Farouk CHI Turbo Regular Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

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Now available with a stronger element for more durability. CHI Turbo Ceramic Hairstyling Iron provides Ceramic Technology for flash quick heating with the Far Infrared. New Easier grip with ergonomic design and with felt at the tip for easier hold. C

  • Highest Quality Flat Irons available

Customer Reviews:

  • The best i used till today
    i had bought it around 4 month ago and i am happly using it 2-3 times a week,its getting hot very quickly .i love this product and its worthy the money .don't get the cheap stuff as i did first,it won't last....more info
  • Horrid !
    Never again ! CHI has let me down not a good iron at all ! The heat is not a even distribute and it stinks as far as the hype ...more info
    It worked well for about three months...It will not heat up at all after that...Bad investment!!! It is not worth the money. I would not buy another one. You can buy the regular one for $15 and it will last longer....more info
  • It is really good Flat Iron
    I like this product very much... its easy to use and the results are good... ...more info
  • For it's short life, it was great
    I purchased this August 13th and got it a week later and it worked great until this morning, 12/26/08. It will not heat up now and I did not even use this daily! For the $100 it is not worth purchasing for only 4 months usage...my advise find something of better value. I will not be purchasing a CHI again. I called Amazon's customer service and they will only take care of this matter in the first 30 days, so I'm not impressed with Amazon's customer service...and I think I was speaking to someone in India. I could not understand him and it seemed he was calling from far away....more info
  • CHI Straightening Iron
    I love this straightener, however, I would not advise buying the Turbo. Why? CHI continually has problems with the cord connection. Sometimes it stays on, sometimes not. I am continually frustrated with making sure I hold the iron in a certain spot so that it heats up quickly. The regular CHI does not have this problem. I've had 3 Turbos and all did the same thing. However, when the red light stays on, it's a great iron....more info
  • Works like a charm!
    After asking several people what kind of straight iron works the best, I purchased the CHI & love it. I've only used it a couple of times, but have found that it works really well. Heats up quickly & straightens my hair very easily. I was afraid I'd spend a lot of money & then get something that barely worked. I was pleasantly surprised! ...more info
  • great investment
    I was not sure if a flat iron was worth this much money, but am completely satisfied with this one! The price on amazon is a great buy and I would definitely recommend buying this....more info
  • Really happy with my purchase
    I'm really glad I chose this flat iron, It heats up really fast and the very long swivel cord is very convenient. I love that I got the 2" because I have a lot of hair and also really thick hair so it takes me less time to do than with a smaller one. It is not that heavy or big and it is actually beautiful! I've had it for about 2 months now and no problems so far. My hair is still healthy and shiny and I use it about 2-3 times a week. I love it and recommend this one....more info
  • I really like this product
    It came in sooner then I expected. My Chi straightener I replaced lasted me 5 years so I decided to buy another one. ...more info
  • Farouk CHI GF1539 Turbo Big 2 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener
    Excellent product & delivered immediately! Bought this for my daughter & she says that this hair straightener is the best she's ever used! Because it's a big 2 incher, she has more minutes in her day to do other things! Price was almost half what I could've spent, so I also had money left to buy her a couple more birthday presents. Highly recommend this seller as service was prompt, reliable & accurate. I'm delighted!...more info
  • knock off
    This hair straightener never worked when plugged in. I took it to a reputable salon who informed me that this iron was not authentic, but was a "knock-off" version. I paid what a REAL CHI would cost!! ...more info
  • The Best Flat Iron!
    I bought this flat iron for my 15 yeard old daughter on a recommendation of a friend. My daughter simply loves this flat iron. In fact, on Friday nights many of her friends will gather at my house to "do their hair". They all claim that the CHI is the best. My daughter claims it works much faster than other irons and leaves her hair silky smoothe. ...more info
  • Excellent!
    Everybody in my family has one. My sisters and cousins. Their hair is helthy and brilliant after years of use. You just have to use it properly, not to damage your hair. My sister's hair has changed, it is almost completely straight when it dries up by itself, before using the Chi. (After about 4 years of use). I got it for may daughter, and I hope it will do the same for her!!!!...more info
  • AWESOME!!!!
    THE most wonderful flat iron!!! Don't waste money on the cheap ones....just buy this one! So quick and easy and saves time....worth every penny!...more info
    oh my god! i can't even begin to explain how amazing this product is! it made my hair so much healthier, shinier, softer, silkier, everything! i dont know how i lived without it! everyone noticed and thought i had gotten my hair done at the salon! i can curl, straighten, flip, wave, do anything to my hair and all in record timing! this is DEFINITELY worth the money! it is easy and quick to use and makes any hair perfect! i have tried it on 4 of my friends, 1 of them with the most damaged hair i've ever seen, and every single one of them has now bought one for themself, no joke!

