Body-for-LIFE for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation

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It's not all about the jeans; flattening the tummy helps fight "Toxic Fat"--the disease-inducing weight Dr. Pamela Peeke teaches women how to conquer in Body-for-LIFE for Women. Her firm belief is, most women already know what they're supposed to do: eat a balanced diet, ditch junk food, exercise, think positively. Peeke strives to show her "girlfriends" how to accomplish these tasks, customizing plans for young and old. Clients' stories (including a 95-year-old who worked herself out of a wheelchair and into a martial arts class, and a 14-year old who replaced 90 lbs. of fat with a healthy load of self-confidence) lend credence to Peeke's 12-week weight reduction plan; so do the wowsie before-and-after pictures. Gender-specific scientific evidence supports Peeke's premise that women's bodies require different care than men's. But she doesn't stop there. Interview
Read our interview with Pam Peeke.
Peeke digs deeper for her audience, defining four hormonal milestones of a woman's life (menarche to beyond menopause) and customizing a physical and mental transformation plan to suit each. Easing off on strict calorie and weight guidelines, she focuses instead on serious fat reduction, muscle improvement, and practical suggestions for self-care. A handful of charts and formulae help readers assess their progress; sample exercises and fitness logs help, too. But for Peeke, weight reduction pales to bolstering a woman's self-worth through nurturing healthier habits. The only rough pill to swallow is Peeke's two-page list of smart foods: it lacks suggestions for turning acceptable proteins, carbohydrates and fats into palatable daily meals.--Liane Thomas

The bestselling Body-for-Life? program is now tailored just for women-to help them achieve dramatic weight loss and body-changing fitness in just 12 weeks!

The #1 New York Times bestseller Body-for-Life helped millions of people the world over to build stronger bodies and enjoy a higher quality of life. Now Pamela Peeke, M.D., M.P.H., bestselling author of Fight Fat After Forty, adapts the unique insights of the Body-for-Life program to the specific hormonal, metabolic, and physiological requirements of women so they can achieve the same life-transforming results.

Dr. Peeke draws on cutting-edge research as she fashions a 12-week eating, exercise, and emotional health program, specially tailored to women. Among the book's highlights: o Stunning new before-and-after photographs with testimonials o Over 100 black-and-white photographs demonstrating the exercises o A Q&A section that anticipates and answers questions the reader might have

Dr. Peeke's appearances on Oprah, Larry King Live, Dateline, Primetime, Today Show, CNN Headline News, and other shows illustrate how inspirational she can be-and never more than in this book, motivating and instructing readers to make the changes that will produce a lifetime of mind and body fitness.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent guide to women's weight removal through healthy eating and exercise
    In Body for Life for Women, Dr. Pamela Peeke takes the original Body for Life concepts and gears them more specifically towards women. In particular, she focuses on the four "hormonal milestones" of a woman's life (menstruation/early adulthood, childbearing years, perimenopause/menopause, postmenopause). Not only does Dr. Peeke clearly understand the special needs of women in each of these stages, but also she tailors her advice to match each stage.

    Dr. Peeke presents a simple weight removal program (she doesn't like the term "weight loss," which implies that the weight has gone missing and you want it back!) which focuses on three main areas: Mind, Mouth, Muscle. Mind involves dealing with the psychological/emotional obstacles to removing weight, and Dr. Peeke offers specific suggestions for how to identify your own personal motivation and to persevere. Mouth addresses your eating habits. Rather than offer a specific diet plan, Dr. Peeke presents simple eating guidelines. She classifies food into three basic categories--smart protein, smart carbs, and smart fats--and explains exactly how many portions you will need from each category in order to meet your goals. The final segment of the program, Muscle, is the exercise component; here, Dr. Peeke stresses the importance of both cardio AND weight training to achieve success. She presents a variety of cardio options, and the weight exercises are clearly described and illustrated in the appendix.

