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Whether she's interviewing celebrities on the red carpet, or "movin' what she's got" on Dancing with the Stars, Lisa Rinna always looks absolutely sensational. Now for the first time, the award-winning actress who captured our hearts in Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place reveals her best-kept secrets for staying fit, managing weight, looking beautiful, feeling sexy, and living the best life possible.In Rinnavation, her guide to looking and feeling your best, you'll discover: - How Lisa got that Dancing with the Stars body - How to lose weight fast -- without counting calories - How to be "camera-ready" in just minutes - Advice for balancing work and family while also finding time to take care of yourself - Plus: Lisa's instant "lip plumper," quick-fix tanner, everyday makeup advice, hairstyling secrets, and even super-hot sex tips! As a Hollywood star, Lisa has worked with the very best stylists, trainers, and professionals in the industry. Now she shares all her insider secrets, with surprising candor, down-to-earth humor, and irresistible charm. She talks frankly about her self-esteem lows, her struggle losing baby weight, her Hollywood marriage with actor Harry Hamlin, and her never-before-told experiences with cosmetic surgery. She reveals her emotional and spiritual journey from feeling unattractive and uninspired to finding a new sense of purpose and enthusiasm. And she shows you how to dramatically improve the quality of your life -- inside and out -- by approaching it one day at a time."I firmly believe that anyone can change their life for the better," Lisa says. "You just have to make up your mind to make it happen."

Customer Reviews:

    Well, this book was a page turner...only because it was such easy reading.
    If you look at reviews, hubby Harry Hamlin, has added his own five stars.
    I believe that this book is a concerted commercial and in turn a full blown fiasco!
    The book is so much about Lisa, her life, her purchases, her events, her career, her achievements, her loves, her shopping, her expenditures, her favorites, her moments and on and on.
    Her extremely no holds barred approach to sexuality is almost laughable. Harry is happy. So if Harry is happy, she asserts it results in her own fulfillment.
    So what about her choices of plastic surgery, posing for Playboy while pregnant and then again a few years later, considering Howard Stern a guidance force and mentor...gee whiz! Does that sound like she is comfortable in her own skin?
    Her regimens and expenditures to achieve her look and happiness are pretty out there.
    When Lisa writes of healthy food, she is at her best. But she is also at an extreme with her detoxing etc.
    I was so disappointed. I had been drawn in by a few reviews that seemed to indicate there was something special to offer in this book.
    If I was in a slump, an average woman, with average resources, this book would send me over the edge...and not in a good way....more info
  • Honest & Revealing
    Lisa writes with a sincere empowerment for all women - She shares both heartaches and successes that are inspirational. Lisa is a believer in women and we need more of those women out there! Loved Loved Loved the book - Thank you Lisa! ...more info
  • Interesting read, but largely superficial
    Like some other reviewers, I knew of Lisa Rinna from _Melrose Place_, but, since I'm not a big TV watcher, didn't know that what she had been up to lately or that she had recently been on _Dancing with the Stars_. From what I've seen of her, I've always liked her personality, and have thought that she's just gorgeous. Since I love books that are filled with "insider" beauty secrets, though, I thought I'd pick this one up.

    Although Rinna mentions that she started out thinking she'd write a book about fashion, exercise, and beauty, she ultimately decided to reveal some of what she calls the "patterns" of her life in terms of healthy, motherhood, sexuality and marriage, and spirituality. Throughout the book, she opens up about her own successes and failures in life, and shares many of the things she's learned with her readers.

    While none of her beauty/health/fitness tips are ground-breakingly new, I still enjoyed reading this book and, like other readers, found the parts where she revealed more about her own background and life to be more compelling that the other tips. She shares some very personal information with readers (such as her experiences with cosmetic/plastic surgery and her relationship with her husband), and you get the sense that she is deeply committed to her family. That being said, big parts of this book felt like commercials for her new exercise DVDs and her store, and that was a large turn-off.

