What to Expect the Toddler Years

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Covering the years two and three of a child's life, this comprehensive guide for parents of toddlers contains useful information about such topics as sleeping problems, tantrums, discipline, peer pressure, toilet training, and much more. Original. Tour.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Book
    If you liked the pregnancy and first year book from this series, they you will like this book just as much :)
    NOTE: I am a total believer in nursing and its benefits and did not feel that this book discourages breastfeeding of newborns/infants of any age.
    ...more info
  • Great for a step by step review
    I enjoyed the previous books in the series. And this does not disappoint. Great book, you don't feel like you have to read 20 chapters to get to where your kid is at in development....more info
  • Good, but not a "Must Read"
    What to Expect the Toddler Years provides a plethora of questions with answers regarding behavior, problems, growth, and various issues that arise with a toddler. It is a good reference book for parents or caregivers of two and three-year-olds.

    While I recommend "What to Expect When You're Expecting," and "What to Expect the First Year," I don't feel that this book is a "must read." It does contain a lot of information, but not enough about the things that I was concerned about as a parent. I was interested in solving my child's sleep problems. This book advocates crying it out, which I don't personally agree with. I also did not find the advise for weaning from the breast to be particularly helpful.

    There is a decent section on toilet training and a decent section on dealing with tantrums that is worth looking at.

    I might also add that I found that the "What Your Toddler May Be Doing Now" section for each month was three months behind what my child was doing.

    If you are curious about the book, I would suggest going to the library first and checking it out. If it has information that you think you could use, then buy it....more info
    Purchased for my step-daughter. She has other books from the series and just loves them. Waited many months for the book to come out due to delays but it was worth while. Recommended....more info
  • Helpful book
    I do like this book alot. It has chapters by the months of age and milestones your child should be reaching and it also has special chapters on specific things like emergency and sickness. I don't listen to everything it says, but it is a good reference book on toddlers. I do recommend this book for parents with toddlers. ...more info
  • Needs to be updated
    This book has the same format as the other "What to Expect" books, but some of the information is out of date. This is not a book to read if you are breastfeeding, or if you are practicing any version of attachment parenting. The breastfeeding section quotes studies that have since been proven wrong, and will make you feel guilty for breastfeeding your child past their first birthday. I returned this book, and am looking for a more up to date toddler reference....more info
    This book is like 15 years out of date!!!! Maybe it's "buyer beware" - but I mad the assumption that this book is just as updated as "What to Expect When You Are Expectating" - and that is NOT the case!@...more info
  • Great for the NEW mommy
    Great book gives you lots of info on those....what is she/he doing this month questions!!...more info
  • Pretty good so far
    So far this book is pretty good. I haven't had it long, but so far it's on target at where my 13 month old is at. Yes, I agree with the other reviewers about the advice on weaning your breastfed baby. I also breastfeed and plan on doing it for awhile, however the advice for people who want to wean is actually very good. Who says you have to do it now, do it when you are ready. Other than that, the book is pretty good....more info
  • Eh, it was okay, but...
    The first two entries into this library were great, but this book did not live up to my expectations. Some of the advice given was outdated, and sometimes just plain wrong. I have used it a bit, and I do read the monthly chapters as my child ages, but I would not use it as my primary source of information, and certainly not as my sole source of information. ...more info
  • One of the best books
    It is a very useful book that guides you through your baby's growth through toddler years....more info
  • well represented
    The product I received from your store was perfect. The online description was accurate and well represented. Thank you....more info
  • What to Expect the Toddler Years
    The book was received in a timely manner and it was in good condition....more info
  • It's okay but please do independent research
    Beaing a conscientious parent like everyone else her I would say this book is a good reference but warn everyone to take the information with a pinch of salt! Parenting is both an art and science and a good parent will research for an evidence based approach to healthy parenting. Unfortunately this book, despite well written, falls short of that expectation! I would still recommend it for someone who would want a quick reference guide on the go!...more info
  • A must have for parents, grand-parents, and sitters!!
    All in all, this is a must have for parents of toddlers. If you only buy one book on raising toddlers, this should be it. When I was originally considering this purchase, I held off based on many bad reviews. I loved What to Expect When You're Expecting and What to Expect the First Year. Many of the reviews stated that this book was nothing like its predecessors and recommended Toddler 411 (another good book and a nice companion to this, but more medical in nature - I definitely recommend buying together). However, I recently purchased this book in my quest for some serious help with "Terrible 2's". I couldn't decide which book would be best, so I bought 6! Anyway, I am amazed, although I haven't read all I need to on terrible 2's.

