Outward Hound Excursion Dog Backpack (Colors Vary)

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The Excursion Dog Backpack provides maximum comfort and convenience for your do when hiking and on the go! This custom designed backpack is easy to put on and take off. This backpack in sure to leave you dog begging for more adventures!

Customer Reviews:

  • unhappy
    I purchased this item for my dauchsund. I ordered the small, and it was still way too big. I had to adjust the straps, but the saddle bags were still dragging on our first excursion and when we returned , off course the bags had torn due to them dragging on the ground. I wish the bags were made of a better material. At the end I unsewed and redid the bags and straps.

    They're made for a much taller dog! ...more info
  • Fun for awhile...
    We purchased a large for our Akita with hopes of using up some of his energy. We loaded it up with a few water bottles and a collapsible bowl for every walk. It did the job, but only for a couple of months. Then, it started to fall apart at the seams, literally. The material and stitching is just not tough enough to stand up to regular use. I hand-stitched it back together, but we finally decided to upgrade to a Kelty Chuckwagon pack. Another downfall is that the Outward Hound pack places the weight further back on the back of the dog which is not healthy for their spine in the long run. It also hangs rather low down the sides, which is a problem if you have a male dog like ours who hikes his leg when he does his business. Not pretty. We had to wash it pretty frequently, which probably contributed to its early demise. If you're looking for a pack that will last awhile, I'd recommend that you skip the Outward Hound brand and spend a few extra bucks on a higher quality pack....more info
  • Hard to Say
    It's hard to say how good this product is. I never actually got a chance to use it. I have a 25 pound corgi. If I bought the small the pockets would be to tiny, so I bought the medium - after all it says it should fit according to her size. The product itself seems sturdy. I love the material and it looked relatively comfortable on her. Except it was too big. Because she's a low dog the pack didn't fit her well. They ought to make more sizes rather than a medium that's supposed to fit such a large range of sizes and weights. Even on its tightest setting it was too loose, and the strings dragged. So I guess my point in writing this review is that I didn't actually get to test the product on a hike, but I know not to buy this size at least for a corgi....more info
  • Well made but watch the fit
    We originally bought a size medium for our 23 pd long legged rat terrier but it was way too big. The small fits quite well though the straps are still long and need to be tightened almost all the way for a secure fit. The small bag is a bit loose on our other ratter with a smaller body frame and 17 pds. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because the sizing given for the product is not especially accurate. The bag seems well made, plenty of pockets, and the dog does not mind wearing it at all. A small bottle of water in either side of the pack tires the dog out while quieting her down; it works well for a walk on the road or in the woods and while it slows her down does not stop the dog from being able to run about freely. A higher-end pack would be better for long hikes & camping but this works well for light use and supposedly helps the dog by "giving it a job to do"....more info
  • Be ware! Medium size is too big for my 40 lb dog!
    The description states that the medium size is for dogs between 18-50 lbs. I ordered this backpack for my 40 lb pitbull and this was obviously too big!! It was dragging. My dog's leggs kept kicking the backpack when he was walking. He seemed very uncomfortable. He then quite walking after having this backpack on him for less than ten minutes! This NEVER happend. He loves walks and he had never ever quite on me! I ordered this backpack for our hike this weekend. Now I have to go through all the trouble returning this item and we have NO backpack for this weekend's outing!

    Be ware! I don't think the medium size fits dogs that are under 45 lb or even 50 lb. ...more info
  • light weight pack
    It's a nice looking pack but our german sheperd ripped one of the side packs off going through some brush. That ended the back packs life. We got to use it once....more info
  • Go West young dog, Go West.
    Very comfortable for our 35 lb dog. She looks forward to wearing it and carrying 2 water bottles, treats, bags and whatever. Part of the idea was to tire her out but we have not suceeded. She doesn't even offer to sit when we rest. Take time to adjust the straps properly as they are long enough for a mastiff. Once trimmed and the sleeve slipped over to the far end,it is easy on -- easy off....more info
  • Very pleased
    I got 3 of these - 2 mediums for my puggle and corgi and 1 large for my pit bull/shepherd mix. The dogs took to them immediately and by adding a little weight to the pockets, I'm tiring them out really well for our early morning walk. Cesar recommends an hour walk, I've got half an hour tops...so this is a great compromise. The only problem I had is not a problem of the design of the bag, but the design of the dog. The pockets are a bit deep and dragged on the ground for my corgi when I put weights in it. I didn't notice and now there are holes in each pocket of hers. I just rolled each side up a bit and clipped them so they are shorter for my nearly legless dog. They all look super cute in them too. ...more info
  • I love it
    The straps are a little long but it is easy to use and looks great on my dog. She is getting use to it and hopefully won't even notice it....more info
  • OK!
    I got this product last week and I was surprised at how the pockets are not as big as the picture shown above. But other than that, the saddlebad was very easy to adjust to fit my lab. And once you adjust to fit them, all you have to do the next time is just clip the buckles and you are off. The only bad thing is that the pockets aren't as big as they say they are and do not hold as much as they say they hold. But other than that its a great product for hiking and camping, or just a walk down the road to keep your dog more concentrated on what they are doing, if you have one of those dogs that like to drag you down the road, and I mean drag you down the road!! lol...more info
    I bought it for my 80lb German Shepherd. Carried a few lightweight items, and within the 4th use, after the dog ran a short distance, one of the side bags was falling off. Definitey do not recommend it....more info
  • A better workout for my dog without me working out
    We had read that putting a backback with 3-4 pounds would calm our dog down, making her think she's working and making her more focused on the task at hand. That didn't exactly happen but she is much more tired after a walk with 4 pounds on her back. Becasue we've been very busy lately if I can tire her out in less time that's a good thing so we are very happy. The quality is great. The only complaint I have is the back strap could be shorter or designed to let me tighten it more. Other than that no complaints!...more info
  • Poor craftsmanship
    I was really excited to receive this product. The first day I got it, we put it on our 7month old lab, put in 1 tennis ball and 1 small rag, and went for a hike. 20 minutes in, while our lab was running toward us, one of the side pockets fell apart at the seam. I'm returning it....more info
  • Is burgundy in color
    Good bag for the price. The bottom and front straps dont tighten as snug as I'd like, but my dog doesnt seem to mind and it has not caused it to slip off. (American Eskimo, aprox 20 lbs)...more info