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"Whether you are a fitness buff searching for a new challenge or a yoga enthusiast looking to supplement your exercise routine, Beth Shaw's YogaFit will help you reach your ultimate physical potential! This cutting-edge fitness program combines tough aerobic exercise with strength- and flexibility-building yoga to create a total-body workout. With YogaFit, you'll experience not only increased overall health, energy, and vitality but also a stronger and leaner body, reduced stress and tension, better posture, improved concentration, and a higher level of fitness. Written by Beth Shaw, an internationally renowned exercise expert who has trained more than 75,000 fitness instructors on six continents, this book presents more than 85 YogaFit poses organized into workout routines that you can use every day. The text includes information on using YogaFit as a training tool for sports and creating personalized routines to meet your own needs. Join the millions of people who have already tried YogaFit and proved that it works. You'll get results in a few weeks--and benefits that last a lifetime. "

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for beginners or experienced yoga practitioners alike!
    Beth Shaw's Yogafit is an excellently written book to assist those new to yoga or those who have been practicing for years. Descriptions of yoga breathing and poses are concisely written and the photos are helpful to identify proper form and technique. I highly recommend this book as a learning tool and a reference as you continue on your journey of yoga practice. ...more info
  • A great all around Video Tape
    I have practiced Yoga to this tape many times, while I now prefer the more updated videos and DVDS that Beth Shaw and YogaFit have put out- this remains an old favorite.
    YogaFit has created and brought Fitness Yoga to the forefront and Beth Shaw should be congratulated for the work she's done.
    A great video as it shows all three people doing a variety of modifications and poses.
    A Loyal Fan

    Bridget Moss ...more info
  • Great for Personal Trainers too!
    Beth Shaw's 2nd edition is put together so fluidly in an easy to follow manner, it is a great buy for the experienced yogini or the beginner student. With an introduction to meditation and additional breathing exercises, this book is great for any fitness professional or experienced yoga teacher's library. As a personal trainer, I feel comfortable recommending it to my clients, with each pose safely broken down. Over 70 poses, and sequencing of these poses, flows and suggestions relative to specific sports, many modifications, multiple photos and easy directions clearly explained, it is chock full of info....more info
  • My Favorite Yoga Video
    This was my first yoga video and I have yet to find one with a better format and/or workout. I absolutely love it!...more info
  • A Message From The Author
    All things start with the physical. In this earth plane our physical bodies provide us both the most challenge and the most opportunity. With one out of every three Americans obese, obviously the challenge to maintain and create good health is a real one. I created the YogaFit program in 1994 so that people cold progress through the many layers and levels of yoga, starting with the physical first. As the company has been in business for over 18 years, we have grown, offering a 500 hour and 200 hour RYT program.

    I've been to India several times and am happy to bring you more in depth knowledge in the Second Edition of YogaFit. Once someone has their physical practice down and can master their bodies, they are ready for more. Are you ready for more? Can you let go of judgment, expectation and competition ? Can you be in a state of peace and love?

    Whatever your answer I do hope you enjoy my new book. Many blessing to you on your journey. If we can all learn to love these bodies we have been given and learn to love each other- the world will transform. we must transform ourselves first. YogaFit is the answer, one of many.......

    Beth Shaw
    ...more info
  • Fantastic resource!
    Beth's YogaFit Second Edition is one of the most comprehensive well written and useful book about Yoga I have found on the market. It is written for both the beginner and the advanced Yogi and is an incredibly valuable tool for anyone who is interested in Yoga. Beth's book is nothing short of brilliant and the comprehensive, well thought out content clearly demonstrates the work of a true expert. This book packs years of education into a very valuable resource and a very useful tool. After 20 years in the fitness industry as an instructor, educator, author and presenter, I finally have something I can feel good about recommending to my clients, my staff and my family.
    Shonna Porter M.A. CPT
    ...more info
    As a fitness instructor I have to say this is one of the best videos I have ever done ! Yogafit has trained 20,000 fitness instructors as I know why !! With three people participating on the tape you can choose your level
    5 stars this rocks !!!...more info
  • A Comprehensive Introduction to the 8 limbs of Yoga!
    Beth Shaw's new YogaFit 2nd edition is a comprehensive introduction to the practice of the eight limbs of yoga. She details safe execution of poses and how to sequence them, but also discusses other important aspects of the practice, including meditation, energy systems, philosophy, and nutrition in a clear and concise format. What does it really mean to be well? to be 'fit'? With this book, we learn about holistic fitness and wellness from the yogic perspective. This book is now required reading for my university yoga course.
    ...more info
  • Great Instructioanl video!!
    I really got a lot out of this video, as a new yoga instructor I found this video to be very helpful. It had poses for all levels, with good instruction both verbal and visual. I will be able to adapt much of the information for both my beginners and advanced students....more info
  • Great User-Friendly Yoga Resource
    Beth Shaw, Founder of YogaFit, a program that trains and certifies people to teach fitness based yoga in health clubs throughout the US, has just released a new version of her book, Beth Shaw's YogaFit. She calls it a program for a more powerful, flexible, and defined physique. YogaFit is based on a vinyasa flow style of yoga that provides a challenging physical workout.

