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Fitness is a lifestyle magazine for active, young women. It presents a realistic, balanced approach to good health covering a wide range of topics that promote total fitness of body, mind and spirit.

Customer Reviews:

  • Fitness (2 Year Subscription)
    I received the first issue of my 2 year subscription of Fitness Magazine 2 months before the anticipated arrival date. I am very pleased with the timeliness of the order and also the quality of the product....more info
  • Over 75% are ads
    I subscribe for 2 years due to very low price and the name "Fitness" but I am very disappointed. You can see about 10-15% for actual fitness, most workouts are similar to each others. ...more info
  • Paid in July - End of September no magazine yet!
    My rating is a service rating. This is the longest I have waited for a subscription to begin. From paying in July, I would expect a note from them acknowledging my subscription. It is almost midnight Sept. 24 and nothing!...more info
  • Some good, some not-so-good
    Fitness magazine is aimed at women who are interested in living a healthy life. Yes, some of it is a bit "fluffy" - like listing reasons to exercise. They also mix in practical advice - how to exercise to get a flatter stomach, to get stronger legs.

    There are interviews with inspiring women of all ages, letting you learn what their tricks to stay motivated and active are. There are healthy recipes so that you can always jazz your menu up with something new and delicious.

    On the downside, some articles seem fluffy to the point of incorrect.. In a recent issue they have an article picking on various diets including vegetarian, vegan and low carb. Talk about a way to not make friends!

    Apparently vegetarians are "weakening their immune system", and vegans are depressed. The article makes giant assumptions that everybody one one of these diets is doing it incredibly poorly and is therefore suffering from a variety of nutrition-related maladies.

    Along the same lines, the article claims low carb "doesn't provide enough fiber" - when really low carb is about cutting out SUGAR. There's no fiber in sugar!! Low carb is about eating a lot of broccoli and fiber-rich vegetables - most people on low carb eat far more veggies than people on a "typical American menu". The article's "fix"? "Eat good-for-you carbs". Isn't that exactly what low carb is? Eating the good carbs - avoiding the sugary carbs?

    It was frustrating reading good "here is how to exercise to do X" articles alongside "vegetarians aren't getting enough key nutrients - such as iron, which afects energy levels and the ability to think clearly."

    I found the inclusion of numerous fashion articles a bit suspect. I don't want or need a healthy fitness magazine to tell me which jeans to buy. I also wondered why a magazine which promoted healthy body image and living would include a promotion (an article, not an ad) for a $90 eye cream. I'm not sure most of us would find that either in our price range or a worthwhile expenditure of cash.

    In the end, there really aren't that many options out there for a woman who wants to stay in shape. I would get this for its new exercise ideas and to scan the recipes - but take any other content with a grain of salt.
    ...more info
  • Real Women! How REFRESHING!
    I am an avid reader of fitness and health magazines and what is so REFRESHING about Fitness Magazine is actually seeing healthy, fit REAL women of all shapes, sizes and diverse backgrounds. Sure, there are advertisements but every fitness and health magazine has adverts. What is impressive about Fitness is the overall informational content regarding women's health. I especially enjoy learning about various women athletes-from snowboarders to surfers. It is also nice to read about and see models who are healthy and fit and definitely NOT ultra-thin or malnourished! Keep up the GREAT work FITNESS and continue to keep it REAL! ...more info
  • Inspiring & Motivating Magazine!
    In the past year, Fitness has quickly become my favorite magazine. It affords me the opportunity to read realistic, inspiring stories about women like myself (20-something professional) who want to maintain a healthy and active lifestle. Every month I find useful suggestions to update my workout, make new recipes, and even style and beauty advice- Every page of the magazine is packed with information- even the advertisements have proven to be informative! This magazine is a one-stop-shop for any woman who leads an active lifestyle or is looking to become healthier. ...more info
  • Not what I expected
    This magazne has a lot of skinny little women in it. The average women is at least a size 12. After waiting for 2 1/2 months I was dissapointed. It has some good articles and weight loss and fitness tips, but too many ads. I will have to try a different magazine next time. I would recommend this magazine to someone who is a size three and doesn't really have a problem exercising or loosing weight....more info
  • fitness within reach