    Although the above program is structured, it is by no means overly strict. Dr. Peeke encourages you to go at your own pace: if you want to begin by making dietary changes but aren't yet ready to tackle exercise, she tells you to go for it. In fact, throughout the book, she comes across as extremely supportive, caring, and encouraging (although I found her "you go girl"-type statements to be a little over-the-top at times). Her writing is very straightforward, and she maintains a "you can do it!" attitude throughout. But, if you need further encouragement, you don't have to look any further than the amazing book jacket "before and after" photos and the truly inspiring success stories contained within the text.

    This book is ideal for any woman who is ready to follow an uncomplicated weight removal plan that will lead to lifetime changes. My only caveat would be to mention that if you are looking for a program that more regimented and restricted, this book might not be for you, but I highly recommend it to all others....more info
  • Read This Book Now!
    This book is a "must read" for women of all generations. No matter where you are in life or what your personal challenges are, you probably have a nagging feeling that putting yourself last will eventually interfere with the plans you've made for your life. Regardless of what you've tried in the past, if you are serious about making lasting changes in the way you care for yourself, this book is written for you. If you're like me, you've read alot of books and actually know quite a bit about what to what's stopping you? Dr. Peeke's Mind-Mouth-Muscle is a powerful "toolkit" that helps you tap into the power of your deepest motivations, add new knowledge to what you already know, and create your own personal plan - one that will work for you every day of your precious life.

    My personal target motivations that are powerful enough to work "in the moment" no matter what my day brings...and I've learned to apply considerable skill as a "Master Re-grouper" to my own self care with incredible results. By the 8th week of my first 12 week weight removal segment, I realized that I was no longer following a program. I had a new set of habits that "work" in any scenario. It's amazing how incredibly easy it is to find alternatives to almost any situation once you make it a priority. Plus, there is an amazing momentum that has spilled over in to other aspects of my work and my life. If I can do this well with my crazy life, anybody can do it!
    ...more info
  • Overall - good purchase
    This book spells out how to eat and live a healthier life. However, it is for women who are in different stages of life. As a result, you have to weed through a lot of material that doesn't really apply to you. The layout is organized so that you can easily skip the sections that do not apply to you.

    Overall, I am pleased with the book. The author provides a hard dose of reality. ...more info
  • Great accompaniment to Body for Life
    Doing Body for Life? This book is a great accompaniment to Body for Life. It builds on BFL and helps women to get the answers that we need. Men can gain a better understanding of women with this book. It should not replace Body for Life, but supplement it....more info
  • Practical and inspirational
    I found the book to be both practical and inspirational. So many books on losing weight just recycle the same methods and this book breaks that pattern. The women described are people I could find in my own friendship network or see in any mall when I shop. Like me, they have busy lives and find it hard to make time for themselves. But with the program outlined in this book, I see a way for me to reset my patterns and lose weight and to do so within the context of my whole life, not just as a sidebar to everyday living. I think Dr. Peeke took a big risk in writing this book because it does break the rules - it faces the issue that "traditional lessons" in the world of weight loss need to be re-examined. At times,the book seems to be talking directly to me, showing me that she truly understands the special issues that women face in the daily challenges of working hard to be fit and healthy. I'm charged up with practical information that I can put to work today and I've already started the 12 week plan! It is my intention to not only reshape my body, but reshape my life as well so that I've got a long range plan that will sustain me over the many years I've got left. ...more info
  • True Lifestyle
    I found Body For Life For Women the best program I've ever followed ! Who know's a woman body better than a women and one that's a doctor at that !This program is truly a lifestyle we all can live with ! Your results are truly amazing put fourth the effort and you will see the body transform right before your very eyes !Take the challenge and see the body changes you've alway's dreamed of ! The eating plan is so easy you will have no problem sticking with it longterm !...more info
  • good book for women.
    This title gives a little more personisation for women from the original body for life. ...more info
  • Amazing Book - Exactly what I Needed
    I'm a 40+ female who has 2 children under 4 years old. This book "sang" to me. Ever since I had kids and turned the big 4-0, something happened to my body where it just feel apart. If you wonder what is happening to your body, this book will explain to you all the different "phases" of a womans life cycle. Ever since I had my youngest child 3 years ago, I've had people asking me when I was due again and guessing that I was 5 months pregnant. This book did a wonderful job explaining that lovely fat just under your belly button, Pamela Peeke calls it the menopot. In 2 1/2 weeks my menopot has shrunk enough where I no longer look pregnant. Yes, I still have a small "love handle" under my belly but by reading this book it enlightened me to how I had to change my eating habits for the particular phase in my life and why. It also explained how to burn the fat off your body without killing yourself. I've dedicated just 30-40 minutes a day either with cardio or the sample weight lifting exercises in this book and its made a significant increase in my energy level. I used to sit on the couch in the evenings even too tired to walk to the bedroom. Now my energy level has increased so much I've had more time and energy to play with my young children.