    BUY THE CHI!...more info
  • Great product
    I received many positive reviews about this product from my friends... Wanted to give it a try. Ordered it from amazon. Got it well before the estimated arrival date. It arrived in neat packing. Great product. Heats up fast and turns my unmanageable curly hair to smooth and silky soft in minutes... And of course, there's good amount of hair loss just like any other flat iron. But, I had tried other brands and CHI is the best and I would recommend it to everyone who would want a silky straight hair... It is worth the money we spend....more info
  • It is really big
    I did not use the Chi Iron. When I received it I realized how big it is, a bit hard to hold for a long time and hard to maneuver too because of its size, so I returned it same day. And THANKS to Amazon.com, the return process was so easy. ...more info
  • Chi Turbo Flat Iron
    Great Flat Iron, I get a nice straight silky shine from it.
    But the best part is:
    No more torn or ripped hair! I have long thin hair that tends to get caught in or torn by the sides of flat irons. No problems with this new best friend :P High Five!...more info
  • Great straightener!
    I have had my 2" Turbo for over 3 years now and it's worked perfectly. I've traveled all over with it and have just thrown it in my bag numerous times and it's lasted. The felt is worn but that's all that is wrong with it.

    That being said, I have been very lucky with my Chi. It seems to be a hit or a miss with them. Some work great from day 1 and last years, others fail miserably very shortly after purchase. My mother and sister both have had straighteners that have failed very shortly after the year warranty.

    I think that Amazon has the best prices (i'm looking to get a new one for my little sister for Christmas) and is worth the risk ... just keep in mind there is a risk. Judging by the reviews, the defective products seem to make up a small minority. I will be contacting Amazon before my purchase though, to inquire about their return policy for this item. The cost might make it worth buying from here rather than in-store where they fulfill the year warranty but charge twice as much....more info
  • Couldn't be happier
    After owning this flat iron for a year and a half, I'm still happy with it.

    My sister bought it for me as a gift after her hair stylist was showing us the wonders of her Chi. It gets hot fast, never burns me, my hair stays straight all day (I use a little Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide) and my hair feels soft.

    The felt is still perfect on mine and no, I haven't grabbed the wrong end and waited for it to burn me yet. If the warranty is the only thing holding you back, then there's not much anyone can say to change that (just know that in my personal experience I haven't had to use my warranty, it's a solid product as far as I have experienced).

    There are many other flat irons out there and some may do the job just as well, but you can't go wrong with this one. Take care of your Chi (get a case and baby it) and it will serve you well....more info
  • chi turbo
    It's great!!! It does not leave hair frizzy. Best flat iron I have ever used!...more info
    It is definently worth the $$$ to buy a CHI. I have very thick curly hair and can now straighten it in 20 minutes. It used to take at least 40 with my cheap flat iron. I am so happy I bought this product. The only draw back is that it falls over easily on the counter. I would recommend buying the stand for it. ...more info
  • Best flat iron
    It's a great deal! It heats up fast, works great, never any problems. I've had it for a year, and I use it all the time. It makes my hair look so soft and shiney. Try using the CHI heat products to protect your hair. ...more info
  • AMAZING ******
    This CHI Turbo Is the S***.. !!!!!!! It works so good, and I have alot of hair..Straightens in about 10-15 minutes... Don't waste anymore of your money on those cheap ones that fry your hair and only last a year...For sure, just spend a little extra on a CHI and you WILL NOT be dissapointed....more info
  • Great straightener
    The straightener was great but it did not make my daughter's hair 'shiny' as it claimed. Since she saw small kiosks at the local shopping malls where people actually sampled their straighteners and saw how some made her hair silky smooth as well as straight, we're going to the mall to buy one of those straighteners.
    ...more info
  • Very Pleased
    I bought this flat iron after deciding that it would be less expensive to do my hair as opposed to going to the salon. I have not had any problem with this flat iron and it works very well on my hair. I have not noticed any damage, but I also use a heat guard spray by CHI on my hair before I flat iron it. I would highly recommend this flat iron to anyone but especially African American women who are interested in quickly straightening their hair. ...more info
  • Simply awesome
    I have had this flat iron for five years already and it still works great. The only thing is that the felt is starting to come off but other than that the iron works great. My hair is pretty curly and i can straighten really quickly. Currently my hair is a little bit past shoulder length and i can straighten it in half an hour. I would definitely recommend this flat iron. ...more info
    THis straightener is amazing! I have curly, thick hair and this straightener works great! Best straightener Ive ever had,...more info
  • Farouk CHI Turbo Regular 1 inch ceramic flat iron
    This was a birthday gift for my daughter. She thinks it is the best ever. It came fast and perfect. Thanks!...more info
    I live in the south and deal with humidity! I used my sisters Chi once and was instantly hooked! I don't know how I ever survived without one! I have got the thickest, curliest, most unmanagable hair and my Chi makes it looks like silk! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Chi...more info
  • Chi hair straightener a hit!
    Farouk CHI GF1538 Turbo Regular 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener
    Bought this as a gift and feedback is definitely 5 stars. Time doing hair went from 20 minutes down to less than 5 minutes. Definitely worth the price for that smile....more info
  • Chi Flat Iron
    Great price when compared to stores like Ulta, Sephora. When it was used by wife the initial iron wouldn't work. We used Amazon's return and had it replaced in less than a week. Very satisfied....more info
  • So far not happy
    I was happy with my flat iron which I just got a few days ago but not anymore. It doesn't work. I used it once and it worked great.. now it won't even turn on .. so freaking aggravating. blah...more info
  • awesome iron
    what an amazing product. I have used alot of things trying to straighten my hair but this iron is far superior. My hair is like curly frizzy straw, I use this iron and the chi silk infusion and my hair becomes straight and silky without looking greasy.. Thank you Chi!!!!!...more info
  • Best flat iron on the market!......
    This is an awesome straightening iron!! My sisters purchased one first, I used it and loved it. Then my friend got one, and finally I have my own. My hair is wavy, but my friends hair is very curly, and we both are able to achieve silky straight hair with this iron, thanks to the temperature control. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Wow, I am in deep LIKE
    This product is amazing ... I have very curly long hair and my daughter has thick wavy hair ... we both agree that this product ROCKS! Love is such a strong word to use so we are in DEEP LIKE! After using our hair is soft and straight. It also gets the job done in less time....more info
  • Chi Flat Iron
    This is a nice product, but I am not sure that it is all that it is cracked up to be and for the price, some of the cheaper ones work just as well....more info
  • Good Hair Day
    CHI Turbo Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron 2"