    I will give a nice breakdown of the pros and cons that I have found so far compared with what other reviewers said which made me originally not purchase this book. First off, it has been noted that it's difficult to find a lot information on a single topic, such as night waking, for example. You can sometimes find it in the index, but the issue is discussed on different pages so you have to flip around from one section to another in the hope that at least one of those pages will address the point on which you need guidance. But you can usually put all the information together to at least give you general information and clues on how to begin attacking the issue at hand. Also, since toddlers don't really change on a monthly basis, such as this layout mirrors its previous versions, it can be annoying when you're looking for a solution to the tantrum that your child is currently having. But that only accounts for about 1/3 of the book. The remainder of the book has chapters dedicated to certain issues, such as potty training.

    The book is a bit wordy with a lot of irrelevant introductions. I just skip the first paragraph or so and read the important information. Also, you need to take some of the information with a grain of salt since there are some controversial issues discussed, such as breast feeding. Don't hate the book because it says you should wean your child by age 1. This is how most people do it, and if you don't want to you don't have to. I actually skipped most of that section since my child was already weaned when I made this purchase. Children who are weaned by age 1 grow up to be perfectly healthy adolescents and adults - as do children who remain on the breast until age 2. Don't read too much into the information you are reading because you can take it too personally. This book is written in very broad terms to try and suit the vast majority of people.

    At almost 1,000 pages, there is a lot of information in this book. I just read about 10 pages on traveling with an infant/toddler, including abroad. It includes do's and don'ts for air, car, and train travel, as well as what to expect at different types of sleeping locales. This book includes all the basics with a lot of extra information that is useful. It is hard to have a book about everything and have it include EVERY scenario because the book would be too big to print! This is definitely an abridged version of a toddler training manual.

    This book is one of those that should be read a little bit each day, not at the moment you need it. If your child falls and you think his/her arm is broken, you probably won't know where in the 3-4" thick book to find it. You would be better off Googling it. However, once read, you have a general idea of which section you read that tidbit about "how you know when your child breaks a bone". You need to read the section on tantrums to know where to go back and re-read the section "how to handle a tantrum - soothing and meditating techniques to keep your child calm".

    Note: the quotes are not actual sections of the book, but a general idea of some.
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  • Stick to what you know
    The authors of this book really need to stick to what they know. Extended breastfeeding and it's benefits are clearly not one of them.

    They couldn't possibly have even researched the topic properly because the information they offer is almost laughable. Please, at least get on board with what the AAP and the WHO are recommending. They don't even do that.

    I might have taken this book filled with opinions (since they're very selective on facts) a little more seriously if more research had gone into it.

    What frightens me is that so many women use this book as their parenting "bible". Time for a new bible....more info
  • Wonderful Resource!
    This book is a fantastic resource for toddlers! Packed full of useful information or guidance. ...more info
  • Comprehensive
    Still one of my favorite series of books. Have this one and dont even bother read any others!...more info
  • terrific reference
    We use these books at work. I highly recommend all of them starting with pregnancy through the Toddler years!...more info
  • A great resource
    For a 1st time Dad, this book helped out a lot.

    Most every scenario we came across was in the book in simple plain English to keep us from panicking.