    Her book provides a comprehensive, user-friendly introduction to hatha yoga and guide to the YogaFit system, clearly and concisely.

    The first part of the book is called "Preparing for YogaFit." Here the basics are covered including a discussion of yoga's benefits, the philosophy of yoga, how to prepare for doing yoga, required yoga equipment, breathing concepts and the YogaFit approach to yoga pose sequencing. It also includes a review of The YogaFit Seven Principles of Alignment, an integral aspect of the YogaFit system. The Seven Principles of Alignment, coupled with the fitness based format of warm-up, workout, and cool down help to make YogaFit a safe, accessible style of yoga. Modern exercise science is applied to the ancient mind-body practice of yoga to help keep you safe and avoid injury. Something too often overlooked in many of today's yoga classes.

    The second part of Beth Shaw's YogaFit is all about yoga poses. More than sixty basic yoga poses are covered. Each pose includes photographs and instructions for getting into the pose, holding the pose, and suggested pose modifications. Poses are categorized into the following chapters - core strength poses, standing poses, forward and back bending poses, twists, and deep relaxing poses and inversions.

    Part three of the book puts it all together into a variety of fitness focused yoga workout sequences. There is also an exhaustive list of suggested yoga routines for various special athletic requirements including swimming, running, cycling, golf, tennis and many more.

    The book concludes with chapters on diet and nutrition and an introduction to meditation.

    Beth Shaw's YogaFit is a book I intend to add to my yoga resource shelf. It is a helpful guide and resource to beginners wanting to practice at home and athletes looking for suggested yoga routines to support their cross-training efforts. Yoga instructors looking for simple alignment principles and suggested sequencing to help yoga students practice safely will also find it helpful....more info
  • The best resource for High School Athlete's Injury Prevention
    This book is not only about Yoga, but about ways to keep your body injury free. I coach high school boys Cross Country and Track Teams and use the Seven Priciples of Alignment as a guide for all of their warm-ups and cool down.

    If you listen to your body whisper - you won't hear it scream. Get the book today....more info
  • Great Book!!
    Great Book! Easy to read, easy to follow. Informative for any level you are at with your Yoga. Everything is well put together....more info
  • t4yoga
    Beth Shaw's latest edition is easy to follow, in depth, inspirational and a note worthy addition to any Yogi's library. It truly unites Yoga and Fitness into one, keeping in mind safety and consistency for the novice yogi or extra knowledge for the more experienced one. In addition to speaking to the essence of Yogafit and how to effectively life a yogic life in today's world, it also provides a guide for a yoga practice depending on your sport or exercise of choice. So, if you are a basketball player, it gives you the best way to practice yoga to improve the overall flexibility, strength and balance for this modality. This book is a definate buy, for you or as a gift! ...more info
  • Great Yoga Workout
    A great workout, easy to follow and everything is explained step by step, Beth Shaw is very motivating, and has great energy, I would recommend this to anyone interested in getting in better shape both physically and mentally....more info
  • YogaFit Book 2nd Edition
    Beth's Shaw's YogaFit 2nd edition is a refreshing guide to yoga for the masses. I truly enjoyed the clear cut and comprehensive way she helps the reader learn how to incorporate all the aspects of the yoga lifestyle into their practice. This book will speak to the new yoga practitioner, clearly, but also is a great tool for the experienced practitioner and yoga teacher. The sequences for various sports are unique and effective. There is also an introduction to other aspects of yoga practice, from nutrition, to meditation, yoga philosophy and the chakras. This book uses exercise science and the ancient teachings of yoga as its foundation. ...more info


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