    Having many components of healthy living in one magazine is why I buy Fitness. I love to cook and try to make diet and nutrition a priority in my life- and Fitness makes it easier with healthy recipe & snack ideas. At the same time I can fine tune my fitness routine with the variety of workout ideas they provide each month. There are a lot of magazines on stands that deliver the same types of articles, but I agree with previous reviews that Fitness represents more REAL women. Its not intimidating or out of reach. As long as I want to stay motivated to be my healthiest- I'll be reading....more info
  • Great!
    I love the magazine, and I got it in a very timely manner. Woot woot!...more info
  • I love Fitness
    I get bored easily working out, so I especially like how Fitness suggests new workouts every month. Fitness also keeps me up to date on what's going on in women's health and, more importantly, how to tell the difference between a fad diet and what really works. I'm in my 30s, but Fitness is perfect for all women who care about their health, from teenagers to senior citizens. I've read all the other exercise/health magazines, and there isn't any other magazine like Fitness....more info
  • On your way to the top!
    If you are currently on a diet/exercise program or are thinking about starting one, this magazine provides information and motivating articles that will help you along. There are success stories, easy to follow exercise tips and other helpful articles pertaining to the subject of looking and feeling better about yourself. There are also helpful monthly reviews of widely advertised exercise equipment.

    The models are a bit too "thin" or this magazine would get 5 stars....more info

  • Real women like me!
    Each January I look to magazines for new ways to get motivated, eat better and lose weight. Fitness has got it right- and guess what? They are speaking to women like me; who have hips! I enjoy reading this magazine each month because it does not intimidate me- it INSPIRES me! It provides useful information to get me started and keep me going. Who can relate to celebrities? NOT ME! ...more info
  • More fluff than needed
    With the name "Fitness" I expected a more excercise and workout centered magazine, but that's really not the case. It's not a bad magazine by no means, but if you're looking for something that focuses on working out and excercising, you'll want to look more into something like "Oxygen". There's also too much "fluff stuff" that didn't interest me like fashion and make up stuff. Also could use more healthy eating recipes. This magazine is a lot like Self and Shape; if you like those, you'll like Fitness. ...more info
  • Mediocre at best
    I would like to give this somewhere between 2.5 and 2.8, as it's not quite a 3, but oh well.

    Like other reviewers have said, there are a lot of fluff pieces in this magazine. There are some decent fitness and nutrition articles, but I always feel like I'm hearing the same-old, same-old every time I read this. Newbies to fitness and nutrition/health probably would benefit most from this magazine, but if you are a serious fitness buff everything probably will all seem like old news to you. A lot of the issues are very similar to each other month to month, also, and within a year's subscription there's not much deviation in stories. After finishing an issue, I usually end up feeling like there could have been so much more offered to the readers, and it's almost always very mediocre. ...more info
  • used to be
    This magazine used to be better like 10 years ago. It had better weightloss success stories. Now its just small boring sentences. What happened Fitness?...more info
  • Not sure it's worth the wait
    I finally get my magazine 4 months after I pay for it when I thought it would just take a couple weeks. The articles are good but then again there are a lot of advertisements....more info
  • Fitness....
    A very good tool in using the examples they have in exercising. A magazine that can keep you motivated with lots of tips. I really enjoy reading this magazine every month. I don't really care for the bikini clad women on the front but I can't have everything!...more info
  • fitness is so inspiring!
    After searching through all of the health and fitness titles, I finally found one that actually spoke to me! I subscribed to Fitness a few months ago and absolutely love it! This magazine covers everything from beauty and fitness to health and nutrition - the recipes are awesome and remarkably easy to make! And the features on new gear and products are really cool. I am always "pumped" after each issue - it really is an inspiring read, more so than those other fitness titles where I have to see 98 pound celebrities on the cover. There are great stories about real women who started getting healthy (losing weight, exercising, eating right) that have inspired me to do the same. Lastly, this is a magazine for anyone who wants to live a healthy life - there are articles for everyone (the fitness enthusiast who works out all the time to the beginner who's just getting started). I can't wait for my next issue!...more info
  • FITNESS magazine subscription
    First two issues arrived within one month. Has lots of ideas for healthy living....more info
  • Fitness mag very helpful.
    I have read Fitness for several years. I find it is quite motivational - it keeps me on track with exercising and diet. While I agree with some of the other reviewers on this site that Fitness sometimes touts extremes of diet and exercise, I think for the most part the articles give a reasonable regimen for the average person. I have been pleasantly suprised to see a change, lately, in the weight and body shapes of the fitness models. The last couple of issues have included some models with a more realistic shape. In addition, the editor's note at the beginning of the last issue put out a call for 40 and over women to send in their success stories. Most 40 and overs, like myself, have a harder time getting big results - I would like to hear from some of these women who have succeeded.
    I understand that all women's bodies do not react to diet in the same way. Therefore, one diet plan will not work for all - however, I did find a diet plan that was great for me several years back in Fitness. I lost part of the printouts and Fitness was kind enough to send me a copy of the article last month!!!! Yes!!! I have my whole diet plan back!!!!...more info
    I read lots of fitness magazine but each one has a meaningless part. But Fitness is different, it suggests different exercises each month, and its website is full of very useful information....more info
  • Not worth the time
    I was not impressed with this magazine, which is supposed to be dedicated to fitness, as the title would suggest... It does have fitness-related articles in it, but also has a mixing of articles on the correct way to apply make-up, fashion ideas and trends, etc. If I wanted Glamour or Cosmopolitan, I would have bought them....more info
  • The title is misleading, but this is a good magazine
    I bought my very first copy of fitness, intrigued by the contraddicting viewpoints. Personally, I like it. It's rare for me to find a magazine that has it all, most women magazines are either too shallow (only fashion and makeup) or too "homey" (cooking, house decorating, Martha Stewart style). I am 25, so I like fashion news and makeup suggestions, but because I am also married and have a child, I am interested in recipes and health. Additionally, I like to keep in shape so I like to keep informed on the latest great fitness videos and workouts. And to keep in shape, you always need some motivation, and the success stories featured in the mag are of great help. This magazine has it all. And that's why "Fitness" is probably not the peftect title, but more like "Women's Best" or something, unless there is already a magazine with this title!

