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  • Ridiculously Awesome!
    I loved this movie! I don't see how any fan of martial arts films could not at least like this movie a little. As long as you know what you're getting into. Do not watch a Tony Jaa film for the plotline! Do not watch a Tony Jaa film for the acting! Watch a Tony Jaa film for the extraordinary, eye-popping fight choreography! Tony Jaa has to be one of the most talented martial arts and acrobatic film actors today. That reason alone is enough to see this movie. And then watch it again! Of course there's no real point in the story. It's just about a local boy trying to get his elephants back. But who cares. You can fast forward to the action scenes.(as long as you have a VCR or DVD) And then you can rewind and watch them again.

    Is this film better than Ong Bak? Matter of opinion. I think it's a little weaker plotline, but it's made up for with even more intense bone crushing fight scenes. Some may have argued that the fight scenes were a little over done and ridiculous. So is that a problem? It's a movie! Movies are supposed to be entertaining, not necessarily realistic. Any martial arts fan should be thoroughly ENTERTAINED! I know I was....more info
  • Absolutely phenomenal fight scenes!
    The fight scenes in 'The Protector' are absolutely amazing! I'll just repeat what everyone is saying: the continuous shot of Jaa going up the spiral stairs in the restaurant is without doubt the best martial arts fight scene I have ever viewed. The scene is so amazing because it solves the key challenge of martial arts films: the fact that they have to do cut-to's and slo-mo's just so you can see what's happening. The approach in this scene and Jaa's athleticism allow you to feel like you are really right there watching him totally kick ***. I can't say enough about this scene, and there are plenty of other amazing fights as well.

    Most of the reviews claim the plot of 'The Protector' is too thin, but I disagree somewhat. I saw the international release and, if anything, I think the plot tries to do too much. There are so many characters and subplots that the film has no time to develop them and things come off a little convoluted and half-baked.

    For example, why did Johnny want to please Rose so much? Was he in love with her? Why'd he kill the white guy she was mashing with instead of the Thai cop? Why does the call girl help Jaa? Why does the cop let the crackhead go? Dropping a few characters and subplots would have given the movie more time to build key characters, and that would have helped.

    There's probably also subtext in the movie that partially escapes me since I do not entirely understand the significance of elephants. The voice over at the end mentions they are a national symbol of Thailand. If so, then there's definitely a lot of imagery in the film relating to them (they save Jaa's character in a very surprising way). However, I have no idea if it's a good subtext about traditions and national pride or if it's just overwrought histrionics.

    In the end, if you like martial arts films, then this is a must see. If you require a great plot, then this one will dissapoint a bit as the story is too scattered to have maximum impact. But one thing is for sure: when Jaa is doing his thing, 'The Protector' is pure martial arts magic.

    PS: Hats off to the sound effects people! The sound of bones breaking in this movie is used really well. Pretty high ick factor in a couple scenes. Loved it!...more info
  • Tony Jaa has all the moves!
    The Protector is a great action film. If you like hardcore action and stunts, this is the moive for you. Please see the original Thai version of the film. ...more info
  • The flying knee had me crying with laughter!!!
    I'll make this short and sweet: About 15 or so minutes into this movie, Tony Jaa comes flying (literally) into the frame of the picture and delivers a knee to the face of some dude that was so phenomenal - seriously it had me re-winding and crying I was laughing so hard! Remember back in the day when Seagal would snap knees and various limbs on punks who wanted some? Tony Jaa brings it all back, but does it even BETTER!!

    Fantastic action movie and the carnage of limb-snapping that goes down at the end of the flick had me and everybody watching it laughing and moaning with imagined pain to the point we were hysterical!

    An awesome, hilarious night of action movie fun is to be had when you and your friends throw down with "The Protector". Elephants? Who cares!!! I wouldn't care if he was on a mission to retrieve his pet goldfish!! As long as breaks up people the way he does in this flick, you can't go wrong......more info
  • Bad in moderation.
    I wrote an in-depth review that critiqued the movie very cleanly, but must've been too well-written for Amazon to post. My take on it is that people would actually be detracted from buying the product from them.

    So this review gets to be shorter, yay!

    This movie is bad.

    Last time, I explained why this movie is bad, so that people who don't want to pay $20 for a 2 hour armbar seminar could instead spend their money on equally exciting movies with the new-fangled invention I like to call 'PLOTS'.

    And to all you people who are just crazy about this movie and want to defend it's utter lack of a plot:

    It's a MOVIE. MOVIES are called that because they have afore-mentioned said 'plots.' Now, you may argue that the 'definition' of a movie does not include that it must have a plot to be 'good,' and you'd be right. That's just the definition though. Movies need plots though, it's true. They need them so that they do not - what's the word? - oh yeah, SUCK.