    A few key points I took from this book:
    I only needed to workout 30 minutes a day to achieve a more physical fit body
    Muscle burns calories faster
    Always have a Plan A, Plan B....
    Eat Healthier and don't over indulge
    Keep Moving

    One Plan A, Plan B Option I had to figure out in the 2 1/2 weeks:
    It was raining significantly outside so I no longer could walk, Plan A - I bought DVDs and did my 30 minute cardio inside

    Keep those "Plan As and Bs" going and by reading this book, I truly feel many woman can significantly improve their health, energy level and lose weight. ...more info
  • Too many excuses not to do it!
    I ordered both the original Body for Life (which I love) and this other "for Women" version when I was deciding to make a change in my life. While the original is short, succinct and very well organized, the "for women" version is too long, too involved and seems to list tons of reasons why women won't be able to succeed at this plan! This is one time when simple is best - man or woman, go with the original Body for Life instead of this knockoff that tells us we'll never really look that good and probably won't get through the program because we're too emotional, but all that's ok because WE ARE WOMEN. It's poopy!...more info
  • Body for Life for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation
    Finally, a plan designed for the needs of women. I have only been on the plan for 3 weeks (of 12) and I can already attest to the fact that this is a plan I can stick to. Whether you want to lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight/lifestyle, this plan offers a realistic approach to the needs of women (including "chill outs" that leave wiggle room for chocolate). You get what you put in - no whining allowed. Realistic without deprevation. Includes "real" food and portion guidelines. ...more info
  • Inspiring
    The book makes a ton of sense. I found it to be very helpful and informative especially for myself; I'm in milestone three. I love the weight routines....more info
  • Great to read!
    We have all the Body for Life books and love how informative they are. Any time we had a question, we were able to look in the book and there was the answer. It is a great way to live on this diet because you can still have all the things you want, but using portion control and being able to withstand the cravings....more info
  • Stick to the Original Body for Life
    The message I got from this book is:
    If you are past menopause, forget about looking good. Your goal with the Body for Life program, in this final, last phase of your life (phase 4,) should be to live independently as long as you can, with out getting sick.

    Just five years ago I did the original Body for Life and had great success. I thought this book would be an accompaniment to the original Body for Life by Bill Phillips, with more emphasis on how to tailor the program for women. For the most part, it was about Dr. Peeke's research into the four phases of a woman's life and how they contribute to weight gain.

    Long on data and cute remarks "girlfriend", short on motivation and help.

    ...more info
  • 3 1/2 stars
    This was a very good read, and the pictures on the covers are very impressive. However, as anyone who has done the original Body-for-LIFE knows, and as the author does acknowledge about midway through the book, those results in those pictures were achieved by doing the original Body-for-LIFE. Dr. Peeke has made changes to those exercise programs that worked so well.

    With that in mind, the rest of the book is very much on the same wavelength as the original, but the motivation section is much more geared toward women. The health explanations are given in milestones that correlate with a woman's place in life in regard to estrogen. I found the section on mind tools and specifically the section on finding emotional bull's eyes to be very effective.

