrium and return you to a healthy, sustainable weight. With her engaging style, Pick explains six common biochemical imbalances-digestive, hormonal, adrenal, neurotransmitter, inflammation, and detoxification-and helps you determine which is affecting you most. In the first two weeks, she teaches the simple lifestyle changes and smart nutrition choices that will show you how to tune into your body and identify your fundamental obstacles to weight loss. Then Pick guides you through a customized two-week program geared to restoring your Core Balance and shedding those toxic pounds once and for all. Far from depriving yourself on this program, you-ll eat-often and well-enjoying delicious recipes made from whole foods that give your body the support it needs to heal. At the same time, you-ll start to explore underlying issues and emotional patterns that may be getting in your way, as Pick connects self-care with self-knowledge to show you the way to lasting wellness. By picking up this book, you-re about to toss out the old way of thinking about yourself and your weight. The Core Balance Diet heralds a whole new chapter in weight loss, proving how easy it is to work with your body and the right foods-not against them-to rid yourself of weight and unhealthy habits for good. Within a month, you-ll be on your way to a lean, fit, and balanced body that is ready to support you-and look great-for the rest of your life."

Customer Reviews:

    This is a pretty interesting book & unique in it's own way from other diet books. My only complaint is...if you go to , you'll get lots of great health information on their website, but if you email them with questions, it's like nobody's at the other end. You most likely won't get a response from them. I emailed them 6x with questions months ago, and I still didn't get a response from a live person. They need to hire more people to answer questions from consumers if they want repeat customers. No response looks unprofessional from any company. They need to fix this issue....more info
  • Very informative
    I am learning so much about what I should and should not that I am a 50 year old menapausal women....more info
  • It's also a great "business" book, believe it or not!
    I think this is a great business book! Yes, really. It's not the traditional "diet" book. It's much more!

    Business owners, the people I serve, need "core balance" of mind, body and spirit. This book perfectly describes what "core balance" is all about. It's a "back-to-the-basics" text that is truly enlightening.

    If you are a business owner or professional advisor of business owners, it's a MUST read, in my opinion, even if you don't have any intention of going on a diet.

    Marcelle is co-owner of Women to Women here in Maine, a stand-out medical practice. But, even as a guy, I got every bit of information I needed from this book to turn my personal life, and, subsequently, my business, around.

    My Operations Director, a woman, bought it first and showed it to me. Wow! At over 400 pages, it's not a quick read, but it is a powerful one.

    The economy has put many business people and their businesses in a tail spin. I am having to turn my business around to meet this recession. I found the wisdom in Marcelle's book to do so, starting with turning myself around. It's only a small turn, so far, but it has made a giant difference. Read her Chapters 14 and 15 first if you're not dieting. Then, go back and read the rest. This book is one that can be read out of order, depending upon your individual interests and needs.

    It is written for women, so it may make a guy feel a little odd reading it. Guys, you can skip some parts, unless you want to learn what the women in your life are going through. The basic message, however, is for humans, regardless of their sex. Knowing how women feel about these things is still important, though. Guys, we need this understanding too! Most of the book, however, is quite as applicable to guys.

    I intend to add her book to the bibliographies of my business courses, seminars and workshops that I teach on entrepreneurship and firm management. If managers, business owners and professionals can't manage themselves, nothing else seems to matter.

    Thank you, Marcelle, for writing such a well-done book on such an important subject. Genevieve Morgan, if you are, as I presume, the wordsmith for Marcelle, you did a great job! I thought the book's organization was sensible and the wording very crisp and clear....more info
  • A better alternative!
    I purchased "The Core Balance Diet" after recently going to the doctor for my annual checkup and not liking my doctor's recommendations.

    I am 51 and have been experiencing the typical menopausal symptoms. Without any further tests ordered (hormone, blood, etc) my doctor perscribed hormone pills for me. When I asked him why he thought I should start taking hormones his reply was "to get your life back".