    Overall, it's an interesting read, but rather superficial, which is the reason why I gave it the three stars. ...more info
  • Not Your Normal Self-Help Book
    I began watching Lisa Rinna years ago on Days of Our Lives. She was always beautiful and captivating, so I was very excited when I saw that she had a book about her struggles and triumphants with beauty and life! This book was a quick read. It has over 200 pages, but the font size is large, and the style is easy to read. Lisa does a great job of keeping the reader engaged in what she is trying to explain. Most of her topics were interesting, some were not applicable or did not relate to me. When she talks in detail about skin treatment, facials, and other beauty regiments, she loses me. A lot of her focus is on outer beauty. I am okay with that as long it is focussed on making you feel better; I don't think women should get so hung up on their outer beauty that they miss enjoying life on a more intimate level.

    Lisa speaks on different enhancement procedures that she's had, and I appreciate her honesty. She is a beautiful girl with great advice. She concentrates a lot of her book on her marriage and things she does to make her personal life more intimate. Even Lisa Rinna has struggled with some depression and feeling inadequate. She has some good insight into how she dealt with each of those issues.

    Lisa writes this book as a real woman with some of the same issues that we all face. Although she's never truly 'struggled' with her weight, she has had baby weight to lose. She has some ideas about weight loss that are scientifically supported and easy to adapt. She believes in eating small, healthy meals throughout the day. She also gives some details about cleansing the liver and going on a liquid fast to cleanse the system. Her recipes are an added bonus!

    Lisa is one of those weird ones who actually enjoys exercise! Yuck! For those of us who don't just love exercise, she gives us ideas on how to quick start our exercise regime. She also has some methods for losing weight fast to fit into a special dress. Those methods include both exercise and eating right.

    She pays some homage to Howard Stern a few times in the book. He is not a man that impresses me, so that part was a little disappointing. She also has read and gained an understanding of "The Secret". I have some major issues with the subjects contained within it. All in all, Lisa is sharing her tried and true methods that have helped her achieve a healthy body, a healthy marriage, and is now allowing her to enjoy her 'best life ever.'...more info
  • Standing Ovation on Rinnavation!
    Fantastic book! Each of us go thru similar journeys and can relate to each other in so many ways. Waiting to read the next one!...more info
    Run don't walk to get this book! Rinnavation will change your life from the inside out
    it will MOTIVATE AND INSPIRE YOU TO FEEL AND LOOK BETTER! its filled with tons of great tips
    and Lisa shares some very intimate things about her life and her journey things that will suprise you!
    i am so proud of Lisa! This girl is game! i love her she rocks!!...more info
  • Lisa Rinna loves (insert FAD here)
    Okay, I feel like a real witch writing this review. Why? because I truly think Lisa Rinna is a nice woman, a bit of a sweet "sucker" may be a nice way of putting it. I have a friend who follows every trend, fad and new beauty gadget there is up for offer. For example, the Vietnamese guy who was "only in town for one week, better get an appointment to get the toxins removed from your body via your foot"! You know that kind of person, the non-cynic, the person that has money to splurge and is ever optimistic the next thing will change their life. This is not an intellectual beauty book, but such a thing may be an oxymoron.

    That's not to say everything she offers up in this book is Whacko, no, and not to say she doesn't walk the walk, this woman has a killer body and has worked at it her entire career. From Jazzercise to Ball Room Cardio (her product), this woman dances and exercises her bod into a hard body and I respect her for that. She also has good advice (not new advice) on how to eat healthily.

    I give the book 3 stars because it's simply not well-written, but EASY to read, which may appeal to her target audience. While I personally did not learn one single "beauty secret" that had me running for the stores, I bet some people will.

    The book may be worth buying just to read about Lisa's lips!!! I know I couldn't wait to find out what happened there. You cannot help but like this woman, she is so frank about her life with Harry Hamlin and her own insecurities. She is from Medford, Oregon and you will not forget this as she mentions it over and over again (O.K., we get it, small time girl goes to Hollywood, meets handsome actor and becomes a star!)

    ...more info


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