    My review: Tony Jaa movies = badness. At least for now....more info
    If you really want to see some action this is sure enough the movie.I would watch it every other day if i had the time.You really have to watch the movie to understand with the elephants but really good movie to have in your collection if you like martial arts....more info
  • Fantastic Tony Jaa Martial Arts Film
    The Protector follows on the heels of Tony Jaa's starmaking turn in the film Ong-Bak. The movie is similarly plotted, like the first involving a quest for an elephant, except in this film, the elephants are real as opposed to the Buddha statue that was the prize in the first film.

    Jaa is chasing two prized Thai elephants who were stolen by thieves who trade in exotic animals. As in Ong Bak, Jaa is the country boy who comes to the big city and is woefully out of place, but is an exceptionally good fighter. The man who played a con man in the first film is a policeman in The Protector, but the similarities don't really matter, because this is a movie for those who like martial arts movies. Jaa fights, punches, kicks, and breaks more joints than three Steven Seagal movies. The choreography is excellent, especially a three-to four minute, uncut sequence where Jaa fights all the way to the top floor of a multistory building.

    The Protector is a must for all martial arts movie fans.
    ...more info
  • GEEZ, Where Do I Start?
    As you can tell, I was very disappointed with this movie. I REALLY like fighting movies and the previews looked great... but I think I know why I didn't like the movie. It really seems like they shot 2 hours and 30 minutes of film and then took out all the plot footage, leaving only poorly arranged fight scenes with little to no segway between them. The movie just didn't make sense.

    I will, however, admit that the fight scenes were good and there was lots of arm and leg breakage, etc, which I like. Just don't buy this movie thinking you're getting a movie of the quality of Jet Li's Fearless, as it is FAAAAARRRR from it. ...more info
  • Perfect...
    Product was exactly as described. Flawless transaction, best Martial Arts movie ever!

    Thanks....more info
  • Yes, 5 stars for "Tom Yum Goong," but no critic of this release
    This is not a critic of this edition, since I refused to watch it. I bought "Tom Yum Goong" at a cheaper price and was extatic. Now I would like to ask a few questions:

    Why did Mr. Tarantino trim about 30 minutes of the original film?

    Why did the powers that be, charge me over $20 for this movie, decieving me into believing it was a NEW Tony Jaa film?

    I bought "Tom Yum Goong" at a cheaper price. It was the original Thai version with English subtitles and everything else. It was a good edition. I was happy. Is this type of release ETHICAL at all?

    It's really the same old story: take a good movie, add a lot of hype, change the title (or keep it with the caption EXTENDED EDITION or UNRATED), or 2-DISK COLLECTOR's EDITION, and sell it to the fans to make more money out of them.

    So, there you have it....more info
  • Culture, Universal Ideals, Action and Adventure
    This film has so many awesome qualities. First, my favorite, it has an introduction to traditional, rural Thai culture. Second, it pays homage to a whole range of universal ideals -- honor, courage, dependability, loyalty, tradition, etc. And last, but certainly not least, it has some of the most amazing stunts, fights and action sequences. It keeps the blood pumping to watch it. I love the traditional Muay Thai fighting style that characterizes Tony Jaa's movements. I especially LOVE the Capoeira techniques from traditional Brazilian martial arts in the scene in the temple. That fight sequence is truly divinely inspired -- not as combat, but as a art form of fluidity on par with ballet. It provides a showcase for Brazilian culture, fitness and art in a Thai movie. The world is coming together in the most remarkably beautiful ways and this film's presentation is an illustration of it. The fight scene where Tony uses his deceased "brother's" tusks is powerful.
    The random meanderings throughout Asia add spice to this already marvelously exotic and international imagery and my personal favorite is the Jackie Chan cameo in the airport. There is this moment in the film when Tony Jaa bumps someone and they just stare at each other for a moment. I felt impatient -- why is the film maker wasting my time on this total non-action, I thought. Then I gasped! It's JACKIE CHAN!!!! AHHHH!
    That small segment of the film just begs to inspire a film with all three great martial arts contemporary films stars of today -- the mature, but still hilarious Jackie Chan, the powerful, primal Tony Jaa and the sophisticated Jet Li. Not only must the three of them make a film together, we really must see a fight scene with Jet Li and Tony Jaa.
    I can't wait to see more TONY JAA! Great stuff....more info
  • Awesome flick
    Beautifully filmed. Awesome locations, cinematography, sound. The action choreography is just phenomenal. I've watched this movie many times. The only criticism is with the actors phonetically speaking English. It's obvious that they don't speak or understand a word of it....more info
  • worth the money
    This movie has a lot of action, and it also has a story. I really enjoyed it, the final fight scene had my daughter and I both in awe...repeatedly....more info
  • Martial Arts Movies Lives On!!!
    From Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan to Jet Li and now to Tony Jaa.