    First I will say that I do not believe menopause takes your life away. Some days it might feel like a monster was mysteriously deposited into your body but it is simply a transition our bodies go through, just like when we went through puberty. Even though during puberty we were much younger and more resilent to change, we can still find a way to accept the changes going on in our bodies through menopause, without resorting to masking the symptoms with drugs. The Core Balance Diet has many recommendations to help through your journey.

    I liked how The Core Balance Diet explains not only why or what is causing our hormones to get out of balance but also how to get them back in balance. I was surprised to read that the majority of the unbalances are triggered by diet. The Core Balance Diet gives detailed diet plans, depending on which symptoms you suffer with. I was able to get relief from many of my worst symptoms with a few tweeks to my diet.

    Included at the back of the book is a valuable reference and recommendation section.

    This book came at a perfect time for me. I was not happy with my doctor's recommendation so The Core Balance Diet was the perfect alternative to HRT....more info
  • The Core Balance Diet
    This is a great book, very informative. For those of us who are looking to find more natural ways to heal our mennopausal body this book is invaluable. There is also a website that is often referred to that is one of the best websites I have ever encountered. Packed full with information and they encourage you to call rather than email. In this day and age this is practically unheard of....more info
  • well researched and informative
    What is most impressive about this book is the extensive research and detailed information in understanding why toxic weight lingers on the body despite doing everything right with diet and exercise. Core Balance provides steps to change your metabolic obstacles, however, this is not a quick fix book or an easy sit down read. This book requires you to become a student of your body and metabolic issues. Clearly, the author is an expert in the area and wants to empower readers with a detailed education. As I am in the beginning stages of following the program I cannot comment with a success story. But after reading the book, I have no doubt that if the program is followed, I will feel great and regain my healthy weight. ...more info
    This is a pretty interesting book & unique in it's own way from other diet books. My only complaint is...if you go to , you'll get lots of great health information on their website, but if you email them with questions, it's like nobody's at the other end. You most likely won't get a response from them. I emailed them 6x with questions months ago, and I still didn't get a response from a live person. They need to hire more people to answer questions from consumers if they want repeat customers. No response looks unprofessional from any company. They need to fix this issue....more info
  • Good Service and nice book
    The book is in really good shape and received in a timely manner.
    Thank you. Great service....more info
  • Core Balance Diet by Marcelle Pick
    I have been receiving helpful emails from Women to Women for some time. I purchased a vitamin pack or two, years ago. I always knew that the Women to Women program were on the right path. When I received an email that this book was out I immediately purchased from Amazon. Wow,this book describes my difficulties with ME all the days of my life...I am high on at least 4 section quizzes. I ordered the neurotransmitter (my highest) kit and will start the diet today (after grocery shopping!) and await the arrival of my supplements, probiotics, 5htp (will only take 1 pill for now since I am on anti-depressants). Thanks so much for staying so in tune, going beyond the 'norm' to provide such well needed and often neglected information and supplements for me, for us! After reading this book I truly see myself FINALLY (I have been on diets since I was 10, now 53)finding answers to my stubborn toxic weight (40-50 lbs), soon proven weight loss AND stable emotional well being. Thank you for your 1-800-593-2594 phone support too, all a real God-send. -e- (gwoman30...) ...more info
  • Good, but...
    I must have been one of the first to get the book, take the test and try the diet. The test showed the system at the top of my list was neurotransmitters, followed closely by adrenals. After those two the next was digestive system but the numbers were much lower. Initially, I loved the recipes and dropped 5 pounds in 5 days! Then (despite drinking lots of water and taking the recommended probiotics and other supplements), I began getting constipated every few days and struggling to keep my weight where it was. After 3 weeks, I felt like I was just treading water. The good side was that I felt much, much better! I was losing my tummy. It did not cost a fortune to buy the food I was to eat unlike other diet plans I've tried. When I consulted the book for help as to why I was stuck, it explains it's complicated when multiple systems are involved, to stick to it and consult your doctor. To be fair, I am on thyroid medication to correct an underactive thyroid.

