Beyond Anger: A Guide for Men: How to Free Yourself from the Grip of Anger and Get More Out of Life

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It's not a new idea that men tend to express their anger differently than women do. Years of research have shown that men-for many different and complex reasons-are often more violent and less willing to confront and deal with their emotions than women. Now Beyond Anger shows the angry-and miserable-man how to change his life and relationships for the better.

Dr. Thomas J. Harbin helps men understand their anger by explaining what the specific symptoms of chronic anger are and by showing angry men how their actions negatively affect family, friends and co-workers. He offers simple exercises-developed especially for men-that will help men to control their violent feelings, identify when and why they get angry, and to form new habits to prevent anger before it starts. Women, too, will learn essential strategies for understanding and helping the angry men in their lives.

Beyond Anger is: * Honest. Thomas J. Harbin has had to come to terms with his own anger problems, so he understands exactly what angry men are going through.
* Tough. The book doesn't let anyone off the hook. It demands that angry men learn to take charge, stop making excuses, and get their anger under control.
* Real. The book includes the stories of angry men who have learned to recognize their problems and use the book's techniques successfully.

Free of fancy doctor talk and complicated theories, Beyond Anger talks to men in everyday language and provides a wealth of important resources. It is an invaluable guide for the many men struggling to come to terms with their inner battles and to take positive action, and for everyone who has an angry man in their life.

Customer Reviews:

  • Super Fast
    Have not got all that dug into the book yet. The shipping was amazing and got to me faster then anything else I have ever ordered over the internet!!...more info
  • Does he know me?
    Very blows my mind how much I can relate to it. A very good tool for men with anger issues. Enjoyed it....more info
  • A helpful guide to effective anger control and management.
    Harbin honestly presents steps to improve an angry man's ability to control his temper and become less angry. The book effectively pulls no punches by forcing an individual to take an honest look at how he behaves towards others and realize how he is perceived by others. The book was crucial in my understanding of how my anger behaviors hurt my family and it allowed me the courage to become a happier person....more info
  • Great Book!
    My husband found this book so informative and easy to read he read the book in 2 sessions. He could not put it down and he doesn't like to read books. Gave him a lot to think about and work on. I really think this book will be a turning point in his life. This book is great for anyone to read about the man in their life wheither father, son, husband etc....more info
  • Very Helpful
    If you need a place to start - this is a great place!...more info
  • An excellent insight into personal behavior
    This book is a fantastic resource for anyone who has ever wished their angry episodes didn't control their life. There are many insights into not just what you are doing wrong, but how you get there. This book provides helpful suggestions on how to recognize the things that force an angry man to action, as well as how to prevent these anger occurrances. I was so astonished by the accurate portrayals of my own attitude, that at times it made me uneasy. Reading this book will definitely make a difference in an angry man's life. :)...more info
  • My Anger: A Weapon and A Wall
    I have waited for a book like this for a very, very, long time. Like the author, I also searched the bookshelves and I too only found the Dance of Anger - a book for women. I was upset that it was addressed to women only. Why couldn't she handle men's issues as well? So I waited. Unknown to me at the time, Mr.Harbin, the author was preparing his manuscript on this book. Like many men, I too am not willing to admit I have a problem that I could not handle on my own. For the most other problems, I dealt with successfully. But the problem of anger always had a way of surfacing and defeating me. I approached this book with the attitude that I didn't have such a 'bad' problem with anger. I said to myself that if it doesn't apply to me the worst I did for myself was waste $15.00 and four or five hours of reading time. And this was a very small price to pay for a risk. Maybe it was denial that was keeping me from reading this book. After reading the book I found it was denial. Is denial keeping you from reading this book? I was also afraid of losing a powerful asset- my anger power. After reading this book, I found a great and more effective power then anger. For me anger was "A WEAPON AND A WALL" which hurt innocent people and kept loving people away....more info
  • Beyond Anger
    This is an absolute must for any man with anger issues and a lot more men than you would think have them. The thing is a lot of men do stuff with their anger that is both profitable and creative....and therefore legitimate. Or is it? Read this book and then decide for yourself....more info
  • Men Need This (Written By A Man), Women Should Read, Too
    This therapist (a phD) was counseling angry men, when his wife gave him an ultimatim because he was an "angry man". He no longer is & has a great marriage, after lots of work. So, he wrote this book from his own experiences & his patient's & it is a great tool for a man that is TRULY looking to change the way his outlook on life is. I bought it to understand my husband better & he ended up wanting his own copy to work with. It's the only one out there, from this unique perspective. I highly recommend it....more info
  • great read, very helpful
    I bought the book for my husband and so far he is very impressed by it. He said it hits many valid points about anger in men, and he highly recommends it for any man with an anger problem....more info
  • Wonderful and helpful
    Mr. Harbin is honest and upfront with the issue of anger and what is does to families and relationships. I bought this book for my husband and I started to read it. For any women with men that have anger issues, please read this book. I finally found out that I did not have to manipulated and felt guilty by them or controlled. That was the biggest issue. I am finally understanding him and what is happening. I have also brought this book into our couples therapy and it has helped so much....more info
  • Lots of hype, little help!
    As dangerous as the power of anger is, it is a shame that this book sugar coats the issue. He doesn't tell how terrible men's actions are when we are under the influence of anger. The emotion anger provides us with so much power that it scares the hell out of women and children. This same anger used to hill beast in the forest. We see this same anger energy on football fields. Watch out for my book in two and a half years....more info
  • Great read - especially if you don't feel you REALLY have an anger problem
    To give you some background -- the only reason I even began looking for an anger management book was to get my spouse to quit bugging me about occasionally losing my temper. I NEVER became physically aggressive with her or anyone else for that matter, but even I had to admit I got in my fair share of verbal arguments with people and lost my cool more times than I wanted to (even though a lot of times I felt I was provoked). In addition to the nagging from the spouse, I still felt that other people handled similar situations better than I did, so I felt it couldn't hurt to read a book on anger management. The reason I picked this book in particular was because it was written by a man who had an anger issue, so I felt like I was picking up knowledge from someone who at least had a chance of understanding what life as a man was like and who wouldn't write in a way that I felt judged me. Also, the reviews here on Amazon described some situations similar than mine so I felt it might be a worthwhile read. Let me tell you, it was more than a worthwhile read -- this book provided life changing perspective. Again, let me go back to the fact that I never felt I had an anger issue -- in a worst case scenario I felt I was a guy who was at times uptight, and many times misunderstood.