    To make it short, I would have liked to have seen the original Body-for-LIFE exercise routine as an option in this book. Dr. Peeke does make reference to it by suggesting readers refer to that book for that plan. I did also like that Dr. Peeke adressed stretch exercises, too....more info
  • Original BFL is Better
    I like the original BFL book- this one has too much unneeded information, plus it is not very clear on the actual plan!...more info
  • So bad, I returned it
    This book was so bad, I returned it. It doesn't even have a plan in it like the original Body for Life book. It talks about the stages of life for women - before baby, after baby, and menopausal. I didn't get any new information that I didn't already know. ...more info
  • This book WILL keep you motivated!!!
    I have been trying to lose the same 25 pounds for the last 11 years. Although I started healthy eating prior to reading this book it has been a GREAT tool. It has educated me on proper eating habits and has wonderful workout tips not to mention the awesome success stories that have been a constant source of motivation for me. I am 14 pounds lighter and have gone from a 12/14 to a slim size 8 but this book hasn't just changed my body it has changed my life!!! If you are even thinking of trying to lose weight I truly believe you will have a better chance of sticking to it and reaching your goal if you read this book. I love this book and disagree with other reviewers that said it's not worth the paper it is printed on. If you are a professional weightlifter and dietician this book is not for you. If you are over weight, eat crap and are ready to fess up to your unhealthy life style this book is for you!...more info
  • my review
    fast shipping love the book it gets a little preachie but it keeps you sayin i wanna lose weight...more info
  • Not as good as the original

    I love the Body for Life program and started it in 1999 when Bill was on Montel. I was excited to see the Body for Life for Women book and thought it would be a great book to refresh my workout/eating and get more motivation from the book. It was nothing like the original Body for Life. There is some good information, but really the BFL book outlines and gets you motivated to change your life. This book did not.

    If you are starting out and want to change your life please pick up the original BFL. Good Luck! ...more info
  • Opinion on Body for Life shipment
    Finally a book about women FOR women. Let's face it, we can't lift weights, do military-style push-ups, and squats like the guys--but we can do good things for our bodies and have a good attitude about it. Pamela Peeke shows us how and how other women have succeeded before us. I really like the before and after pictures....more info
  • Often inspiring
    To be honest, I had expected something else. Dr. Peeke's book Body For Life for Women has many success stories, but those where not really interesting to me because I believe it will help.

    I had expected a more detailed eating plan and training plan, because I thought men and women are different. I was not looking forward to a body building body, but a more lean body.

    The exercises mentioned in this book contained less reps than the ones Billy presented. An explanation about why women had to do less reps, where not mentioned. To be more aware about my training would give me more understanding how to treat my body. What will increase my metabolism and how? Another thing which was not really clear to me was the total reps, do rep 12 to 20 reps, then 12 to 15 reps and 8 to 10 reps. So this was not very clear to me, so I chose the highest number, thinking that must be good.
    Doing the abs crunches was a bit unclear, I had not been able to find the number of reps and sets it was required to do these exercises, since you don't have weights. Maybe you can, but put them on you chest or so.

    I was told that people have different body types and that the training has to be adjusted according, pearshapes, versus apple etc. Unfortunately, this information was not available.

    However the explanation about the different milestone, where interesting, same as the information about losing muscle was an eye-opener to me.

    If one person has to train at home, how would the training program look like, instead of buying all kinds of stuff, where you have no place to put. What kind of exercises should a person do. Like walking up de stairs for your calves and legs and so on.
    About the mouth part, the body for life smart foods table, is that all? I am a chinese woman and I do eat different types of chinese veggies, which are available in chinese grocery stores, how many can I eat of those? How about different kind of herbs like basil, koreander, mint etc. I use lots of herbs and I am not sure whether it fits in the eating plan. How about small chilipeppers,is that okay?

    I do consult the book often if I am buying groceries and I review the training exercises. The language is very easy to read and it the content is very encouraging as well, which does help.