    Highly recommended for any pregnant couples... both the mom and dad will find content usefull...more info
  • Love It/ Recommend it
    Full of useful information about baby month by month layout, also information about and for Mom and Dad, I refer to this book on a weekly if not daily basis for information from poop color to medication doses, behavior etc. IT has everything. Everyone should have this book. ...more info
  • it's okay
    I have the whole 'series' and while I found the pregnancy and 1st year books helpful, I hardly ever used this book. The month by month format is helpful for babies/pregnancy, but toddlers don't really change month by month as drastically, so I disliked the organization. I agree with another reviewer that there is a bias/agenda to wean by 1 year and if you are into attachment parenting, this book doesn't fall in line with that at all. I just find it too broad and it hardly ever gave me the answers I wanted. ...more info
  • Wonderful
    I had the what to expect for a one year old and it was helpful so i got this one and it too is very helpful....more info
  • Easy to read & find info
    If you are going to buy a general book on raising toddlers, then consider this book. As a mom of 2, this series of books is the only one that I have kept, recommended and loaned out constantly.

    The format and writing style is easy to read and understand. It's easy to scan to find what you need. Although you may not share similar opinions on every child rearing subject, it's interesting to read the author's notes on what they feel works. But I did not feel pressured to choose one way or the other.

    So whether you buy, rent or borrow... this book is worth checking out. And I always think this book, along with What to Expect make great gifts for pregnant moms.

    ...more info
  • Awesome Reference Tool
    I was given this as a baby shower and as a first time parent, I found it to be very informative. I used it as a reference tool through out the toddler years and it even had a section on multiple births that I needed. I often compared my children's sysmptoms to what was in the book before I called their doctor. I have recommended it to all of my girlfriends and even given it as a gift!...more info
  • Incredibly outdated
    Unfortunately, the first section I read of this book was the section on weaning. It left a pretty bad taste in my mouth, making it rather hard to enjoy the rest of the book. And for the non-believers, The American Academy of Pediatrics has this to say about nursing beyond one year of age:
    "Increased duration of breastfeeding confers significant health and developmental benefits for the child and the mother, especially in delaying return of fertility (thereby promoting optimal intervals between births)." ...more info
  • Great book
    If you have an only child this is a must, I also recomend the first 2 books of the what to expect series.This is the toddler encyclopedia!...more info
  • a must have for parents
    the what to expect series is a must have for any parent - when the internet is down it is our toddler issue bible and a quick reference guide....more info
  • Love the series...
    I love the What to Expect Books. They offer the best parental advice for different situations.
    ...more info
  • Very good reference book
    Just like it's predecessors, this is a very good reference book. I like the beginning of each age group, when they state what your child should be doing. It helped me keep track of where my son was developmentally. Other than that, don't bother reading it from cover to cover, since kids do things so differently. Just use the index to look up issues as they occur....more info
  • It's a Good Book
    I love this book and the 2 previous ones (What to expect when you are expecting and the first 12 months). They are informative for new mothers like me....more info
  • Dissapointed!
    I am a mother who has extensive breastfeeding experience, I am also an anthropologist, and know that a child receives huge benefits from nursing past the age of one. The American Academy of Pediatrics, WHO,and UNICEF are all in agreement, that breastfeeding should continue for at least 2 years and beyond, as long as mutually desired by mother and child. The average worldwide age of weaning is between 2 and 4 years of age. It's only in recent years in Western culture that children are forced from the breast at too early of an age, and are left with pacifiers and sleep alone despite mothers' instincts! Eisenberg's self-soothing advice she gives is a load of hooey. I agree with the other reviews who complained about this book, too. If any of you parents are looking for better books on raising toddlers, which offer information as opposed to biased advice, check out some from the Sears Parenting Library (such as Attachment Parenting, The Discipline Book), The No Cry Sleep Solution, and Mothering Your Nursing Toddler. La Leche League International's catalogue is a great resource for books....more info
  • Definitely outdated
    I agree with other recent reviewers that this book is very outdated, especially as regards their recommendation on weaning at one year. Not only does the AAP say nowadays that breastfeeding should continue for at least the entire first year, but also that it should continue for as long afterwards as is mutually desired by mother and child. Moreover, the World Health Organization recommends that breastfeeding along with complementary foods continue for up to two years OR BEYOND.

    It is serious misinformation to state, as the authors do, that breastmilk has no nutritional value beyond the first year. It still contains many important nutrients and conveys important immunological benefits (in other words, it still functions to pass your immunities to your child and helps to prevent your child from getting sick!)