    After looking at the thai version, Tom Yum Goong, i was completely blown away in every aspect. The chases, action sequences, choreography and mind blowing hand to hand combat were perfectly executed, oh there were some excellent choice of weapons thrown in the mix too---> ELEPHANT BONES!! DAMN! That is as original one can get. Also seeing that Jaa uses no fancy camera tricks, strings and things of that nature is even more impressive. This is as hi-impact, in terms of speed, strength and pure agression, a movie can get. Jaa has really learnt how to use his body efficiently and effectively given any circumstance. I like how he also shows he can adapt his unique Muay Thai Martial Arts to any opponents fighting style into counter offensive attacks. Kinda reminds you of Bruce huh.
    He says in an interview to expect even more originality and things no one even imagined before in his currentlty producing film ONG BAK 2 (which started filming in October2006). I have absolutely no reason to doubt the man and can't wait to see Ong Bak 2 and his follow up movies eg. SWORD.

    I see some critics on the net complaining that there is no story. DAMN! whats wrong with some people. It has enough of a story and combines very well with all the action. If you want stories well just go buy the shawshank redemption or forrest gump! and leave us people who like to have some fun as well!

    Soon as this DVD (The Protector) is released i'm buying it...tho i already have Tom Yum Goong on DVD..the movie is that good! I just want both versions... :)

    Mr Jaa. if you happened to read this keep on doing what you do best and don't stray from your style of movie making...IT WORKS!!!...keep up the impressive work and thanks for carrying on this genre of film. I don't have to keep watching my Bruce Lee collection over and over and over to get a taste of great martial arts, now i can look forward to your future projects. Hope you read info
  • Tom Yum Goong
    Kham (Tony Jaa) grew up raising elephants with his father. In old custom, elephants were raised to carry the king into battle, so having your elephant chosen was a great honor. Upon taking their best bull to be judged along with the baby, Kham is distracted and his elephants are stolen. They are taken to Austrailia where they are caged to be later prepared as a feast along with other rare creatures.

    The story of the film is not the it's problem. Obviously, the premise is very similar to another successful film called Ong-bak. However, the scenes are incredibly disjointed and confusing. There is a secondary story with a girl who houses Kham after he is attacked, but it leads nowhere. Also, some of the movie is done with subtitles, but some of it is dubbed, making it confusing.

    Some might have been misled by Quentin Tarantino's name on the front. It seems he only had a hand in bringing this film to America. However, he is a fan of martial arts movies and it seems they might have been influenced by his work as well. The long fight scene on the staircase brings up images of Kill Bill. ...more info
  • WARNING!!!!
    do not buy this movie!!!

    this is the crappy american cut of a wonderful film. In this cut, all the motivations of the character are editted out, because the suits thought Americans might not understand the deep love and friendship between a man and his elephant.

    Also, the wonderful last bit of voiceover that bokends the picture is gone.

    what you are looking for if you think you want this movie is TOM YUM GOONG. This is the REAL version of this movie. Do yourself a favor and get the real of this pic, and send the studio a message about crapping up quality films because they think the rest of america is a stupid or predjuduced as them.

    If amazon is out of TOM YUM GOONG, check out the Bay, as you can usually get a decent boot for around 15 bux. I did. Six times....more info
  • The Protector shows some great skills!
    This movie is what it should be; an action movie first and foremost. Considering that, the movie is pretty sweet. The action is totally out of control just as you might expect. I do like the realistic style of Tony Jaa when compared to movies like Kung Fu Hustle that are a little too crazy at times but fantastic all around. This movie certainly stretches the imagination and that's why we have them. I can state categorically that if you had issues with "Ong-Bak" because of the storyline then you're going to have exactly the same problems here (and, it has to be said, with just about every modern action movie). But if you were thrilled in any way by Jaa's auspicious career-launcher, then the chances are you're going to find plenty to get excited about in "The Protector."

    There were three times during "The Protector" when my jaw hit the floor. The most visually splendiferous is a fight in a burning church that plays almost like a demo mode on a high definition version of Tekken, as Jaa goes up against Eddie Gordo, an armour-free Yoshimitsu and a hulking Craig Marduk ("I'll break your face!"), but all of this is for real and, as ever, effects and wire-work free.