    Reading through this book, for the first time in my life I felt I was understood, and I felt this book helped me understand myself. There were things the author talked about in the book which I would have never in my wildest dreams associated with having an anger issue (ie Feeling guilty when you're not productive and busy 100% of your waking hours), and things I felt which just had to do with a natural tendency to be a little uptight (ie walking through life feeling you're like always at "war" with your guard up) ... but here I was, reading a book on anger management, and page by page I felt I was reading about me.

    One of the most valuable chapters for me was on "mind reading" -- that is, assuming what other people are thinking about you and / or things that you have done, and letting it piss you off to no end. Before I read this book I had no idea how often I was "mind reading" -- now, I catch myself doing it, I stop myself from "mind reading" and its unbelievable how many FEWER arguments I get in and how much happier I am.

    Just perspective alone on some of my daily life issues put me very much at ease with myself. I wasn't an uptight / anti-social guy ... I was a person who never learned a healthy way to vent or release normal levels of anger which one experiences just living life. Do I still occasionally blow my top or get pissed off? Sure, once in a rare while -- but nowhere near what I used to, and with nowhere near the venom of my pre-Beyond Anger outbursts. More than anything else the understanding of myself that this book provided really has increased the amount of happiness in my life exponentially. I had happy moments before I read this book, but I'm not sure I would have ever described myself as a generally happy person ... but after reading this book I have to say, I am happy and the people around me are happy.

    Even if you don't think you have an anger issue, but you feel you probably get in more arguments with people than you would like or you don't describe yourself as a generally happy person -- for you, I highly recommend this book and I hope you get as much out of it as I did. This book was truly life changing for me....more info
  • long on wind, short on solutions
    I bought this book in hopes of learning some good information in regards to anger management. While there was abundant anecdotal evidence, there was repetiveness and a lack of focus on solutions. When it did move into the solution portion, alot of it again floundered in anecdotes. I read the sections with an open mind, but did not recieve the level of information I had hoped for. I think this book is good for the man who wants to see that his concerns are legitimate, but for solutions, this book did not provide them adequately. ...more info
  • A great tool to reduce personal destruction
    Too many men have lived their lives with the false notion that their anger is just part of life, and that nothing can or should be done to reduce it. If you are one of these men you should read this book. It will change your life for the better. Thomas Harbin has done a fine job of revealing the causes and the cures for destructive anger. I recommend this book.

    Wayne D. Ford, Ph.D., author of "Stress Management for Over-Achievers" info

  • Lots of hype, little help!
    As dangerous as the power of anger is, it is a shame that this book sugar coats the issue. He doesn't tell how terrible men's actions are when we are under the influence of anger. The emotion anger provides us with so much power that it scares the hell out of women and children. This same anger used to hill beast in the forest. We see this same anger energy on football fields. Watch out for my book in two and a half years....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I was very pleased with the promp shipping I receied on this item. So far I am finding the book to be very helpful in day to day life. Thanks Amazon!...more info
  • Fatally Flawed
    A book like this that never mentions suicide, a major cause of death among men (see the webpages on suicide of the CDC), is fatally flawed and casts doubt on the author's qualifications. ...more info
  • The first 78 pages are useless.
    The first section of the book, an entire 78 pages are worthless. The author keeps repeating himself with one message: "You have an anger problem, you have an anger problem." Thanks Dr. Harbin, I wouldn't have picked up a book called "Beyond Anger" if I were not aware of this already! I have to wonder, is the author trying to annoy the reader into becoming an angry person? The second section finally gets to the point and tells the reader what to do about their anger issues. However, he brings up various helpful points of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, yet he glosses over them, and does not give them the time they are due. Realizing your own "self talk" is very important, but the reader needs more than to be told, "Listen to what you say to yourself." Yeah, ok... so now what? The author also assumes many things about "Angry Men" which are untrue. This was really annoying to read so many generalizations. For example, the author says, "Angry men refuse to ask for help." Um, no they don't! I am a college student and I am constantly in my instructor's office hours asking for clarification and help. Please don't assume that one reader is identical to everyone else. The writing style of the author is not as good as Dr. Less Carter, and the book needs some attitude adjustment: The "voice" of the book is accusatory and unpleasant. Also, the book fails to talk about people who suffer from general "frustration" or who might have a low-level anger problem. Dr. Harbin lumps everyone into one category, that of wife-beating, out-of-control ex-convicts on the verge of self-destruction. It is really great to know that Dr. Harbin has experience with those kinds of people, but if you are a mostly-normal person who wants to understand why you have feelings of frustration and anger, this book is not for you. The folks at Publishers West Group need to work on heavily editing this book. They could throw out a good 1/3 of the text, and replace it with a new 1/3 entirely: Focus more about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, and actually tell the reader how to help themselves. After all, isn't this a self-help book?...more info


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