    ...more info
  • Body For Life - lite
    My wife and I are reviewing this book together. She opted to straighten up the kitchen if I did the typing. Works for me! Be aware that we are tough graders. If you don't tell the bad with the good then these reviews aren't worth much.

    The book has some merit that I'll get to in a minute, but first the negatives (for us, anyway). Over all it seems to be the output of a marketing buzz saw, not much more. In Texas they might say "big hat, not many cattle." It obviously attempts to ride on the success of the original BFL book by its layout, color, and dimensions but that's were the similarity ends. The two are night and day. It takes about 85 pages or so before it says anything particularly actionable. Up till then it plays up the "woman as victim" and "it's not my fault" routine big time. We don't really see anything new added to the health and fitness discussion in either the diet or exercise area, and what real content there is, is contained in just a handful of tables and pages that is readily available on the Internet for free.

    Positive: If you lack self confidence and need some encouragement and hand-holding, the book does do a lot of that. If you are the kind of person that gets inspired by before & after photos and reading brief "changed my life" testimonials, this could be the book for you. Actually, the book goes beyond typcial b&a photos- it give you before, after, AND several years after (unfortunately, if you look close you can see a high percentage of back-sliding in the third photo! We appreciate the editors honesty.)

    The best part of the book in our oppinion is appendix C, the six pages of daily recording templates for diet and exercise. We believe using such devices can really help a person that is struggling with change, keeping you on track. Appendix A, the actual exercise photos and descriptions is pretty useful also as a reference.

    All in all, the book will likely be useful for only those that have little to no experience with health and fitness programs. Its main positives are it encourages and provides basic information. Be wary of self-help books that the cover is dominated by a photo of a person with a stethescope hanging around their neck and a forward from a celebrity - Cindy Crawford, in this case (what does she not endorse, anyway?) ...more info
  • The Original is Better.
    Having long been a fan of Bill Phillips and devotee of Body For Life, I was intrigued by the idea of Body For Life For Women and bought a copy as a gift for my wife. Day One: I received the book in the mail. Day Two: My wife and I each read the book and discussed it. Day Three: I returned the book by mail. Why? Two reasons. First, the material about the four phases of a woman's life, although interesting, was quite useless to her exercise and nutrition program, and the rest of the material didn't offer more than that found in the original Body For Life. Second, we found the book not as well organized, presented, and illustrated as the original and it included many unnecessary charts and tables. Simply put, my wife decided she will stick with the Phillips original because it's complete and so much better. ...more info
  • Nutrition and exercise for those over forty
    I listened to the audio version of this book first, and then read the actual book. The audio version was a little more interesting, and doesn't have as much information thrown at you. It was basically an overview, and obviously did not contain the different charts and success stories.

    "Body For Life for Women" is mainly geared for women over forty. I would not recommend it to anyone thirty or under, even though she mentions a few things for women in their reproductive years.