    But the real show-stopper, the sequence that every fan of martial arts cinema should see the film for, has Jaa visit a large, three-storey, criminal-run club/restaurant and fight a total of 30 opponents (I counted 'em), smashing them into windows, throwing them through wooden screens, assaulting them with furniture, and even picking them up and hurling them off the balcony into a display two story's below, and it's all done in one, 3 minute 46 second stedicam shot. The planning, timing and stamina required to pull this off are just mind-bending, but pull it off they do - it's a stunning marriage of fight choreography, stunt work and camera direction that actually has a dramatic pay-off when Kham discovers just what is located on the top floor, as darkly and inventively twisted an idea as you'll find in a film all year, and all the more disturbing because it very probably exists.

    So yes, the story is flimsy, but "The Protector" delivers where it counts and is an absolute must-see for all genre fans. Jaa confirms his status as the most exciting screen fighter around today, and if he could just drop the MTV visuals and editing and get himself a decent script, then director Petchtai Wongkamlao could yet climb to the very top of the action tree.

    ...more info
  • The Protector
    Briefly speaking,

    If you liked Tony Jaa in "Ong-Bak " you'll love
    "The Protector." The plots are cut from the
    same mold (in this movie, Jaa attempts
    to recover elephants, instead of a statue head,
    that were stolen from his village by ruthless criminals).
    The choreography is faster paced
    and more dynamic (and there's more of it!);
    once again showcasing Jaa's fantastic
    martial arts ability. Since the script
    and the acting are not on the high end of
    the cinema achievement scale, the producers
    were smart to put the emphasis on mindboggling
    stunts and martial arts choreography.

    This movie is great. I hope I'm not placing a
    jinx by saying Tony Jaa is destined to become
    a legend. He is the greatest martial artist
    we've seen on screen in many years.

    ...more info
  • Pure Entertainment at it's best
    This movie blew me away. I won't try and say it should be up for best movie or anything, but if you are looking for a great way to kill an hour and a half, look no further. I'm a huge fan of movies in general, of all genres, but kung fu happens to be one of my favorites.

    I've always preferred 70's kung fu movies over modern ones for there lack of Hollywood touch. This has that feel of a 70's kung fu movie, with the picture and sound quality of today's movies. No Keanu Reeves dodging bullets and floating through the air, no Chow Yun Fat fighting on tree limbs that should not carry his weight! Just straight realistic fighting. Sure some parts seem over the top, but it fits the movie perfect.

    Almost all of this movie is action (I watched the American version, havn't watch the original Thai version (Tom Yum Goong)that I've heard is 30 minutes or so longer. I imagine the extra footage adds a lot to the plot of this flick. But this one feels like there is no more then 10 minutes of non-fighting scenes.

    If you liked Ong Bak, or if you are a fan of the greats like Sonny Chiba or Bruce Lee, then you must see this. You will be impressed. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. I saw an earlier review mentioning rewinding a bunch of scenes, and how true that comment is. I can't tell you how many times I had to watch certain kicks or moves over to try and grasp what I just saw.

    Bottom line - if you like action movies and can settle for average acting, plots and storie lines - SEE THIS MOVIE...more info
  • Great Action Movie!!
    exciting from start to finish! a must for martial arts fans! great addition to my collection.thanks amazon! kodiak412...more info
  • Simply the best
    Tony Jaa and company are setting the standards for action hands down.
    Watch and enjoy.
    Of course one must also catch Ong Bak if they've been living in a cave and his first film Spirited Killer which isnt as good(old school fighting) but has some awesome bonus features.
    Looking forward to his latest masterpiece!...more info
  • Great Movie
    I was hesitant to watch this at first, as Quentin Tarrintino rarely makes a movie I can stand from start to finish, however I soon found out that this is NOT a Tarrintino movie, he is just presenting it to help it be seen around the world.

    The story is about a man from Thailand who is raised on martial arts and with elephants. Th eelephants are not pets, they are like his family, in which he does refer to them as his brothers.

    They take the elephents to two elephants to town one day, and the 2 elephants are kidnapped and taken to Australia by the bad guys. The guys father is killed, so he goes to Australia to find his elephants.

    It may not sound like much of a plot, but the action and martial arts in this movie would leave Jackie Chan speechless. There are no wires, no blue screen, and no fake stunts here, everything you see is really happening from the actor (physical anyway, not explosions and an elephant walking down Sydney tho)

    Overall I can't say much other then this was a pleasant surprise to find. I'm not much into martial arts films, but this one certainly is like no other. It has it's kind of lame moments, but what movie doesn't, i'd highly recommend anyone even slightly interested here to at least rent this film and check it out. ...more info
    I have watched this movie countless times, both in Thai and english. The feats that Tony Jaa is capable of performing still blows my mind. I am almost tempted to question whether or not he should be classified as superhuman. What am I talking about??? Definitely SUPERHUMAN. FANTASTIC ACTION FLICK!!!!!...more info
  • Too many special effects
    Poor story line and acting but I'm not complaining about that. This is an action movie and it delivers the fight sceens...sort of. I expected hard hitting action like I saw in Ong Bak.