    But afterall, who cares? The title doesn't really matter, what matters is the content, and this magazine's content is good....more info

  • For Those Who Are Health Conscience Or Who Want To Be!!!
    Folks, honestly I don't have a subscription to the magazine, but, I have read a number of copies, and it's clear that this magazine is made for those who are either in shape, or who want to be. I have a neighbor who gets these every month, and folks, they have helped her take off POUNDS!!! Lots of great health conscience recipes, tips on beauty(if you think about it, beauty is a part of being fit since most people who work out also want to be more attractive), and great exercise routines can be found in this magazine, In fact, that's what the magazine mostly consists of, exercises. It's not one of those publications where you find yourself looking at articles not even remotely related to the main topic of the magazine. So if you are someone who wants to tone your body, lose some pounds or learn other ways to make your life more healthier(did I spell that right?), it's hard to beat Fitness!!!...more info
  • Too much pressure
    The magazine is full of useful tips for fitness and beauty. It has great recipes and exercise techniques, and even has some information on the latest health news. The part I don't like about it is that the models are those women who have probably been thin their whole life and many of the cover models don't really look all that fit, just thin. I sometimes feel like too much pressure is set on me (and perhaps other readers as well.)...more info
  • Consistent
    FITNESS helps give good, solid workout and diet ideas that are realistic to my busy life. But unlike the rest of the health and diet mags out there, FITNESS does not motivate you through there articles and then bombard you with a ton of ads for Chocolate Cherry Pies and "recipes that can clog your arteries in 5 minutes". Instead, FITNESS really stays true to the reader. They provide instruction and motivation along side of advertisements that support a healthy lifestyle!...more info
  • Very informative
    I am a pilates instructor and massage therapist and found the exercises and articles very informative. The exercises are explained clearly and offer a nice variety. Emphasis was on a healthy lifestyle, not just weight loss, with exercise and nutrition being the cornerstones. I think you will find it useful....more info
  • Fitness magazine organized and to the point
    I like the way this magazine is laid out-it gets to the content that I want-specific fitness and exercise information and not too much on the other stuff that I don't necessarily care about. I also think they are at least trying to be real, for example with the people on the cover. They look more like real people than the other magazines. ...more info
  • Never received it
    I ordered this in February at the end of April I called to find out where it was and the first issue wasn't to arrive until June? That's absurd. I cancelled my order, if that's the kind of customer service then I doubt the other issues would arrive in a timely fashion....more info
  • Have not received magazine yet.
    I have yet to receive my first issue of Fitness. I'm sure it'll be coming in the mail one of these days. ...more info


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