    They really need to do a revised edition that includes this extremely important health information and notes the immunological benefits of continued breastfeeding. It is problematic for the unrevised book to still be on the market with the series as popular as it is and misinformation that could be injurious to public health....more info
  • Obtuse and Unobtrusive
    I was unimpressed and also left quite uniformed on several issues concerning me. A lot of words here, the authors seem quite verbose, but the words ring empty. I would say I found it difficult to find anything I wanted to locate in this work. In all actuality there was truly nothing of substance to find. Metaphorically I was left empty handed.
    ...more info
  • Decent book, but one sided.
    This book is great at describing the normal stages and development of a toddler. It is biased towards no spanking, vaccines, and working parents. ...more info
    I am a step grandmother who has had no children. Small children are a mystery to me. I try treating them like small adults.
    This book is terrific. It explains so much and makes such sense. I keep at my bedside ready for baby sitting....more info
  • A lot of userful advice
    We turn to a lot of books for helping in raising our daughter (now 2 and a half) and the various issues we face. "What to Expect the Toddler Years" is among our top three, along with Penelope Leach's "Your Baby & Child" and the American Academedy of Pediatrics's "Caring for your Baby and Child". The advice of the three is quite consistent (including on such "hot button issues" as when to wean), but this What to Expect Book provides the greatest help on day-to-day stuff. The philosophy is consistently respectful of the child, and the book is full of useful advice....more info
  • Outdated information on breastfeeding
    This is a huge book which probably has lots of helpful information on raising toddlers, but I couldn't get past the first chapter and so will never know.

    Within the first chapter of the book, the authors have presented misleading and inaccurate information on breastfeeding beyond one year of age. Their "advice" is contrary to current recommendations from the American Association of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization. It also just plain doesn't make sense, as it suggests children and mamas who breastfeed beyond one year will be maladjusted and malnourished. From my own experience and that of many friends, this is baloney!

    Too bad that such a popular series has such bad information. ...more info
  • Easy to read, but not always scientifically accurate
    The "What to Expect" books have become Gospel to pregnant women and new moms everywhere, but I take issue with some of the "studies" they generically refer to when citing what to most readers would seem like facts. Such as the claim that breastfeeding a child over the age of one has "no nutritional benefits." This is just plain false. Do the authors think the nutrients, immunoglobins and healthy cells contained in breastmilk just "disappear" after our toddlers' first birthday party? The book is "dumbed down" for easy digestibility, but I often think the facts are overlooked as a result.

    Also -- tackling issues such as physical affection with our toddlers in terms of what's appropriate and what's not appropriate is utterly ridiculous (one of the entries refers to kissing our babies on the lips). Who are they to say? It's almost creepy that they even try....more info
  • LOVE this series
    An absolute must for the intelligent parent. This series is not for the paranoid (it will only make you more obsessed about where your child "ranks" amongst otherchildren. This great easy to read book series (what to expect when you are expecting,... the first year... the toddler years) does just what it says it does. It gave us a guide to lessen the shocks and surprises that my daughter kept in store for us. It also helps me to gauge if any social or developmental abnormalities are occuring so that I can seek help if neccesary. Because of this series (in good part) When my daughter had her first peanut reaction on her 1st birthday I knew what was possible, watched, caught it, and got her medical attention immediately. I now carry a life saving Epi-pen. If you are now paranoid , don't get the books. If you can be rational and want to be aware, then run to get it, love it. ...more info
  • First source for toddler basics
    This series was suggested to me by my doctor, who had used it with her children. The book covers developmental phases and common questions month by month. It also has helpful features such as nutrition and first aid. (I used the first aid section just last night when my daughter got her first goose egg on her forehead!) There are other books out there, but none cover so much and explains so well....more info
  • I would have give it ZERO stars if it was an option!
    Don't waste your money - this book contains misleading and incorrect information! There are so many wonderful books on toddler development, don't waste your time with this one! The author's have a very narrow mind and only give answers that support their idea on how to parent as opposed to addressing the range of normal development and issues that parents face. ...more info


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