    This movie had a bigger budget and they moved away from the format that made Ong Bak great. It's less gritty and they tried to make it look like it was produced in Hollywood but they failed. Instead of looking slick it seems overdone. I mean really, cgi? It made the action cheesy.

    They ruined the fight scenes which is the only reason to see the movie....more info
  • only needs a plot and more Capoeira
    Some great fights and camerawork don't necessarily make for a great movie-going experience. They certainly don't hurt either. The incredible Tony Jaa is back and impressive as ever in "Tom Yum Goong", aka "The Protector". The U.S. version of the film is a jumbled mess, going from one scene to another with little, if any, cohesion. I have not watched the original Thai version, which is included in Dragon Dynasty's U.S. release. I'm sure the plot isn't any less dumb, but perhaps it flows a little better. Honestly, I doubt you'll care. This is a movie made for action, not plot.

    Tony plays an elephant herder in Thailand whose father is murdered and elephant is stolen by a Thai-born-Australian-she-male-gangster who owns a restaurant that specializes in rare and illegal delicasies. He follows the clues to Australia and faces an ENDLESS amount of hired goons.

    There is an incredible scene in this movie, where the camera follows our hero up a spiral staircase in the restaurant for about 5 stories as he beats the crap out of about 40 thugs. Did I mention that it's done in one take? Seriously. I feel strange comparing this to a film like "Russian Ark". Well, it is only one scene. There are plenty of other noteworthy fights. Jaa pits his Muay-Thai against the Wushu of Johnny Nguyen ("The Rebel") and Jon Foo. In my personal favorite, he takes on the amazing Capoeira of Lateef Crowder. There is also the scene where Jaa fights about 30 x-treme skaters and rollerbladers. There's a LOT more fights that I'm not going to get into.

    Dragon Dynasty's 2-disc set is loaded with special features that will likely please any fan of the movie. Since 3/4 of the movie takes place in Australia, most of the dialogue is in English, with subtitles when characters are speaking Thai. This movie gets less than 1-star for plot, but the fighting is mostly 5-star quality. 5-1= 4 stars. The fights in the staircase scene aren't quite as good (though the stunts are) because they had to get it in one shot. They suffer so little though, and the scene is so impressive, that you probably won't notice. I didn't for the first 12 or 13 times I watched it. Now that I have, I still love it and don't care. If you are a fan of fighting movies at all, you're only hurting yourself by not seeing this.