    Overall, I found this book a little boring, and there wasn't much new that wasn't already in the original "Body For Life". However, a few things that I did find helpful were recommendations for supplements for women that are in perimenopause and menopause, some of the things your body will go through in those stages and how to counteract that. I also liked the section "The Muscle Formula at Work: The Body for Life for Women Training Method". Dr. Peeke covers how to measure your workout and diet progress, gives a workout schedule, and then in the Appendix she provides pictures of Upper body and Lower body weight lifting exercises....more info
  • Huh??
    I don't get some of these gushing book reviews. Are we reading the same book? I didn't really check it over but bought it on impulse knowing that it was a best seller. The content is so basic and common sense, if I hadn't bought it at an airport while traveling I would be asking for my money back. All the before and after pictures are kind of entertaining but that's about it. The original Body for Life Book, Joe X, or 5-Factor Fitness are all much better . True, they aren't women-specific. But they're gender-neutral, and won't leaving you guessing what to do. I found Peeke's book rather wishy-washy. I'm giving it two stars instead of one because editing and production quality are good, plus I know some women will find its presentation helpful. Just not me. ...more info
  • It works
    Diets are boring; working out is worse. Then you find you have to do something because your doctor is on your case. This plan actually works. I was introduced to it by a trainer at a gym and I have not just my own progress to monitor but also a bunch of other over-the-hill types in the same boat as me. We're stronger, slimmer, and walk proud. It gives step by step instructions on weight lifting how-tos, power bars, the usual what-to-eat/what-not-to-eat, multi-vitamins - absolutely everything. Besides being a good read, it motivates the reader into action....more info
  • Not as easy as Dr. Peeke makes it sound......
    This book has some interesting ideas but it does not give you a complete layout to follow, it does talk about the diet, the good foods and the bad and it does give you a workout schedule and the exercices.....but for me it is more like this is the big picture if you can put it together then you will succeed. I took the information part of this book and will walk the weight off one walking day at the time.........more info
  • Unbelievable piece of junk!.. Somebody, please buy my copy!
    If you have extra money to waste, do me a favor - please buy my copy!.. I've purchased this audio book with the hope to stay motivated with the Body For Life program. Instead, I got SO SICK listening her annoying voice and stupid common sense bla bla! If you evere have been in the gym and tend to take care of your body - I can guarantee you - you'll know everything what you are about to "learn" from this author. Bill Phillips should demand her to change the title - it is SO misleading! ...more info
  • Body for life for Women
    Dr Peeke shows women the way to a more fit and healthly body.The layout is geared toward the women who trains at home, the program can be done in the gym just as easyly.Loved the chapter on hormones and weight gain and the foods to help fight the battle of the tummy. Good pictures throughout the book....more info
  • Too "Women Unite" for Me
    I agree with reviewers who liked the original Body For Life very much and got this thinking that, as a woman, perhaps this would be even more helpful to me.

    Well, it wasn't. There is some good information but far too much, in my opinion, women empowerment--a word I've come to hate--and weird psychobabble philosophy.

    The exercises are pretty much the same. Which is good since those in Bill Phillips' book cover everything. I liked the nutritional advice and meal plans in Phillips book much better also. Just too much of the same of everything but what is different wasn't particularly inspiring to me.

    My advice is to stick with the original. I highly recommend it.
    ...more info
  • Finally I got it, I don't need to diet!!!!

    I received Pamela's book last Christmas. I read it while I ate sweet potates, ham, gravy, chocolates and cookies. As soon as 2nd of January came, I was so inspired by the book I decided to take the challenge. First time in my life I was not on a diet I was making a lifestyle change forever. Today five months after I took the challenge I am still following Pamela's guidelines. They became default in my head. I am not on a diet I simply changed my eating habits. Thank you Pamela!!
    ...more info
  • Great stuff!
    This is a great book for women intersted in transforming their lives and their bodies. Good content time-phased for a woman's life and lots of good material and advice. ...more info
  • A must read for every woman of every age!!
    I am a typical 40 year old woman who was fit and healthy BK (before kids!!). I kind of lost myself after having my children and had a hard time getting back into an exercise routine and healthy lifestyle! This book is all those wonderful things that I already knew to be positive and healthy but had a hard time putting back into my day. This book gave me the strength to get back on track and to take the necessary steps to a better life. I have lost 12 lbs. and have about 10 to go!! I know that with the support of Dr. Peeke and her words of strength and wisdom I will make it without any trouble!! I have shared this wonderful book with so many people and I hope every woman regardless of her age will read it!! ...more info
  • Inspiring
    I found this to be a great book! I have the first one by Bill Phillips and found that good as well, but in many ways lacking for me because it's geared for men. Dr. Pam Peeke takes care of that to the tenth degree! You can reach your goal, even when you have a crazy lifestyle that makes most plans seem impossible. ...more info
  • Disappointed
    I thought this book would be an adaption of Bill Phillips Body for Life adjusted to fit womens needs. I felt there was very little of Phillip's principles in the book. The menu is changed. There is no discussion of Bill's work out regiment - which is the core of his program! This book is geared toward middle-aged women who have no program....more info
  • I am on the path to the new me!
    I loved the book! I read it from front to back and I re-read it all the time. The book changes you and helps you become that wonderful person that we all have inside. I think that the book is right that sometimes we need a life change to give us that jump start that you need to "Just do it"! I started the 12wk challenge and I am on my way down the path to the new me. I am going to remove 30LBS and never again will I see them. I truely loved how she put it, you need to remove the weight not loose it because you can loose something and find it again. By removing the weight you won't ever see it again! :)
    I hope that as others read this book they take the pluge and endulge in the challenge and be that wonderful, healthy person that they have inside! Believe me I am a new woman!