    The website stated you could ask a question and they would email an answer so I asked if I could substitute agave for stevia as I hate the taste of stevia. I have never received a response.

    Something tells me it is not so easy to make this work for all individuals. There will probably be many with great success; however, not all. For myself, it helped point me in the direction of simpler eating that feels better for my body and I will probably continue to eat a modified level of the program and enjoy my favorite recipes.

    A valiant effort...too bad there isn't a better way to figure out why it stops working.

    ...more info
  • Am I balanced or totaly out of kilter
    To all women who have reached their 40's and are finding their bodies changing more rapidly than their lifestyle - this is a great read. Although only half way through indications of imbalances I only suspected now look more like fact and I feel as though I have some solid starting point and direction on how to move forward with more confidence and correct those things which have made life erratic and unstable since I became a non-smoker nearly two years ago when my body started to change. I have been one of those lucky women who weighed around 57kgs all my life up until 5 years ago at which time I put on a few extra pounds that were hardly noticeably - until I quit nicotine.

    I have not done any of the recommended diagnostic testing yet but as this book offers an acceptable alternative (natural) to chemical medications, I feel more relaxed about going for these tests and the possible outcome doesn't seem half as scarey as was the unthought-of, unexpected and unknown. It is a great comfort to know that most of the imbalances in our bodies are experienced by, in most cases, the majortiy of women that have visited the clinic for treatment and to know that it is not impossible to reduce symptoms and even cure imbalances completely offering a completely new lease on life for women in their 40's.
    Thank you
    Lesley Forshaw
    UAE...more info
  • The Core Balance Diet
    This is the best diet book ever. It is loaded with helpful information that gets to the root of your weight loss problems. It takes time to really follow all the suggestions that pertained to me, but it was well worth the time and effort. At 55 I am finally freed from food cravings, and have never felt better....more info
  • Informative
    This books confirms that "you are what your eat". By taking out the unhealthy foods in your life you will feel better. Can't say I have lost weight but, I know weight loss takes time. I am on the right track....more info
  • Thought provoking book
    The process described by this book is enjoyable. Being out of balance, I find I take more than the month she described--but that's OK--the new direction is positive....more info
  • This book changed my life
    I can't tell you how wonderful this book has been for me. I stopped feeling like I was fat and lazy, and started feeling empowered to make changes. I stopped eating sugar, wheat and processed foods. It has been amazing! I'm lighter and I move with more ease, I have lots more energy, my skin is clear, and I am much calmer. The changes suggested in this book made me a happier person.
    ...more info
  • Good information
    This is a great book. I have yet to try the suggestions because I am living abroad right now and certain food items are limited. I intend to try it when I get home and in the mean time I am familiarizing myself with all the information this book offers and have discovered somethings about myself....more info
  • disappointed
    I never received my purchase. I was ignored by the seller after multilple requests for information regarding the where abouts of my purchase. I am working with Amazon for a refund....more info
  • book
    this book is well written. It explained the diet, I was not to excited about the choice of some of the foods suggested. Some of the ingredients are not availble ...more info
  • Pretty Good Book
    I bought this book thinking I would learn something extra about how my body utilizes food and the importance of proteins over carbohydrates. So far the book is good, not great, but I have yet to get into the recipe section. That I am not too thrilled with.. I would have much rather had examples of food combinations that may work for losing fat instead of muscle, keeping the blood serum insulin and glucose in control and keeping the epidemic of type II diabetes begotten from the over consumption of carbohydrates and too little protein far away... I hope when I finish the book my take away is a bit of enhanced knowledge... is it the right knowledge? Who knows......more info
  • Good Service and nice book
    The book is in really good shape and received in a timely manner.
    Thank you. Great service....more info


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