    2005. aka: Honour of the Dragon; Warrior King...more info
  • Spastic.
    This is by far one of the most spastic movies I have ever seen. It is kind of like those annoying stylized action flicks, but without the stylin' gimmicks; it is just bafflingly without transitions. It is fast paced and silly. Silly without being funny. But there are a couple amusing foes here and there....more info
  • The REAL deal
    I don't know what can be said that hasn't been already. Explosive, fast-paced, and mind-bending stunts. Tony is the real deal. Born and raised in a rural area of Thailand, he is not someone who was brought up in the spot light. In fact, the story of The Protector actually has some roots in his own family history. Black Belt magazine did a great 2 part article on Tony, and he has a facinating story. But I digress... This film is amazing on many levels. Not just the ridiculous (in a good way)coreography, but the diversity in the fights. It is all different. From a fight with huge, hulking wrestler types, to the acrobatic wu-shu fighter, to taking on a room of 30 attackers. He transitions seamlessly, and breath-takingly (and I don't even think breath-takingly is a real term). This will impress you even if you are not a big martial arts fan. ...more info
  • From Thailand to Australia
    This is an entirely exciting movie with Tony Jaa's impressive martial arts skills at its backbone, not to mention a complete movie realization by director Prachya Pinkaew. That is to say, the movie just flows, peaks, gets us on the edge of our seats and pleases us completely. To get into why this movie is so much fun is to note the nature of Muay Thai as a very powerful, forceful and explosive force, very much mirroring the nature of a good action movie. Whether it is Jaa's martial arts that are really so impressive, I do not know, I don't know the slightest thing about what it takes to do such stunts. However, I can say that Jaa's easy-going persona certainly plays a large part of his appeal. Yes, the scene climbing the stairs, knocking down 50 or so enemies is fantastic, as is his fight, reminiscing Bruce Lee and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, with scary Australian wrestler, because of his uncanny size and criminal record, Nathan Jones. There is also a scene with Eddy Gordo from Tekken 3...well a capoiera man with dreadlocks. Thai and Australian English are spoken, for those language buffs....more info
  • The Next....
    Tony Jaa is amazing! This is the type of movie that martial arts/action fans live for--something different..something that gives the illusion of being 'new' or the 'next big thing'..we want the same feeling we got when we saw Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee fight in 'RETURN of the DRAGON' or the first time we saw Michael Jackson perform 'Billy Jean' on the Grammys--Tony Jaa delivers. His style teeters somewhere between: balletic, acrobatic and swift & bone-breaking brutality.
    *Check out the scene that is one continuous shot following Jaa up and down stairs,thru different rooms as he dispatches numerous foes...Also, the scene at the end of the film where Jaa takes out 53 foes in less than 3 minutes!!!...yeah, i did count all, 51 -- if you don't believe me, buy the DVD and prove me wrong!!...more info
  • Amazing
    Simple plot BUT great martial arts ACTION. People no one watches action movies for great plots..thats for suspense/thriller themes and even drama. Once again the fighting sequence was marvelous. Looking forward to more from Tony Jaa....more info
  • Just Magnificent...unreal
    Not a question...this is simply the greatest film director of this age. This is one of his very finest films to date (2007). What he does is a portray realism, contemporary realism, even if you don't get it yet. Jaa is spectacular as the consumate Zen artist...I am so addicted to Tarantino's films that I can hardly speak about em. He is the first American film director to bridge the gap into fantastic art cimema and with a hefty price to pay and with a hugely important bounty -- as possibly recognized as the greatest Am film director of all time? Pretty big? Yep, I truely believe this, and I am a film scholar & published author. Violence? No, not considering the circumstances of violence occurring in this country at this time and the loss of great bloodlines and families to a hidden agenda of DNA problems. He is the only director speaking the truth...IF you can discern the fabric in these films. They truely are magnificent. JB ...more info
  • One of my favourites.
    It's an extremely good movie. I love how the fight scenes are in short intervals with the story....more info
  • Protect your wallet from The Protector
    If you like bad Asian action movie s and I mean BAD then Ong Bak II or The Protector is the movie for you. Tony Jaa stars as Cam, A jugernoaught or something. He basically is the guy in charge of protecting the elephants or something. I don't know. Anyway the dude dad gets shot, his elephant gets stolen, and then the dude thinks he's Bruce Lee.

    The Protector seriously lacks in plot. It also lacks in consistency, with characters being introduced for little or no reason. Some appearing and then disappearing almost immediately. There is a lot of this in dealing with Jaa's buddy, basically a carry over from Ong Bak but this time a policemen instead of a crook.

    Then there are the action scenes. If you like this movie it will be for the action scenes, and you probably eat paste. You probably eat a lot of paste. The action scenes in the movie vary from really awesome, to really stupid, but mostly the try to look cool without providing much substance. The biggest example of this is when Cam charges up a set of crazy stairs in a club. This action scene is supposed to be the longest uncut action sequence ever. As a consequence for this ambitious move, most of the shots and action here are really lame. People get like kneed in the stomach and die, over and over again. In short, even the most awesome scenes don't live up to basic standards. I haven't even mentioned the rediculous boat chase, which is one of the worst vehicle chase scenes ever.

    The Protector is one of those movies that you will pop in and pop out. Almost as bad as Pauline Shore is Dead. It gets 1.5 out of 5 stars. At 81 minutes it's really not worth your time, trust me. Its not Ong Bak!
    ...more info
  • Somewhat disappointing follow-up to Ong-Bak but it does have its moments
    After the jaw-droppingly impressive array of he-must-be-out-of-his-****ing-mind stunts in Ong-Bak, Tony Jaa's follow-up Warrior King (released in a heavily cut version in the US theaters as The Protector but available on this disc in both its uncut and re-edited versions) is something of a disappointment. You can see where the time and effort have been put into the stunts, many of which are more impressive on paper than onscreen, but it never quite pays off proportionately. A big part of this comes down to the fact that the characters are poorly integrated into the action while the plot is a mess even by Asian action standards (imagine a cross between Tarzan in New York and The Freshman), not helped by the casting of some of Australia's worst and most effeminately-voiced actors in the supporting roles. Still, the four-minute single-take restaurant fight up several floors is VERY impressive and there aren't many movies where the villains throw an elephant at the hero... ...more info
  • It's Entertaining And Bone Crushing
    Tony Jaa is a man that has a big heart and stays true to his background even in a fictional film. Like in Ong Bak Jaa must save something but this time it is two elephants that to him are family. He plays Kham and his character is very similar to the one in Ong Bak. Jaa said that he raises elephants at his home and even used his own elephants in the film. They're very important in Thai history as shown in the film. The story is simple but not short and nothing spectacular but if you know Tony Jaa you know that his fight sequences are far from simple and will overpower the story.