    I love this flat iron. I have owned several in the past, both inexpensive and high end appliances, and this one is the best. It is comfortable to use and it leaves my hair lustrous and shiny. It doesn't seem to do as much damage to the hair as others I have used. For someone who has struggled and suffered with curly hair all my life, this is a dream come true....more info
  • Terrible
    The product worked great for about 5 months then the on/off switch went haywire and it quit working. I will never waste my money on another one....more info
  • CHI Turbo
    The CHI Turbo is one of the less expensive professional grade flat irons. This came highly recommended to me by my hairstylist and I have to say it is the most efficient flat iron I've ever used and I get great results. I have very thick, very wavy, shoulder length hair and it takes me about 10 minutes to straighten my hair....more info
  • Not Thrilled....
    Not Thrilled with this purchase. I do not see what all the hype is all about. It does not get as hot as my cheaper flat iron. Big mistake!!!!!!...more info
  • Thank God for the Chi
    I LOVE this flat iron. It's THE best hair product I have ever used. I've tried less expensive irons and there's simply no comparison. It is totally worth the money. It straigtens my hair in minutes without drying it out or making it brittle and my hair is smooth, silky, and stays straight no matter what the weather. Buy it!!...more info
  • The best!!
    I love this straightner! I have very thick,coarse hair and it took forever to straighten. I took a chance on the CHI straightner and it easily cuts my straighting time in half. It was well worth the money, even though it much more than I've ever spent on a straightner before. From now on, I'll only use this straightner!!...more info
  • Great product!
    It's worth the money! It heats up fast, works great, never any problems. I've had it for a year, and I use it all the time. It makes my hair looks so soft and shiney. Try using the CHI heat products to protect your hair....more info
  • Chi - The best one to get!
    I bought this Chi last week and have been so very happy with it. I have shoulder length hair that is very thick and wavy...I'd previously been using a cheap flat iron that would take upwards of 30-45 minutes to straighten my hair...this new CHI took me TWELVE minutes the first day and worked so much better then I had expected!!! My hair looks great. I used some Kendra product with it and its so soft and straight...it looked great the next day too! I purchased the 2'' which isn't really all that big at all. Its easy to manuever. Gets hot quickly. My suggestion though is I have heard from professionals that the Chi has some cord issues...but the reason is because when you are done using your flat iron you usually just wrap the cord around it...I was warned to just leave the cord so it doesn't pull & tug at the base of the iron. I decided my best bet in preventing that would just be to return it back to the box after I have used it and its cooled down...so I store it just like it arrived;) Best iron. Highly recommend...wish I spent the $ sooner!!!!...more info


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