    Thanks for everything, Megan...more info
  • Back to Basics!
    This book is inspiring and very easy to read. Dr. Peeke's down to earth, tell it like it is advice is refreshing. This is really just back to the basics... eating 5 small meals per day and exercising 6 times per week. Dr. Peeke gives food suggestions and workout instructions. I've been keeping track of everything in my Mind, Mouth, Muscle journals and am comforted to know that we're not all perfect, and if you can follow the simple plan at least 80% of the time, you're doing great! After my 2nd child, I've struggled to take off the 55 pounds I gained during pregnancy and bedrest. This plan has made me feel better than I have in a long time and my clothes are getting big! Thank you for an easy, healthy, non-fad way of living, eating and working out! ...more info
  • Seriously?
    Are you kidding me? Let me start by saying that I have not read the entire book- but I don't need to!! Ladies- don't sell yourself short...why would you NOT follow the original BFL plan? Eat clean and balanced, train hard, believe in's that simple. The very IDEA of "BFL book for women" suggests that women cannot/will not succeed with the original plan....ridiculous. Get Bill Phillips book instead and go get 'em girl!! ...more info
  • Skim it and take what speaks to you
    I work-out regularly---I have all my life. I gained weight because of a medication glitch. The nutritionist that I worked with to lose the weight recommended this book. I think that it is good for women who are just getting to know themselves physically and mentally. It was overkill for me. In order to keep my life sane, I adapted the workout routine in the book to fit with the fitness classes thet I was already taking. Had I tried to adhere to every tenant and suggestion in the book, I'd have been miserable and I'd have had to re-arrange my entire life. Plus, some of the weight-checking and note-posting that the author suggests would have served only to make me more depressed over my weight gain. I know myself and I took from the book what would work for me and left the rest. ...more info
  • Good information
    I like the information in this book and how it is conveyed. It's easy to understand and follow....more info
  • Can we have something that doesn't assume women are stupid and shallow?
    OK, that title is not quite fair because Ms. Peeke does her best to inspire her readers and really means well, but... I wasn't looking for something that reads like a mainstream women's magazine.

    I bought this book after getting the original Body For Life because I thought it would be a useful adjunct from a woman's point of view. The only reason I am giving it three stars is for its list of exercise equipment and the list of exercises that don't require a gym.

    I know lots of people like to believe that weight loss is all about calorie theory but that's not remotely where the cutting-edge nutrition researchers are these days. They're learning that the human body processes different macronutrients in different ways, and not all calories are used or stored. So I really didn't need another book about calorie theory: when I can eat 2000 to 3000 calories a day and still lose weight, AND be eating high-fat, AND am not exercising regularly, something ain't kosher in the land of Denmark. I would like dietary advice that doesn't ask me to starve myself, thanks.

    I also did not need an essentialist tome about how DIFFERENT women are from men. Granted, there are some physical differences, but they are not so great as to be insurmountable. And I am not a "girl," and I do not necessarily feel I am part of this great gender monolith of people who all think alike just because they were born with XX chromosomes.

    I will use this for the exercise tips, but otherwise I prefer Bill Phillips's book (although his has flaws as well). Also, the original BFL shows you how to participate in the Program, and this one is not connected to the Program at all. So if you're a woman and haven't bought the other book yet but think this one will help you do that twelve weeks properly, you've now been warned....more info


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