    Tony Jaa has made two incredible films with this and Ong Bak. How could you give a film with such beautifully done stunts a rating below 5 stars? For some reason Tony Jaa has received a tremendous amount of haters after releasing this masterpiece The Protector and the crazy thing is when I was in the theater everyone was cheering for the film. I'm not really even sure as to why people are even bothering to watch the film then review it if they absolutely hate it; obviously those guys have nothing else better to do. The points for giving the film such low ratings were totally overblown. The Protector is so good that I'm willing to take the 10 bad votes I'm probably going to get for this review. The picture is much better than the one in Ong Bak and so is the sound. Even better Tony brings new and improved moves to the table and executes them with perfection. He has this new thing where he turns his opponents bones into more bones. One guy to look out for is Lateef Crowder who uses Capoeira, he's a beast but his fight with Tony is cut short because he suffered an injury to his achilles.

    Tony Jaa made it clear of what he was and his capabilities in Ong Bak. You know that there are no wires attached, no CGI, no stunt doubles and all that great stuff. It's clear as day that Tony Jaa is a man that attracts people to his films with his martial arts skills and not only that but also open the world to the Thai culture and Thai fighting. He says these things all the time in his interviews. My question to the other reviewers that bashed the film is what were you expecting from this film when you saw the preview? If you saw Ong Bak and hated it then why are you coming back for more? The point I'm trying to make is this film is obviously an action film so why would someone rent or buy this DVD believing anything different. The DVD cover has " The Best All Out Action Film Of The Year" tattooed on it. Usually action films lack in other elements so this is nothing new and expecting it to have some amazing plot twist or being a tear jerker is crazy.

    For an action movie the plot was great and the acting was ok. You could feel that Jaa was in pain because of the importance of the elephant to him and that he would stop at nothing to get them back. The two DVD's are great because the cut of The Protector on the first DVD sucks but you get tons of extras including the making of the film. On the second disc you get a much better cut of the film without the English dubbing but only a few extras and you get both disc so this is a great deal. If you want to see an amazingly entertaining film filled with raw action then get this but if you're looking for a great film with great acting then look up the Oscar winners and their films....more info
  • best action
    Have to say the story is not very good (dump!!!) However, you can just watch it with out audio and still having a great time.
    Tony Jaa used to be a stunt man for many movies including "Mortal Kombat". Therefore, he did all by himself and did not use any stunt man. That was amazing to see human being and do all that without anyhelp from hollywood technology.
    I must say that I like "ONG BAK" better. Hopefully "ONG BAK II" will be out to the USA (Ong Bak (part I) did not??!!...more info
  • Tony Jaa does it again
    I totally enjoyed this martial arts movie. I first saw Tony Jaa in Ong-Bak
    and I was blown away at his skills. He does not dissapoint in The Protector. This movie has a great story line, and the number of breaking arms in the one scene is the best.
    I hope he becomes more noticed in the U.S. Muay Thai is an amazing type of martial arts....more info
  • Don't watch the U.S. version
    Tarantino and co. have cut 30 minutes from the movie and ripped out its heart, in my opinion. The second DVD has the international version which is much better. Its sad to think that so many in the U.S. missed out on the movie and saw a hacked-up sequence of fight scenes.
    Easily top 5 for pure martial arts movies....more info
  • awsome
    i really enjoyed this movie the unrated verison awsome fight sences good mix of comedytony jaa is awsome well worth checking out...more info
  • Tony Ja is the Future
    I loved this movie it was another side of Tony Jaa I never seen, so serious and aggressive. He is like a Bruce Lee number 2 in this movie. The fight scenes are amazing especially the one Scene with the Brilizan man he was fighting. Tony keep up the god work this was a master piece. (P.S. and someone was stupid enough to trade me this for Hero lol.)...more info
  • Bring on Ong-Bak 2
    Well filmed and excellently coreographed, The Protector has decent story (very similar to Ong Bak) and decent acting to make it an enjoyable film. But the fight scenes will have you grabbing for the remote control to rewind and rewind again.

    The story is once again of something stolen from a quiet village by a gang of criminals who have a master plan for some kind of evil in a larger city. In this case, the elephants that Tony Jaa's family have protected for generations are stolen for their use as luck talismans. As in the first movie, Jaa has to journey to the big city to fight the henchmen of this criminal gang. His sidekick is the same actor as Ong-Bak as well.

    But the choreography of the action scenes is second to none. There are many, but three stand out: the single-take shot of Jaa fighting his way up a seemingly never-ending circular staircase; Jaa vs. a Capoeria, swordsman and wrestler in a monestary, and the final fight, where Jaa takes on 50 fighters ala Bruce Lee, then finishes with fighting three huge brutes who are all twice his size.

    The fight between Jaa and Lateef Crowder (Capoeria fighter and gymnast extraordinaire) is one of the best filmed and coreographed fight sequences in recent film history.

    Ready for Ong-Bak 2!...more info
  • Fantastic international version, hackjob American version
    What were you thinking Quentin Tarantino? The editing and redub of the American release turns this great Thai movie into cheesy trash. I watched the American version first and was really disappointed in the film. The editing was horrible and there was no plot or transitions from scene to scene. The action was great but the worthless score by the RZA, mixing amateur sounding techno with rock guitar took away the impact of the film. The original soundtrack is much better, more subtle and there was absolutely no reason to rescore the film, especially considering the results. And why did he redub every single Asian actor's voice with American sounding accents? Tarantino showed complete disrespect to the director, Prachya Pinkaew, and to American viewers with his treatment of this film.

    After my disappointment, I watched the international version. This one actually had a story, making the action so much more engaging. This is a story about a man who loves these elephants that he cares for like family; he even calls them his family. I can see why some reviewers scoffed at the idea that he would go to such great lengths for these elephants. From the American version it's hard to get a sense of how much he loves these animals, but watching the int. version his love for them is so apparent that the action is so much better because now we have a motivation that we can connect with.

    I was also shocked to see that Quentin Tarantino took liberties with the film's plot, completely changing the subtitles from what was actually being said into something he apparently made up. Why exclude the fact that the main villain was a transvestite? Why say that Cam's father died when he didn't? So many of these changes were pointless and ruined this movie.

    I recomend to anyone interested in this movie to watch the international version. That's the real version. The directors cut. Don't waste your time with the Tarantino hack job that's on disc one. In fact, save yourself some money and order the international version instead. ...more info
  • Wow
    Simply put this movie displays feats of Muay Thai dominance and athleticism that I have never seen before in other features. At times the movie can deviate a bit, but how else are you going to work in so many fight scenes? The acting has definately improved over Ong Bak and so has the story line. A great effort and I hope to see more Tony Jaa soon....more info
  • 2 great films under his belt....
    One word: Awesome. This film definitely surpasses Ong-Bak
    in the action department, despite the fact that not much Muay
    Thai is being used. If you thought Jaa showed us everything
    he could do in Ong-Bak, think again.

    The Protector(aka, 2005's Tom Yung Goong)is basically a movie about a
    guardian Muay Thai warrior in search of his missing elephants, although the American version has him both searching for his elephants and seeking revenge for his father's murder. His search takes him from his jungle homeland in Thailand to Australia and he is soon being sought after by the police due to a misunderstanding. There is also a devious plot set in motion by the owner of a restaurant which includes gang members, a police commisioner, mafia control and possibly world domination, who knows? All that matters is that the action is relentless and will at times have you cringing in pain for Jaa's victims. I was in awe with the new ways one can fracture and shatter the bones of about 30 to 40 men thus creating a symphony of bone-breaking sound effects. Jaa has few speaking lines and is basically a Thai terminator with one thing on his mind: regain ownership of his elephants and destroy any man or woman that gets in his way! He knows very little of the world he is in and has no concept of the social status of those in which he maims. This has to be the most violent martial arts film that I have seen in a long time.

    Tony Jaa is a unique blend of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet
    Li and according to Jaa, those are the martial arts superstars
    that he set out to emulate. Well, he suceeded. Of course, he
    is still one of a kind. He has the power(Lee) rythym (Chan) and
    fuidity (Li) all weaved into his brutal art combined with the
    fact that he uses no wires and does all his own stunts to give the
    audience their next superstar. Jaa is also a superb gymnast, much like
    Chan, minus the comedy.

    This is a great 2-disc collection. It includes both versions of the film:
    The U.S. edited version and the original Thai version (An additional 17
    minutes of footage). In the U.S. version we get much improved music by
    hip-hop's Wu Tang Clan member "RZA". Also included are some great bonus
    features including "The Making Of Tony Jaa," "Deleted Fight Scenes" and
    several more.

    Jaa is currently working on Ong Bak 2, which he will star and
    direct. He has also stated that he would love to work in American
    movies and especially with Speilberg, which presumably will make him
    more mainstream. However, this could ruin Jaa, the same way it has
    with Chan and Li in their PG American kung-fu flicks. Both of
    whom thought it would be better to also do movies back overseas.

    If you have not seen Tony Jaa in action yet, then deprive yourself
    no longer....more info
  • The Protector (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
    One of the best Kung-fu Karate movies ever, it is to the level of Bruce Lee movies. I highly recommend it, it's very entertaining....more info


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